We all belong to some sort of political group or faction. Some of us affiliate with divisive groups. Others work for the betterment of the entire country. Some of us see the gain of others as a good thing. Others see the gain of anyone else as their lost. Thus, we have many world views, and we each display our world view in our choices as we interact with other people.

  • Attitude. We can be optimistic, pessimistic, apathetic, or so forth.
  • Standards. We can take pride in our work, making others work, avoiding work, begging or some other scheme for providing for our material needs.
  • Morality. We can base our behavior on Christian love, free love, the situation, societal expectations, our wants, or something else.
  • Political parties. We can actively support the Democratic, the Constitution, the Green, the Libertarian, the Republican, the Tea Party, some other party, or no party at all.

We can work to make our country better, get all we can out of our country, cheer on others as they work for our country, or curse the darkness.  Whatever we do or don’t do is a choice. Doing nothing is a choice.

Would you like to get involved? Would you like to do something for your country? Then perhaps you would like a suggestion.  Here is one from E. W. Jackson.


E W Jackson endorses bob marshall

After considerable prayer and deliberation, I am enthusiastically endorsing Bob Marshall for the Republican nomination for Congress from the Tenth Congressional District.  I appeal to every one of you who believes as I do in our Constitution and what Virginia represents to the history of our nation, to do everything in your power to get him nominated on April 26th!

I am well aware that Republicans of the Tenth District have an array of good candidates to choose from, but I am firm in my conviction that Bob best personifies our values.  His 23 year legislative record in the House of Delegates serves as the most reliable predictor that the promises he makes in his campaign will be kept when he gets to Congress.  We can rest assured that Delegate Marshall will adhere to his core principles no matter the opposition because he has a record of courage and unwavering faithfulness.

Friends and foes alike agree that Bob Marshall will be a refreshing change from the political powerbrokers and dealmakers in Washington.  He is exactly the person we need standing up for us in Congress at this critical time! Congress needs a conscience and Bob Marshall will provide it, even to Republican leaders when necessary.  We know that Delegate Marshall will never trade away his conscience.

Please know that I am not making this endorsement lightly. For the most part, I am remaining neutral in nomination contests. However, I endorse Bob Marshall because he is that rare bird in the aviary of politics who is dependable and predictable on the full gamut of issues important to conservatives: adherence to the Constitution, protection of religious liberties, keeping taxes low and government limited, preserving the traditional family in society, upholding the sanctity of life and maintaining fiscal responsibility and accountability.  Bob is without peer in the record he has established over many years.

Please join with me in supporting Bob, and if you reside in the Tenth District, be sure to make plans now to vote in the Firehouse Primary which takes place for five hours only (from 10am to 3pm) on Saturday, April 26th.  For most folks the polling place will be at a different location from the one where they usually vote. Details on polling locations are available on Bob’s website at www.bobmarshallforcongress.com. Please email Bob and let him know after you’ve voted. We want to recognize and thank those who take the time to fulfill their civic duty in this pivotal election. Finally, whether or not you live in the Tenth District, I appeal to you to give generously of your time and treasure to help achieve this critically important nomination of Bob Marshall for Congress!

For God and Country,

E.W. Jackson

Because we have not been paying enough attention, we have not picked good people to represent us Washington D.C. Those people are doing a bad job, and we need to send them home.  Nonetheless, we cannot vote for perfect human beings to replace them. There are no perfect human beings. Yet we must vote for someone. Standing by and not supporting anyone is not a better choice. It’s apathy. So if you cannot support Bob Marshall — if you live in another congressional district — find someone you can support and do your civic duty.


flagWe have troops fighting overseas. Is it a big war? No. This time — this time it is actually a small conflict, but it is a difficult challenge for the troops involved. Imagine the logistics of fighting in a landlocked nation deep in the interior of Asia. Imagine being so far from home in an unfamiliar culture. Imagine being in land where trusting the people means risking your life. Imagine going to the other side of the world to fight an enemy so filled with hatred that to kill you he will kill himself.

America never has been much for keeping up a large standing army. Therefore, we depend upon a small number of valiant men and women to defend our freedom. Sometimes they have assignments where their permanent quarters are comfortable. Often they stand guard in lonely, rugged places. Occasionally, they are called upon to fight, never knowing exactly what to expect, but hoping their arms and training will be enough, and that their countrymen will not forget them.

What follows are emails I received from two veterans.

First Delegate L. Scott Lingamfelter. He retired from U.S. Army as a Colonel after 28 years of service.

Their Faces…

Veterans Day…what does it mean to you? Well, for me it is special…it’s the day we pause to honor those who have served. I did for 28 years. Glad I did and there’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss being in the US Army, with my troops, doing the hard things, working, training, pushing ourselves to higher levels of performance. And then there’s the war. Mine was Desert Storm, the 1st Gulf War; one I had hoped would be the last. But that’s another story.

I can recall when I spoke to my troops the day we left the port of Dammam, Saudi Arabia to deploy to the desert to take our initial positions for the invasion. We were members of the 1st Infantry Division, the Big Red One. We were all very aware of our storied history of accomplishment and the ones who had gone before, who had risked all and many who had given the last full measure of devotion. Now it was our turn. I looked into the faces of those men and I told them that we were there to do a job. We would do it, some of us may not come back-and some didn’t-but that we would do our duty just as the motto of the Big Red One says: “No Mission Too Difficult, No Sacrifice Too Great, Duty First”.  At no time in the history of that motto was it more meaningful than the day the 1St Division stormed Normandy Beach in France on June 6th 1944. The images and meaning of that day, the Longest Day, were with us as we went out into the desert to take our place in the annals of a great Division. I could see in the faces of my troops that day that they understood why they were there and what they were called to do.

Do you know what I’m thinking about today? I’m thinking about their faces….

Never Forget,


Next, Bishop E. W. Jackson.  In the last election he ran as the Republican Party’s nominee for Lt. Governor of Virginia.  Before attending college, Jackson served three years as U.S. Marine.

Honoring Veterans

Yesterday I had the privilege of standing with a group of Marines at the graveside of Lt. Gen. Chesty Puller. We were there not only to commemorate the Marine Corps birthday and memorialize one our greatest combat soldiers, but to honor our Veterans and active duty military personnel everywhere.

As I spoke to the illustrious group gathered in Saluda, Virginia where the old General retired, I wondered aloud what he and others who bled and died in the service of our country would think of America today. What would they think of the division by race and gender and income? What would they think of politicians who manipulate these divisions for personal political gain? What would they think of the cuts in our military budget, the specter of a President apologizing to the world for America or shutting our WWII Veterans out of their own memorial? What would they think of the failure to rescue our fellow Americans under attack in Benghazi?

We can only speculate what their response would be. What we do know is that in remembering them, we sound one note of unity. National security is the single most important Constitutional responsibility of our government. It is charged with protecting us and must therefore protect our Veterans from being treated like an afterthought or forgotten. Our men and women in uniform need first rate equipment. They need to be paid so they can support themselves and their families. And we should assure that the benefits we’ve promised them are sacrosanct, not used as leverage in political battles.

If we cannot be unified in anything else this Veterans Day, we must be unified in remembering and honoring our Veterans and active duty military. As Americans, let us make sure that our government honors the promises we have made to them.
For God and Country,

E.W. Jackson


elephantgop.pngIn Part 2 of this series, we considered the consequences of not fearing God. Until we learn to fear God, we risk living in a bit of Hell. In this post, we will consider our electoral choices.

To Fear God

As if we could be gods, we too often find ourselves seeking to shape the world to suit our own desires. When Adolf Hitler‘s Propaganda Minister in Nazi Germany attempted to help Hitler bend the world to his will, here is how he explained to himself.

What does Christianity mean today? National Socialism is a religion. All we lack is a religious genius capable of uprooting outmoded religious practices and putting new ones in their place. We lack traditions and ritual. One day soon National Socialism will be the religion of all Germans. My Party is my church, and I believe I serve the Lord best if I do his will, and liberate my oppressed people from the fetters of slavery. That is my gospel. —Paul Joseph Goebbels (29 October 1897 – 1 May 1945) (Diary entry for October 16, 1928; from here)

How did Goebbels “new” religion work out? He discovered the same fate that all who put their trust in a man have found.

Psalm 146:3-4 Good News Translation (GNT)

Don’t put your trust in human leaders;
no human being can save you.
When they die, they return to the dust;
on that day all their plans come to an end.

After Hitler killed himself, “Goebbels along with his wife Magda killed their six young children, and then committed suicide” (from here). Fortunately, there is an alternative.

Psalm 118:5-9 English Standard Version (ESV)

Out of my distress I called on the Lord;
the Lord answered me and set me free.
The Lord is on my side; I will not fear.
What can man do to me?
The Lord is on my side as my helper;
I shall look in triumph on those who hate me.

It is better to take refuge in the Lord
than to trust in man.
It is better to take refuge in the Lord
than to trust in princes.

Instead of seeking leaders who insist upon transforming us to their liking, we need leaders with more modest ambitions. We need leaders who respect our right to make our own choices. Instead of ambitious men who can only pose as being powerful, we need to rely upon the reality of an Almighty God.

Which Candidates Have Modest Objectives In This Election?

On Tuesday, November 5, 2013, we will have a choice. Here are the candidates I will vote for.

Why these candidates?

  • Are Democrats evil Nazis? No. Democrats are not Nazis, but they are Socialists. Moreover, this generation of Democrats lies without shame, and they unconstitutionally grab for power. When we know our constitutional republic will work just fine if we allow it to do so, why would we even want to start a journey down a road that can only lead to tyranny?
  • The gentlemen I support are Republicans, but they are not part of The Establishment (see WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO CHALLENGE THE ESTABLISHMENT — PART 1). Because each strongly defends our Constitution, those benefiting from the status quo (Big Government spending and regulation) consider them a threat. If you are a greedy beneficiary of Big Government, the last thing you want is a restoral of constitutional government. However, the average citizen would do far better with lower taxes and less government regulation.

The Distinguishing Issues?

What are the main issues in this election? The depends upon whether or not you are a low information voter.  Consider the ad on the right. To the Democrats, the main issues are: abortion, the environment, and “gay rights.” anti Cuccinelli adSupposedly, with respect to these issues, Cuccinelli and his fellow Republicans are monsters, but that’s nonsense.


Since we addressed this issue in HAVE YOU CONSIDERED HOW PATHETIC WE HAVE BECOME?, I see little reason for going over it again. If you need further reassurance, check out Women Sick of Stupid Lies.


We have an ongoing debate in this nation. Is Global Warming real? What proof exists that it is? We have repeated assertions that Global Warming is real, but we have no proof. That’s propaganda (see BEFORE YOU VOTE, INVESTIGATE), not proof. Meanwhile, In tight Virginia governor’s race, McAuliffe backs Obama’s new coal regs. What does that mean for us?

The regulations would limit the amount of carbon that new gas- and coal-firing electric power plants can put into the air, which would make opening one almost financially impossible.

Republican nominee Ken Cuccinelli swiftly characterized his opponent’s position as a show of support for the Obama administration’s so-called “war on coal.”

“The war on coal in Virginia is a war on our poor,” he said Saturday night at a fundraiser he and Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz attended for the nonprofit Family Foundation, the state’s best-known lobby for socially conservative legislation. (from here)

Cuccinelli states his position in Cuccinelli Statement On McAuliffe-Obama War On Coal.


Here is what Cuccinelli has on his facebook site.

I have always been a supporter of Virginia’s Marriage Amendment. You will never have to guess where I stand on defending it. (from here)

Is that position anti-LGBT or pro-children? Is marriage about protecting the right of each child to a mother and a father, or is marriage about approving a relationship between two sex-crazed adults who can’t figure out which end is which? Does government exist to protect the rights of the innocent, or does government exist to force people to sanction an unhealthy “lifestyle” choice?

If two people of the same sex want to have sex, that is their business. They have NO RIGHT to force their stubborn stupidity on everyone else.

Have You Heard About Obamacare?

What do we have in Washington D.C. right now? Don’t we have a bunch of undisciplined leaders who cannot resist the urge to spend other people’s money? Look at Obamacare. The Obama administration cannot even get a website to work, but they insist upon running (ruining really) everyone’s healthcare? Why would we want them to do that?

Cuccinelli fought Obamacare Day 1.

Indeed, Mr. Cuccinelli was the first attorney general in the country to sue over the law after it was passed in March 2010, and has gone all in recently on highlighting the botched roll-out and issues with healthcare.gov as a key difference between he and Democrat Terry McAuliffe.

“This is a referendum on Obamacare, and to help us clarify that point, the president is coming tomorrow,” he told a crowd outside of a GOP office in Prince William, drawing scattered boos. (from here)

On the other hand, McAuliffe is gung-ho for Big Government.

Under the new law, the federal government would pick up 100 percent of the cost of expanding health care for poor people and the disabled until 2016. Then Virginia would be required to pay for 10 percent of the program. But what happens after that? Cuccinelli says he doesn’t want to find out.

Democrat Terry McAuliffe says it would be irresponsible not to take advantage of the money, which will be taken from Virginia taxpayers whether the commonwealth participates or not.

“We are going to bring back to Virginia over the course of the next seven years, $21 billion of our money that we are paying in,” he says. (from here)

Why doesn’t Cuccinelli want to find out? Consider what we are already spending.  Cantor says states are spending more on Medicaid than on public schools.

What About School Choice?

Cuccinelli’s Education Plan includes strong provisions for school choice in section 9.

Enact Parent Empowerment And Choice Act Legislation For Parents In Failing Schools

This legislation provides a bottom-up solution instead of a top-down fix to authorize a majority of parents of students attending a public elementary or secondary school that has been determined by the Virginia Board of Education to be a failing school to petition to have one of four reform options:

  • Closure: Allow students to attend better performing public schools.
  • Restart: Convert to a charter school.
  • Reform: Replace leadership at the school and provide flexibility for reforms or change.
  • School Choice: provide opportunity scholarships to allow parents to enroll students in the public schools of their choice, or tax credits to enroll in the private schools of their choice.

In addition, in section 12 of his Education Plan Cuccinelli advocates constitutional amendments that would allow school choice to take off in Virginia. Can you imagine Democrats supporting school choice? In an era when the government threatens to stifle freedom in our country, we must elect people willing to push back or suffer the loss of our freedom. Please vote for advocates for limited, constitutional government.

Vote for:


teabagSome years back I started getting emails from Democrat political organizations. Why me? I guess Democrats think it is funny to send their campaign messages to a Conservative Republican, but I don’t mind. We need to understand why people do bad and stupid things. Therefore, the Bible speaks of Satan, and even Democrats are not quite that despicable.

Because we must know the differences between good and evil, wisdom and foolishness, we must study each in its turn. So I sometimes take a moment to consider a campaign ad from a Democrat.

Today I got an email ad from Dorothy McAuliffe, the wife of Terry McAuliffe.

don’t take my word for it

Hi there,

Three weeks from tonight, polls will close across Virginia and Terry will have won or lost the election to be our next governor.

I know how I want that night to end — and not just because Terry’s my husband. He’s driven and hard-working, and he has the right plan to move the Commonwealth forward.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. As Madeleine Albright wrote earlier today, Terry needs to win this election but needs your help if he’s going to do it.

Take a moment to read her email below, and then please chip in $5 or whatever you can before Terry’s critical deadline at midnight. We’re just $4,764 away!

Thank you for everything,

On Tues, Oct 15, 2013 at 2:48 PM, Madeleine Albright <info@terrymcauliffe.com> wrote:

Loyal opposition has a respected place in any democracy.2013-10-16-Madeleine Albright

But as someone who’s spent my entire career reaching out to others, I’m pained by the antics of Ken Cuccinelli and his Tea Party friends.

The next governor of Virginia faces a lot of challenges, and he’ll need to work with people of all backgrounds and points of view to address them.

That’s why I’m supporting my friend Terry McAuliffe. It’s clear that Terry is the right person to lead Virginia, but he’s facing a serious challenge from Ken Cuccinelli. He needs all of us to step up and help him educate voters about the differences between his plans for the Commonwealth and his opponent’s.

Will you donate $5 to help Terry reach his Rapid Response goal by midnight and make sure he has the resources he needs to get to Richmond?

I know you’re probably as frustrated as I am right now — it feels like nothing’s getting done in Washington these days.

As Secretary of State during the Clinton administration, I used diplomacy to advance America’s national interests. And I came away from that experience with a strong belief in the value of cooperation and compromise to achieve important goals.

I’ve known Terry for a long time. He’s driven, hardworking, and, above all, a man of his word.

So if he’s talking on the campaign trail about working with any and everyone to improve education, diversify the economy, and create good jobs for Virginians, you can be sure that’s what he’ll do as governor.

Will you donate $5 before midnight to help Terry meet his last Rapid Response Fund goal?

In order to move our country forward, we need exceptional leaders like Terry. His skills and values are sorely needed to help keep Virginia on the path towards growth and progress.

Thank you for supporting Terry McAuliffe. I know how much he appreciates everything you’ve already done.


Madeleine Albright

Why did Dorothy instead of Terry have to send this ad? Darned if I know, but what does Albright do? She attacks “the antics of Ken Cuccinelli and his Tea Party friends” as disloyal. Then she still has the gall to say this.

As Secretary of State during the Clinton administration, I used diplomacy to advance America’s national interests. And I came away from that experience with a strong belief in the value of cooperation and compromise to achieve important goals.

The United States Constitution requires Congress to approve spending the People’s money, and The United States Constitution gives Congress (not the President) the power borrow Money on the credit of the United States. Hence both houses of Congress have to agree both to spend and to borrow money. Nonetheless, even though We the People voted for House Republicans opposed Obamacare, Democrats would if they could refuse to negotiate.

It is outrageous! President Obama and the Democrats have no trouble negotiating with people who hate our guts, but they cannot stand to talk to any loyal American who is just trying to keep their grasping hands out his or her pocketbook?

Look at Federal Budget. Consider our gaping deficit. It’s incredible how much money Democrats want to spend, but still they consider any opposition to their desire for INCREASED SPENDING the mere antics of a disloyal opposition.

That’s why we have a Tea Party, and that’s why so many people are fed up. What is the Tea Party? The Tea Party is a grassroots movement. No specific organization represents it, but here is example of a popular outfit.

Tea Party Patriots is a national grassroots organization that exists to serve and support the thousands of local organizations and millions of grassroots Patriots throughout our nation. We provide logistical, educational, networking and other support to thousands of community-based tea party groups around the country. Tea Party Patriots state and national coordinators serve your local grassroots groups, support you with the tools and technology you need to address your local issues, listen to your voices, gather your ideas, and together help shape the overall direction of our national movement. Working in a truly grassroots fashion, we have already changed the political landscape of America. (from here)

Is the Tea Party a Republican organization? No. The Republican Party is just less irresponsible than the Democrats. Fortunately, our the Tea Party has had some influence, and the Republican Party’s statewide ticket is fairly Conservative this year. So on November 5, 2013, don’t forget to VOTE REPUBLICAN!

Here is who I will be voting for.

In addition, I will be voting for Bob Marshall for the House of Delegates, 13th District.

You want to keep some of your paycheck? You want your children to be free? Then check out Ken Cuccinelli, E. W. Jackson, Mark Obenshain, and Bob Marshall for yourself.