The video above is from Speaker John Boehner’s YouTube channel.  Frankly, I think Boehner has been an awful Speaker of the House. However, I give him credit for inviting Netanyahu to speak before Congress.

Check out Invitations at Keith DeHavelle. As usual, Keith does a good job of putting events in their proper perspective.  So I will just add this observation:

Whether our sacred Dear Leader was informed or not of Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress is a side issue of little consequence. We should not be conducting our foreign policy just to soothe our Dear Leader’s feelings and to prevent him from having temper tantrums.

What will Iran do with a nuclear bomb? The evidence indicates, based upon their current and past behavior, they will used nuclear bombs to intimate, bully, and attack other nations, particularly Israel and us. Yet our Dear Leader seems have no intention of trying to stop Iran from getting the bomb when it seems quite likely that he could stop Iran.

To defend his nation, Benjamin Netanyahu is willing to go anywhere, speak to anyone, and do whatever is required. What we should be worried about is why our president and our leaders in Congress refuse to behave with the same dedication and loyalty to their country. (from a comment I left here)

If Obama had not made an issue out of his supposed right to approve Netanyahu’s speech before Congress, no one would have even noticed that that was a problem. As it is, because Congress is a separate and coequal branch of government, Obama does not have any right to approve the people who speak before Congress. Hence, the ruckus Obama made over the speech just proved to be yet another grab for power, an effort to silence opposition.

Iranian Regime Destroys Bibles (via YOU DECIDE)

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Just in case anybody thinks I am getting too serious.

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