Senator Dick Black emailed this yesterday.


The American southern border is collapsing, as hundreds of thousands of Central Americans and Mexicans pour into our country.  No war drove them here; no famine; no plague; no danger.  The influx was unlawfully planned and coordinated by U.S. and Mexican officials.

No one can tell me that thousands of children just decided to walk hundreds of miles to a new country. That doesn’t happen without their parents’ active participation.  The parent’s goal is to set an anchor in place—a dreamer, who can sponsor his family and bring a chain of others in his wake. And the parents don’t do this without an established system of immigrant escorts in place, something that required lots of money and organization.  These aren’t just children coming.  They are a massive wave of welfare recipients of all ages; the children are simply the gentle political face of a hostile foreign invasion.

The trip is almost 2000 miles from Guatemala to El Paso, Texas.  Does anyone seriously believe that unaccompanied children can traverse that distance alone? U.S. Department of Homeland Security solicited bids for “escorts for unaccompanied alien children” in January–long before the invasion began.  They said there “will be”65,000 children. Was that just a wild guess about something that had never occurred before?  Of course not; the penetration of our borders was carefully planned by this administration in deliberate violation of federal criminal statutes.

These new arrivals will go directly onto states’ welfare rolls and into overtaxed public schools. Their burden falls squarely on U.S. taxpayers, already staggering under pressures of unemployment, printing-press money, and the unlimited supply of cheap, unskilled labor.

Democrats caused this problem.  Where are Senator Mark Warner and Senator Tim Kain?  Are they not aware of it?  Do they care about Virginians at all?

Warm Regards,

Richard H. Black
Senator of Virginia, 13th District

Keep in mind that our local politicians can influence our Federal politicians. Usually, because the Federal Government spends so much money, Federal politicians push local politicians around. However, if we stand behind our local leaders, they can carry the day. That will be particularly true if we move forward with an Article V Convention of the States. The people attending that convention would be chosen by state legislatures.

Make no mistake about it. We are being invaded. Our elites will use these children as pawns in the conquest of our country. They will make enough poorly educated immigrants voters to win close elections. If we do not want to see our country involuntarily transformed and our children condemned to tyrannical servitude, we must fight back.


humor.pngWhen I started to reply to the comment below on SPEAKER JOHN BOEHNER IS A CONSERVATIVE?, I decided my reply was sufficiently amusing (because of a certain comedian) that it deserved to be a post.

Here is the comment (from scout).

I’m having trouble following your reasoning here. Why would Boehner’s “conservatism” (whatever that poor abused term means these days) depend on what Democrats do? (from here)

Who is Boehner most interested in accommodating? Conservatives? No. Those mean, money-grubbing Conservatives pressured that poor man and his fellow RINOs into a position they really did not want to take. Instead of blaming Democrats for shoving Obamacare down our throats, brave Boehner blames Conservatives for decision he made. He cannot even assume responsibility for his own choices. Yet he calls himself a Conservative?  If accepting responsibility for our own choices is not a core Conservative value, what is?    🙄

When Conservatives like Senator Ted Cruz asked the House to stand firm and fight Obamacare, why did some Conservatives doubt it would work? We can count votes. I think most of us did not think politicians like Boehner would stand and fight, and eventually the RINOs did cave.

Since Boehner is not a Conservative, I thought he would cave right away. Apparently, he wants to have it both ways. He wants to look like a Conservative, and he wants to blame the “extreme right wing” for his unending string of failures. Thus, Democrats and the corporate mass media praise him. And he’s is still a Conservative?   😆

Boehner reminds me of a certain comedian’s punch line.

If not for the Democrats (the devil),  he, Boehner, would be a responsible Conservative (an angelic Republican).  As it is, just like a Democrat Boehner gets to spend all the money he wants. The only difference is that he doesn’t vote for tax increases, just deficits.

Perhaps Boehner’s devil is a Democrat with a jobs program for Conservatives. After all, somebody has to pay all his bills.   😆


Listen to this little video. H/T to Video: John Boehner Says Right Wing Has “Lost All Credibility” (

Here is an example of what those terrible Conservatives said about the deal.

Heritage Action cannot support a budget deal that would increase spending in the near-term for promises of woefully inadequate long-term reductions. While imperfect, the sequester has proven to be an effective tool in forcing Congress to reduce discretionary spending, and a gimmicky, spend-now-cut-later deal will take our nation in the wrong direction. (from here)

Nobody may have “seen” the deal, but Congressmen Paul Ryan and Senator Patty Murray have not kept the deal a big secret. Here are some stories that came out before the announcement.

Note what the LA Times called the objective, preventing a shutdown of our sacred, happily spending every cent it can take from us government.

Consider also who is praising Boehner these days.

For Boehner to be a Conservative, the Democratic Party:

  • Would have to be far less Liberal.
  • Give up on Socialism.
  • Be more interested in reducing government power.
  • Lead by politicians who don’t routinely tell blatant lies.


English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Prot...
English: Barack Obama signing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act at the White House Español: Barack Obama firmando la Ley de Protección al Paciente y Cuidado de Salud Asequible en la Casa Blanca (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The author of NooneOfAnyImport’s Blog, nooneofanyimport, has moved on to a bigger and better blog, Da Tech Guy On DaRadio Blog. As Linda Szugyi, she has just put up her second post, The Key to Defeating the Left: Fill the Blank in Phase Two!

Here is how it starts.

As a general rule, I like being right.  Whether in politics, or when my child has “looked everywhere and it’s not there,” or whatever the occasion.  It feels good to be right, especially when somebody else is insisting over and over that I am wrong.

The bestest part is when an opponent actually realizes his mistake.  Awareness dawns; the arguments trail off . . . oh the joy of that moment.

What a shame I haven’t been able to enjoy being right about Obamacare.  Vats of Schadenfreude are ready for drinking.  It looks delicious, this German brew.  Then the floodofpainfulstorieson the internet, as well as first-hand accounts from friends, puts a damper on the mood. (continued here)

I suppose God has a sense of humor, but for similar reasons He does not laugh at us, not even when we stubbornly ignore Him and do something dumb anyway. The consequences are just too grim, and laughing at someone else’s pain is wrong.

What do I like about Linda’s post? She makes it clear that battle is not about Obama. Because of the way we are made, we each have a tendency personalize our joys and our woes, to make “it” about the leader, but defeating Socialism is not about Obama. We have a government to protect the rights of our family, friends, and neighbors, not just Obama’s rights. We pay workers in the health care industry to help us stay well and to cure us (if they can) when we are ailing. We don’t pay Obama to do that, and we don’t pay him to get in the way, but that is what he and the Democratic Party have been doing. And why? The Democratic Party has convinced too many of our family, friends and neighbors that Socialism (here of late socialized medicine) can be made to work.

Therefore, because we all need some perspective — to remember what we are fighting about — I think that it would do us all some good to read Linda’s post.

As we read Linda’s post, we should note, however, that in one respect the health care debacle is about Obama, and it is also about the leaders of the Democratic Party. Instead of helping our family, friends, and neighbors, the Democratic Party’s efforts to impose Socialism represent a huge power grab, their object to make our government about leadership of Democratic Party.  As far as the Democrat leadership is concerned, Obamacare never was about providing The People health care. It was just a means to acquiring power. Thus, they have a different definition of success for Obamacare.

As far as the Democrat leadership is concerned, is Obamacare a success? No. Not yet. Consider that we have too many on the government dole. Just as we should fear being taxed without representation, we should also fear those who have representation without taxation. In the latter lies the beginnings of tyranny.

In her article, Linda speaks of how the Left intended to achieve universal health care. She speaks of phases.

  • Phase One:  Implement Obamacare
  • Phase Two:  ?
  • Phase Three:  Universal Coverage!

Phase Two is supposedly a mystery, but is it? If we assume the leadership of Democratic Party has the usual nefarious motives of those seeking power, the answer is no. Whenever Socialism is tried, does it ever actually work as advertised? Of course not. And what does the Democratic Party usually do when its socialist schemes stumble and fall? With the help of those in the corporate mass media, don’t they just blame their opponents and prop up their messes with demands for more time, more money, and more power? So what is Phase Two?

  • Phase One:  Implement Obamacare
  • Phase Two:  Blame Bush, Blame The Republican Party, Blame The Tea Party, Blame The Greedy Health Insurance Industry,……. Blame Obama for allowing himself to be fooled by Bush, The Republican Party, The Tea Party, The Greedy Health Insurance Industry,…… and demand more time, higher taxes, and more power
  • Phase Three:  Universal Coverage!

For leadership of Democratic Party, Obamacare provides just one more bribe to buy the votes of those on the dole with the taxpayer’s money. And when those in the corporate mass media keep telling them it is okay, those on the dole are too easily tempted. So the Democrat Leadership will stall (delay what is not “working” until after the next election) and give their propaganda time to work.

Can such a form of government work? No, but that just leads to two more phases. In the fourth phase, majoritarian tyranny in the form of Socialism leads to chaos. In the fifth phase, a monarch or oligarchs take power by promising to end the chaos.

  • Phase One:  Implement Obamacare
  • Phase Two:  Blame Bush, Blame The Republican Party, Blame The Tea Party, Blame The Greedy Health Insurance Industry,……. Blame Obama for allowing himself to be fooled by Bush, The Republican Party, The Tea Party, The Greedy Health Insurance Industry,…… and demand more time, higher taxes, and more power
  • Phase Three:  Universal Coverage!
  • Phase Four: Economic and governmental chaos
  • Phase Five: Monarch or Oligarchs take power with the promise to end the chaos

Don’t want to go to those last two phases? Then read Linda’s post, The Key to Defeating the Left: Fill the Blank in Phase Two!