Citizen Library

This page lists documents/websites relevant to our history. By no means, however, is this list intended to be comprehensive. If you need such a list, see the reference websites at the bottom.

Founding Documents of the United States of America and Legal Code

Laws of the Virginia Commonwealth

In many respects the Virginia’s official website (here) is surprisingly well organized. If you want to find information on Virginia’s laws, start here.


  • Prince William County Code (Weirdly directs the user to a private web site. Portions of the code are available on-line for free. I suppose the use of a private vendor is suppose to save us money, but the cost of the complete Prince William County, VA Code of Ordinances, excluding sales taxes, is $344.24.).
  • Freedom of Information Act (Virginia has its own version and it applies to local and state government.

Historic Documents

Good Books Of Historic Significance

Good Books From Ancient History

Good Books


State and Local


Visitors are welcome to nominate websites that I should include in this list, and this page is open for comments on the documents on this list. However, comments will eventually be deleted.

11 thoughts on “Citizen Library

  1. James

    Your blog has a scholarly and educated foundation, yet under your state and local references here, you refer your readers the least scholarly source available – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia is an open source encyclopedia that allows anyone to edit the entry without validation. I would recommend removing Wikipedia from your source list.


  2. James – You have a point, and your suggestion has merit. Unfortunately, Wikipedia’s open source policy does sometimes lead to abuse. However, any man made creation has problems. If we start dropping references every time we find an imperfection, we will soon have nothing to reference at all.

    Instead of dropping Wikipedia, I suggest checking multiple sources. As President Ronald Reagan put it, “Trust, but verify.”

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  3. Robert

    I didn’t see a way to send a private e-mail, so after reading please feel free to delete. Just wanted to point out you misspelled “Project Gutenberg” in several places. You spell it “Gutanberg”. Also, you have a number of places where “Virginia” is misspelled “Virgina”. For example, both links under the “Laws of the Virginia Commonwealth” section on this page, and the “Virginia Blogs” section on the right-hand column under Site Meter is spelled “Virgina Blogs”.


  4. Hello Tom; I was sent the following from a veteran friend; I think you will find it worthy of sharing
    WordPress ought to bring back a messaging system, so bloggers could communicate simultaneously to all of their friends; instead of having to search out individual “about” pgs.
    BTW – Reading your blog is like having a steak dinner, with a good cigar afterward.


  5. PARTNERING WITH EAGLES – Thank you for the link to your post. Looks like some interesting books. The article by Joel McDurmon is quite good. Excellent discovery on your part!

    Thanks also for the kind compliment.


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