News Resources

What follows is a list of news sources. Generally, if a news source is on this list, the bias is Conservative and unapologetic.

  • Many come as suggestions from Senator Jim Demint’s book, Saving Freedom.
  • Unless one is specifically offered, being on this list does not constitute an endorsement.

I must admit I have not had the time check all these sources. I don’t have either cable or satellite TV. I do not even have satellite radio. However, I don’t think anyone has to watch, listen or read every news source. What I think is important is that we each try to get different perspectives. Since the news media generally has Liberal bias, that means we need to make a deliberate effort to look for Conservative news sources.

Suggestions and reviews are welcome.


National/Regional Radio




How Liberals View Conservatives

The Onion was not funny enough? Google classifies these as “in-depth” articles.

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