The Murder of Industry/Economic Recovery in Florida brought to you by the EPA. (via freedombytheway)

Based upon what they are doing some people think the environmentalists are out to destroy our country.

In Florida, where unemployment is in the double digits and small businesses are struggling to survive, the EPA has mandated new clean water standards that are projected to cost the Sunshine State $2 Billion and double every family’s water bill. The Florida business community, residents, Governor Rubio, and other elected officials on both sides of the aisle, including Democratic Senator, Bill Nelson, are screaming for an independent scientific rev … Read More

via freedombytheway

I suppose it is possible that President Barack Obama and some Liberal Democrats want to destroy the United States. I do not know. I cannot read minds. However, I suspect most Liberals do not understand science and economics. If they did, they would understand that stifling our economy is bad for the environment.

  • Poor people have more children.
  • Poor people cannot afford to clean up after themselves.
  • Poor people strip the land bare, including park land, which they cannot afford to bother with.

Here are several local news (local to Florida) items on the EPA’s heavyhanded assertion of power.