Here is a note for those of you who have been following this blog for awhile. Keith DeHavelle is one of my favorite bloggers.  Some time back he suffered the tragedy of losing his lady. As he observes below, he lost his health as well.  Looks like he is on the mend, however. If you have not already done so, please take the time to visit his website, wish him the best, and help him to celebrate.


It’s been a long time, but I am back, at least back in business here.Things took an interesting turn a few weeks after posting “The Happy in Happy Independence Day.” My gradually declining condition, traceable back to the meal that killed my Lady Anne and crippled me, caused me to pass out in my desk chair right at the end of July. I was found and ambulanced to the hospital with extreme dehydration, failed kidneys, and massive wounds eaten by sitting in my own fluids.

Just shy of dead. (continued here)


spider webOkay. So it’s not that exciting. Perhaps it is even a trap. Just the same, we are having some bitterly cold weather here in Gainesville, VA. So I would rather stay inside and catch up on the websites I have not had time to visit.

What websites? Well, here are a few.

Keith DeHavelle and mastersamwise have interesting blogs, and both apparently find the opinions of the other quite interesting.  Therefore, they have furiously debated here, What is a Conservative? Hint, Not Trump!

Anyway, during the next several days, I hope to have fun visiting other blogs and writing a few posts of my own.

What posts?

  • DATING THE GOSPELS. Most of the books Bibles have an introduction that includes the probable author and the probable date the book was written. Where does that information come from?
  • DOES GOD HATE: WHAT IS THE LOGIC OF LOVE? We live in an era that emphasizes love. On Valentines Day we celebrate love. We even say God is Love. Can the God who is Love hate?
  • WHICH OF THE PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES IS MOST PRESIDENTIAL? What does it mean for a candidate to be presidential? Is it important for a candidate to be presidential?



In a previous post, SO YOU LIKED MY POST?, I expressed considerable ambivalence about the like function. There is no restriction on its use by spammers and trolls and various other troublemakers. Thus, the fact that spammers now like everything they can get at does not surprise me much.

Nevertheless, I am still somewhat puzzled by people who like what I have posted when I in fact know they don’t. I suppose they do it for the same reason as the spammers. By pretending they are what they are not, they want to bring unsuspecting people to their websites.

There is also another possibility. Frustrated trolls may just want to remind me and their other victims they are still around. That thought actually caused me to chuckle. The gravatar of one of guys I kicked off my blog refers to an Egyptian pharaoh. It is long time since that pharaoh been around.

So what have I learned. Be wary. The Internet is a wonderful place except when it is not. If we don’t recognize the gravatar, there is a good chance that clicking on it will just take us where we did not want to go.

Anyway, while it is thoughtful to “like” what others post, we should not expect anyone to click on an unfamiliar gravatar. If we want a visit, we must now do what a spammer can’t do and what a troll won’t do. We must leave a thoughtful comment.

Because Two Can Keep a Secret, if One of Them … Doesn’t BLOG! — reblogged

The Secret by Felix Nussbaum (11 December 1904 – 9 August 1944)
The Secret by Felix Nussbaum (11 December 1904 – 9 August 1944) (more here)

Rah’s Mirror is a relatively new blog. I “discovered” it thanks to a reblog by Wally Fry.

Because Two Can Keep a Secret, if One of Them … Doesn’t BLOG! by Rah Plotts.

addresses a difficult issue. When we blog about our personal lives, when do we cross the line and share secrets we have no right to reveal.

My blog, is in essence, a reflection of me. It tells hidden (and not so hidden) stories of what I have experienced. I appear to be telling you how to react or feel or respond or believe, but in truth, I am really telling me.

When speaking of my life, it is really hard to not speak about the people in it. I didn’t get through this life alone… after all.

After the post about my abortion gained as much attention as it did. After I read it and re-read it, again and again, each time, through the eyes of someone else. I started to see how much of other people’s business I was potentially airing on my blog. (continued here)

Why the picture above? Here is book that provides a commentary on Nussbaum’s pictures. The Secret shows how people react to the true horror of a dreadful invasion. When considered with a wider perspective, what may seem like a dreadful invasion may actually be small potatoes. Therefore, before we angrily blow up at an overzealous blogger, we may wish to think things over first.

  • Was anything actually revealed? Are a bunch of detectives now on your trail?
  • Does it truly make any difference if the “whole world” knows? Is the “whole world” really going to laugh at you or despise you? Are you going to jail?

Do I blog personal experiences? Rarely. Because I want to keep the focus on a logical and relatively dispassionate discussion of issues, I don’t speak about myself. Others, however, use what they have learned from their personal experiences as a testimony. Frankly, such personal testimonies sometimes strike me as a bit reckless. Just the same, I must admit such testimonies can also be quite powerful.  See I Killed HIS Baby, for example.