Federalist Society 2017 Natl Lawyers Convention: Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions got off to a rocky start. When he recused himself from the Russian collusion investigation, I thought that absurd, but it is done, and it seems the whole thing is backfiring hugely on the Democrats. So it may turn out for the best.

Anyway, he recently made an excellent speech. Check it out.

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On Friday, November 17, 2017, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, delivered a rather refreshing speech at the Federalist Society 2017 National Lawyers Convention.

Refreshing because it has been a while since the American people have seen Jeff Session in an environment other than before a judiciary or senate hearing where he is warding off attacks from Progressives levying toothless allegations about the proven non-existent Russia narrative for their sake of 30-second clips, talking points and props for next year’s mid-term elections.

Introduced by Edwin Meese, at the start of his speech Sessions, even poked fun at the beginning of speech at the fake “Russia” hoax. “Is Ambassador Kislyak in the room? Any Russians? Has anybody been to Russia?”  

Jeff Sessions talks about the Trump campaign and victory in 2016, moving on to the President’s accomplishments starting with the appointment of Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch.

The attorney general then discusses his…

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Bill Clinton, Roy Moore and the Politics of Hypocrisy

Here is a reblog of a post on one of my favorite blogs.
“See, there’s this thing called biology…~”, another of my favorite blogs, provides a slightly different take on this post (https://insanitybytes2.wordpress.com/2017/11/18/vive-la-revolution/).

The post begins well. The subject is the belated Liberal Democrat reversal on Bill Clinton. B. Clinton second term ended January 20, 2001, and now some Liberal Democrats have decide giving him a pass on his sexual indiscretions was not a good idea. Tricia, the author, provides some insightful commentary.

Then, the post shifts to today and Judge Roy Moore. Tricia is unhappy with Moore and some of things his supporters have said.

Well, I don’t know exactly what Roy Moore’s supporters have said that is so awful, but I suppose I could find something. However, what matters as far as the election is concerned is what Moore and his surrogates have said, not someone else.

Consider the situation. Moore’s accusers, egged on by a Liberal Democrat newspaper, have accused Moore of a crime. Moore says his accusers are lying. Well, if those women are not telling the truth, what is Moore supposed to do, say something that speaks well their character? What are guys supposed to do, give up running for office? If all gals have to do to force guys to drop out of a race is accuse their male opponents of a sex crime, and men cannot defend themselves…..

Politics is a blood sport. Instead of butchering, shooting, and blowing each other up, we try to settle our differences with ballots. That does not work too well, but it is the best idea we have had yet. Unfortunately, we still elect some devious people. Elections, even without the bloodletting are dirty and messy. Human beings, both men and women, cannot be trusted to behave themselves.

Political campaigns often involve muckraking and mudslinging. As voters we need to insist that people put up or shut up. Mere accusations should not count. If someone wants to accuse a candidate of a crime a month before an election, they should put up or shut up. No legal charges? Just last minute accusations? Then why should we take them seriously? Because a biased news media does? Really? Does anyone have to explain why that is absurd?

At this point the people of Alabama have a choice between Judge Roy Moore and a Liberal Democrat. Moore isn’t perfect, but alternative is worse. Unfortunately, instead of talking about the issues, the Liberal Democrat news media has us talking about the Republican candidate’s supposed sexual indiscretions. We have not seen this before? Then why would we fall for it again?

If the Liberal Democrat new media had not created this diversion and the campaigns had focused on the issues, Moore would have easily won. Now his victory is uncertain, and that is what lot of people in The Establishment wanted. Isn’t is time we stop letting these people play us like fiddles?

Freedom Through Empowerment

Candidate Image Source:shutterstock.com

So the Left is having a cathartic come to Jesus moment over having stood by Bill Clinton all these years with eyes wide open to his sexual predator nature and the abhorrent treatment his accusers faced at the hands of Team Clinton.

Remember those fun  times?  A quote from  loyalist James Carville inferring Paula Jones was making up being sexual harassed by Bill in return for cash, pretty much sums up the disgustingness of it all.

“Drag a $100 bill through a trailer camp and there’s no telling what you will find”.

Just lovely, and from the so called “pro women” party no less.  Liberals finally seem to be coming to terms with their own hypocrisy and the shameful behavior of that era, as two recent and decidedly harsh articles from some surprising sources display.  Vox’s  “Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned” and the New York Time’s, “

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The Truth About Weinstein, Spacey, Moore, and High Profile Accusations of Sexual Abuse

H/T to https://quotesthoughtsrandom.wordpress.com/2017/11/16/the-truth-about-weinstein-spacey-moore-and-high-profile-accusations-of-sexual-abuse/

When I read this post, I had several thoughts.
1. The person who wrote the post is thoughtful and caring.
2. The post offers generally good advice.
3. The post is one-sided.

Objectivity is not something we come by easily. For mutual protection we form into mobs. Ever watched a school of fish? Even though they dart about, they still manage to swim in formation. Why do they do that? Apparently, it confuses their predators. Whereas a predator might be able to focus on, pursue, and wear out a lone fish, when it attacks a school it is the one that is worn down.

How do predators counter the defensive strategy of schooling? They form “schools” of their own. Dolphins, for example, hunt in pods (http://www.bioexpedition.com/dolphin-feeding/). Working together, they confuse their prey and dine well.

Imagine being accused of a crime. Imagine being pursue by a mob of reporters. Imagine the anxiety of being unable to prove your innocence. Without any supporters, how would you survive? If you are innocent, what is the chance you would receive justice? What is the chance your reputation would be destroyed?

When someone assaults another person for sexual purposes, that is just like any other assault. It is a crime. The thing that make a sexual assault different is the motive. Is the victim more personally violated, more emotionally damaged? Seems to be the case. When the charge is rape, for some reason that does seem to make most people a bit more angry at the perpetrator than if he or she had badly beaten someone. If the victim is a minor, we are further outraged.

Still, anyone accused of a crime deserves the due process of the law. Before passing judgment, we must establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Because people lie, we cannot just assume they are telling the truth.

When accusers come out of the woodwork 5, 10, 20, 30, or 40 years after the fact, that is not heroic. When accusers pile onto someone, there is nothing heroic about that. How do we know if the accusers are telling the truth or just want attention? Until we carefully investigate their stories, we just know there is mob of people pursuing some guy. We don’t even know who is the prey and who is the predator.


WARNING:  If you are a victim of sexual abuse, this post could be very painful for you.  Take caution before you read it and seek help if it stirs up old wounds.

Can you imagine the damage?  A child.  A teenager.  A female in a workplace.  Confused.  Powerless.  Manipulated.  Perhaps there’s a fight.  Perhaps they are too afraid to fight.  They are touched and made to touch.  They are directed.  They are lured through affirmation.  They are shamed and threatened.

What are the emotional scars left by sexual violation?  Feelings of being tainted or stained.  Viewing sex as trauma.  Viewing sex as useful to get what you want.  Viewing sex as a means to gain affirmation.  Gender confusion.  The decimation of the ability to trust or receive love without strings.  Wondering where God is, if He cares, and if He, too, is an abusive authority figure.  Can Jesus still love…

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Rush Has an Unnerving Theory of Why Donna Brazile Wrote ‘Hacks’

Can you imagine President Michelle Obama?

Our ancestors lived in a world they did not understand. So they invented gods and goddesses to explain it. We too live a world we do not understand. Even our own technologies surpass the capacities of most of us to grasp. Not one of us — not one — could make a simple pencil on his own. An automobile or a computer takes the capacities of a nation. And the supposed glories of those same technologies — instead of serving us — drive us to ask for and demand more and more stuff.

So it is we constantly seek escape from the pressures of our own greed and status conscious pride (I have more fancy stuff than you!). Often, I think we fantasize, confusing fantasies fed to us by the mass media with the truth. If only that person led us, all would be well.

Instead, of turning to God, we turn to the state, to conniving charlatans who make grand, impossible promises, to people who are almost certainly no better or capable, to people who are probably less wise than a still innocent child. But the charlatans we choose do know how to put on a good show, and that is what matters in a fantasy world.

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Am I the only one wondering why Donna Brazile who has stood by the Clintons for three decades has turned so viciously on Hillary Clinton while taking one heck of a beatdown from the Communist media complex?

Of course, the only place for Brazile to go will be further, further, FURTHER to the left; and who do you suppose would be waiting there to pick up the pieces after Crooked is destroyed and President Donald J. Trump thoroughly discredited in the eyes of useful idiots from Clinton’s purchase of a second Russian dossier although fake?

Source: Gage Skidmore_Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Hard to imagine?  Not really.  Barack Obama is big on iterative reiteration, i.e., “if you say it enough, they will begin to believe it.” We’re seeing that now in Blue states where useful idiots will vote based on identity politics rather than a candidate’s platform.


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