freedomconscienceSome call Christianity a fairytale. Nonetheless, European and American Christians initiated the explosion of scientific knowledge we see today. Why? Christians believe God is not the author of confusion (1 Corinthians 14:33). Christians believe God created an orderly world. Therefore, Christian scientists strive to see the world as He created it, not as they might wish it or imagine it to be.

The Christian sets pride aside strives to see the world as God sees it.  To view the world any other way is to not see what is really there.

Unfortunately, we live in an era that emphasizes self, not God. Therefore, many people insist upon what Conservatives call political correctness. That is, just because what they want to believe is “nice to believe,” many people insist that everyone believe what they want us to believe, and to get what they want they abuse the power of government.

Here is an example, The Responsible Thing to Do at quotes and notes and opinions.

America’s obsession with political correctness is undermining our security and our Constitution. So argues newly-initiated American citizen Ayaan Hirsi Ali in an article suggesting that the United States do more to screen out “political Islamists” from its pool of aspiring citizens.

Famous for her controversial book, Infidel, Ms. Ali knows better than most the potent influence that political Islam wields. Raised in a Muslim home and living in several Muslim dominated countries, she experienced the outworking of Islamic thought in her own life and found its subjugation of women to be intolerable. When she and her friend, Dutch filmmaker Theodore van Gogh, produced a film detailing the exploitation of women under Islam, they experienced the backlash firsthand. Van Gogh was murdered by Muslim avengers for daring to criticize Islam, and Ali was forced into hiding to avoid the same fate. (continued here)

Make certain you check out Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s article.

Iranian Regime Destroys Bibles (via YOU DECIDE)

Why do some complain about Christian religious intolerance and ignore any other type of religious intolerance? I don’t know either.

Iranian Regime Destroys Bibles When A pastor in Florida Goes to set Qoran on fire in protest of Muslim invasion and their terrorist actions, the whole world goes nuts, but why is it that no one reports the following in the American media? Why there is no uproar of foul play heard any where? Shame on you who stand silence and allow this to go on. Troubled by Growth of Christianity, Iranian Re … Read More


I told you so! (via YOU DECIDE)

America is the product of our Christian heritage. We behave as we behave because we believe what Christians believe. We practice a Christian morality.

You say you are not a Christian? If your forebears are of European extraction, then your parents and grand-parents almost certainly were Christians, and they believed what Christians believe.

You say Christians practice religious persecution. Yes. Some Christians do, but no Christian can justify religious persecution based upon the Bible. That why America has freedom of religion. The people in favor of religious persecution could not and cannot make an effective Bible-base argument for religious persecution.

Unfortunately, Muslims can point to the Koran.

I told you so! Saturday June 25th 2011, as you are about to do your “Normal things you do in every Saturday,” remember the following can and will and is happening here in USA, make no mistake we are being over run by a very smart enemy .America is being  conquered from within. Islam murders 3000+ and we reward them by building a Mosque in the same site  Muslims murderers created. Go ahead and do your normal things today, but remember I told you so!  [caption id … Read More


Is the author of the post above a little paranoid? Maybe. Besides, what could we do? Our laws do not permit us to discriminate against Muslims, and we don’t want to encourage religious persecution. Don’t we have many American citizens who practice Islam? They have not caused any problems. End of discussion, right?

No. We have no reason to allow more people from nations where Islam predominates to immigrate to the United States. Given what is going on in Europe — given what has happened here — why would we want more Muslims to immigrate here? How would that help either us or our children and grandchildren? How would it help our Muslim citizens?

Our immigration laws are part of our foreign policy. Our foreign policy must be about defending American beliefs and American interests. We cannot just assume that other people will respect either our beliefs or our interests, particularly when history provides so much evidence to the contrary.

France has no friends, only interests.  — Charles de Gaulle (from here)