Los Angeles County Says…THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM BUSYBODIES (via That Mr. G Guy’s Blog) — UPDATE

thatmrgguy uses a different title. Phobe’s uses still another. The problem is the same. What we have here is a story about the heavyhanded exercise of government power.

You say this is America. It cannot happen here. Have forgotten who it is you voted for? Our Utopian dreams of a perfect planet come at a cost.

From Phoebe’s, we have this disturbing video. Folks who are living off the grid, living the “green” lifestyle so many progressives want people to live , being told to either get off their land. Los Angeles County is using government agencies to enforce land use zoning laws in order to force these people from their own property. Sounds like Agenda 21 to me. Here’s one of the videos; <a href=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/yw3RiMdS7sE”&gt; … Read More

Here is the video.

I suggest also visiting Living off the Grid is now a crime at PHOEBE’S DETENTION ROOM

via That Mr. G Guy’s Blog

UPDATE: Also check out Regulators Gone Wild: Two lessons in how to kill an economy and ruin enterprise at Hot Air.

Will God Run as a Republican (via ON MY WATCH – the writings of SamHenry)

An interesting discussion follows the post. Please note my comment here.

I really like a morning prayer to be back in schools and to be the big generic God it always was in those prayers.  I like to allow Jews their menorah and Christians their creche at the winter “holidays,”in public places  but I’m not at all sure I like the idea of Him messing with either the weather or the candidates for election 2012.God in the mind of a candidate – who has to hear about it?  God as studied by Rabbis, the clergy or mullahs, and … Read More

via ON MY WATCH – the writings of SamHenry

Look how far the Liberal, leftist, progressive Democrats have brought African Americans. (via Boudica BPI Weblog)

Think about this article. Look at what is going on across the Atlantic. Then ask yourself this question: On the balance, what has the welfare state done that we should want it?

Look how far the Liberal, leftist, progressive Democrats have brought African Americans. Via my cousin Oliver ‘Back when we were Negroes’ By Charles E. Richardson   Posted on Sun, Jul. 31, 2011 in the Macon Telegraph There was a time until the early 1960s when the terms to describe those of African decent, like me — African-American or Black or Afro-American — were almost unheard of. I remember a distinct conversation with a friend discussing descriptive terms for ourselves in 1963 or ’64.  The term “black” was just coming int … Read More

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Most Americans Believe 2nd Revolution Imminent; Riots in Britain Tell Us Europe May Get There First (via ON MY WATCH – the writings of SamHenry)

As America’s economy shrinks, our schools become less effective, and our political system ties itself in knots; our society unravels.

The Arab Spring may be a precursor to the European Fall – in all senses of the term.  The current riots in London and other metro areas of Britain attest to the anger of the restive underclass. Earlier this year, the disruptions just prior to the April wedding of Kate and William, a political group long critical of the government staged destructive disturbances in the better-heeled part of London.  Anarchists set Trafalgar Square ablaze and shatt … Read More

via ON MY WATCH – the writings of SamHenry

Men live about 80 years. Then we die. We take our memories with us. If the dead have taught their descendents well, those descendents have some knowledge of what does not work. They do not repeat the same mistakes those now dead once remembered.

Were we taught well? 1929 saw the beginnings of the Great Depression. 2008, 79 years later, saw the beginnings of the Great Recession. It is 2011, and we see no recovery in sight.

Ten years after the start of the Great Depression, World War II began. The great democracies, their economies in shambles, left a power vacuum. Tyrants filled that vacuum with the ravages of war.

Nature abhors a vacuum. — Aristotle (from here)