Delegate Bob Marshall sent this out today.

Your 2nd Amendment Rights are on the Line!

Dear Fellow Patriots,

My HB 2340, which says Virginia law enforcement and the National Guard will not enforce any new federal gun control efforts, was to be voted on by the full House of Delegates today.  However, the House of Delegates shamefully voted to send my HB 2340 to the Appropriations Committee with a non-recorded vote to look into “concerns” that Virginia might lose federal grant money for Joint Task Forces as a result of this bill.  This is simply not true!

HB 2340 will not prevent a state or local official from participating in such task forces or from aiding a federal official in an investigation related to a federal crime such as kidnapping across state lines, or a drug operation just because the person being investigated happened to be in possession of a firearm made illegal through new Federal gun controls.  As such there should be no reason for the Federal government to withhold funding for such Task Forces. What HB 2340 WILL DO is give Virginia a leg to stand on in opposing new Federal gun control legislation.

On the floor today I equated failing to protect the Second Amendment rights of our citizens to accepting 30 pieces of silver from the Federal Government in exchange for a fundamental right.

Delegate Kirk Cox (R-66) raised the objection about losing Federal funding but when questioned could not point to any funding that has been lost as a result of HB 1160 which became law July 1, 2012. 

HB 1160 was very similar to HB 2340 with regard to the method used to stand against the Federal Government’s intrusion into the Constitutional rights of Virginia citizens.  In that case the bill was to keep Virginia from assisting the Federal Government in detaining citizens with no trial and no charges filed under the NDAA.  To my knowledge no funding has been withheld by the Federal Government as a result of HB 1160 becoming law and none would be withheld as a result of HB 2340.

I requested a record vote on the motion to refer the bill to Appropriations, but could not even find the necessary 20 members willing to second my demand for a record vote.  I asked for a division which resulted in an overwhelming number of Republicans raising their hands (in addition to the Democrats, of course) to send the bill to the Appropriations Committee.  I could only identify 4 other members who voted not to send the bill to Appropriations, Delegates Mark Cole, Todd Gilbert, Scott Lingamfelter and Tony Wilt.  If the Appropriations Committee fails to take the bill up or make a motion on the bill, every member must be held accountable because silence on HB 2340 is consent to an agreement with federal efforts to abridge our Second Amendment rights.


When I first read the above, I thought: he’s kidding! No. Here is a news story:
Bill to bar Va from enforcing fed gun laws diverted back to committee.

Are our leaders that stupid? That’s their idea of killing a bill quietly, telling us that Federal grant money is more important to them than our rights?     😦

What is sad is we voted for these buffoons. So this must be the kind of leadership we deserve, people who care more about money than anything else.

Please send a note to your delegate. Let them know what you think is important.


What is the proper message? I suppose that depends on each of us. What does each of us think important? I just think most of us don’t care if our neighbor owns what Senator Dianne Feinstein calls an assault weapon.

Check out Assault Weapons Ban at Level-Head. It’s a great post!

What, exactly, does the Left mean by “assault weapons”?  Evidence is abundant that this expression means to them “anything that could hurt someone” (i.e., anything capable of self defense).

Senator Feinstein’s bill clearly denotes a raft of guns to be banned based upon their scary appearance, furthering the silly notion that a bullet fired from a black gun is inherently different from a bullet fired from a brown one. Or that a bullet fired from a rifle with a pistol grip will do something different from the same bullet coming from a gun with no such grip.  Stupid, isn’t it?  (Especially since they admit that it won’t likely help.)

It is just military style that seems to bother them.  “Who needs military weapons?”  she says.  Of course, a gun styled to look like one made for the military, painted black or camouflage, is still s civilian weapon, and is not of course an “automatic” weapon or machine gun. It’s just emotions.  But…Read the rest of this entry »Collapse )

What is the problem with that post, Assault Weapons Ban? Consider the comment I left.

Actually, the Obama administration is winning on this issue.

  1. Instead of pointing out that the Federal Government has no Constitutional authority to take away our right to bear arms, we debate with oath breakers. These people have sworn to support and defend the Constitution, but the scoundrels seek to disarm us.
  2. Instead of discussing the fact Obama administration is bankrupting our nation with high taxes and even higher spending, we are on defense, trying to defend our right to protect ourselves. Soon we may own guns, but we will not have the money to buy ammunition.

The best defense is a good offense. Assault Weapons Ban is good defense, but we are always on defense. When the Left makes a positively silly case to take away one or more of our rights, that’s all the news media wants talk about. So just to have fun pointing out the stupidity of the Left, Conservative pundits, talking heads, and bloggers join the “fun.”

The Socialist Democrat’s arguments may be silly, but constantly answering their constant assault on our rights eliminates any substantive debate. That’s why we are losing our country.

What matters? Is it how many guns we own? Doesn’t the fact Senator Dianne Feinstein and President Barack Obama violate their oath of office when they propose gun bans matter? Doesn’t the fact this whole discussion over gun control is a distraction make a difference? So why don’t we say so? We are afraid of giving offense? Do we fear being called meanies?

The Socialist Democrats and the news media are playing us for fools. These people are bankrupting our country, but that is their least offense. They are degrading the values of our nation, especially the values of our children. If we wish to keep our rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, then we must honor our Creator in our debates. He is the one who gives us our rights. Because God, not government, gives us our rights, we must debate on the proper role of government. Is it the government’s job to take away the rights of ordinary citizens? Don’t ordinary people have the right to defend their lives? If they do, then we need to remind our leaders that God did not give us the right to take away the right of our fellow citizens to own firearms. That is why the Constitution says the Federal Government will not infringe on the right to bear arms.


According to Senator Mark Obenshain, the Virginia General Assembly is not boring (in an email with today’s date). Could that guy waving around an “assault weapon” have something to do with it?

Now I’ve Seen Everything: Joe Morrissey’s Gun, Election Bills, and Transportation Plans

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At least in Richmond, the dire weather forecasts for the end of last week were mostly hype – which, come to think of it, is rather fitting. A lot of hype surrounds the General Assembly session as members angle for the best coverage and promote their bills with a vigor not always commensurate with the legislation’s impact. And then there’s the point-scoring. That, at least, is always in the forecast.

Sometimes, though, the point-scoring goes awry, as when a Democratic Delegate took to the House floor on Thursday waving an AK-47 to make a point about gun control. All he ended up proving is that he had very little idea how to control his own gun, though I’ll admit that Del. Joe Morrissey with a gun is among the more compelling arguments the Democrats can muster for gun control.Del. Joe Morrissey with a gunBut not that compelling: the next morning, I voted in committee against a series of bills designed to chip away at our Second Amendment rights. Only “chip away” might be an understatement. There were bills banning most pistols, prohibiting private sales, and allowing localities to ban guns on any public property whatsoever. I voted against these and similar bills.

In the committee I chair, Privileges & Elections, most of the action last week centered around legislation designed to allow early voting in Virginia in various forms. Some bills proposed allowing “any-reason” absentee balloting, eliminating the requirement that you indicate a reason—work, college, travel, health, first responder status, and so on and so forth—why you are voting absentee. Others would have gone even farther, turning Election Day into several weeks of election days in which voters could vote early and in person.

Such measures are, of course, costly and an invitation to fraud. We rightly make it easy for anyone who needs an absentee ballot to get one. Our polling places are open thirteen hours on Election Day; only five states have them open longer. Many localities do need to take steps to reduce lines and speed up the process, but these are steps in the wrong direction. The committee rejected most of these bills.

Of course, the biggest news out of Richmond is the Governor’s transportation package. Almost everyone agrees that we need a far greater focus on transportation. In many parts of the Commonwealth, congestion is a daily tribulation, and we have serious issues of maintenance delayed and construction postponed. Everyone knows this. Where the consensus breaks down, naturally, is on how best to meet Virginia’s transportation needs.

The Governor’s proposal eliminates the 17.5 cents / gallon gas tax while bumping the sales tax from 5 to 5.8%, with the additional sales tax (and a little more besides) earmarked for transportation.

I firmly believe that we need to find ways to put more resources into transportation, but that’s a matter of prioritizing transportation spending within the existing budget – not of raising taxes.  I know what some of you are thinking: “Easier said than done.” And that’s fair. Increasing transportation funding without raising taxes is a challenge – but after all, aren’t members of the General Assembly elected to tackle those sorts of challenges? Raising taxes is “easy” from a budgetary standpoint, but it’s tough on Virginians. We have to find another way.

And as it turns out, there are things we can do. First and foremost, when Virginia brings in unanticipated revenue, let’s put it toward transportation! We’ve run a surplus three years in a row, to the tune of $1.4 billion, but less than $21 million of that went to transportation. That’s a paltry 1.5% of the surplus.

This year, I’m carrying legislation that dedicates our future surpluses (after we’ve made the constitutionally mandated deposit into the Rainy Day Fund) to the Transportation Trust Fund. Had this been in place for recent years, we would have averaged just under $400 million in additional transportation funding each of the past three years.

We should also look at increasing the percentage of the existing sales tax that goes to transportation. This is part of the Governor’s proposal, and it’s something I’ve proposed in the past. I concur with the Governor’s recommendation that we increase the current allocation – but not that we also raise taxes. Virginians don’t need that added burden.

Finally, if we’re talking about prioritizing transportation, we need to make sure that whatever monies are deposited in the Transportation Trust Fund aren’t raided to pay for unrelated programs, as has already happened three times. That brings me to one final transportation initiative, my Lockbox Amendment, which would ensure that money deposited into the Transportation Trust Fund – most of it coming from taxes specifically related, and dedicated, to transportation – is spent exclusively on transportation projects.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, always one of the busiest days of the General Assembly session as groups from across the Commonwealth stop by to visit. Perhaps you’ll be among them. If so, I hope you’ll stop by my office to say hello!

Best regards,

Mark Obenshain

Here is an email Obenshain sent out on the 14th of January. This email explains Obenshain’s priorities for this session of the General Assembly, and it is well worth reading. You looking for a new Attorney General? Then consider this man’s proposals.

More Legislative Priorities for the 2013 Session (Part 2) Continue reading “NOW I HAVE SEEN EVERYTHING?”

How to stop the slaughter of the innocents — byJoseph Farah|WND NEWS

Check out this story. H/T to Lyn Leahz (How to stop the slaughter of the innocents)

How to stop the slaughter of the innocents

In the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, leave it to the staterun media and  politicians who surround themselves with armed security at all times to offer up  exactly the wrong prescription to stopping the slaughter of more innocents.

It was as predictable as clockwork that those who seek a state monopoly on  firepower would exploit a tragedy like this to push for unconstitutional,  counter-productive, anti-American solutions to a mess they helped create.

Let me give you some things to think about – things you won’t likely hear or  read elsewhere.

First, consider why Israel, a nation surrounded by madmen who seek to kill  innocent Jewish children any way they can, has rarely seen the kinds of mayhem  America witnessed in Newtown, Conn. I can show you in one simple photograph that  doesn’t require any further explanation. (continued here)

Did you read the article? Still cannot figure out why Israel, a nation surrounded by madmen who seek to kill  innocent Jewish children any way they can, has rarely seen the kinds of mayhem  America witnessed in Newtown, Conn? Then take a good look at what that lady in the picture is carrying over her shoulder and think about it. Think about this. A gun is an ideal defensive weapon. A gun is always as ready as you are, and it packs an effective punch.

To conduct an offensive operation, we prefer more powerful weapons, weapons designed to overwhelm our enemies. We don’t want to be shot at! Fortunately, such weapons require more planning, and they are more difficult to conceal.  So with a few precautions, observant people with guns can defend themselves.