Consider’s post. Then consider these questions.

Are you part of the ant-Trump Resistance? That is, you are against President Donald Trump? Or are you doggedly pro-Trump? Are you bitterly on one side or the other side of the issues that divide America? Well, there is no law that says you cannot be against or for someone, but what is your cause? What do you stand for? What is it — who is it — you love?

Soldiers win wars when they keep their mind on the objective, when they understand the mission statement. Instead of standing against even a devil like Satan and those he has made his minions, to win soldiers must stand for something. Christians stand for Jesus. We concentrate on spreading His Gospel, living as He taught, and we go to war making use of the weapons He has provided us. Hence when Christians started a new nation, the United States, those Christians created a government designed to protect the rights of the People. Instead of subjugating each other, Americans created a government that protected the rights of the People to be uniquely free.

So what would divide us now? Have some of us become more interested in making our neighbors do something or give us something? Have we become more interested in getting something than we are in protecting each others rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Have we thoughtfully considered what we have to lose?

The definition of RESISTANCE – an underground organization of a conquered or nearly conquered country engaging in sabotage and secret operations against occupation forces and collaborators.

There has been a lot of talk about a forming resistance movement in the United States.  This sounds like an archaic expression to be used in modern times.  It usually had to do with foreign oppression, wars, enemies.  Are we at war with ourselves in this country?

I wonder where this is leading us. Resistance is usually represented as one force pulling against another. Since the last election there has been a growing division within.  The most vocal and stubborn are those who can’t seem to let it go and relish in any piece of news that will suit their purpose.  We could easily become a house divided.

Please read the following quotes and decide for yourself.

“For every minute you remain angry, you…

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Forum: Who Should Replace James Comey At The FBI?

Here is an interesting discussion on who President Trump to head the FBI.

Myself? I am not going to suggest a candidate for Trump, but I do hope he focuses on a good leader who is willing to support and defend the Constitution.

PUMABydesign001's Blog

Every week on Monday, the WoW! writers, community and our invited guests weigh in at the Watcher’s Forum, short takes on a major issue of the day, the culture, or daily living. This week’s question : Who Should Replace James Comey At The FBI?

Don Surber: My candidate to replace James Comey at the FBI would be someone within the agency who is not Andy McCabe. The Hillary pardon — and that is what the non-indictment was — evidently tore the agency  apart.

Some agents resent giving her a pass. Some agents resent the October Surprise in which Comey, either by choice or stupidity, wrote a letter to Congress that re-opened the case.
Some agents also liked Comey. He was a good boss who made a helluva mistake last July.

Another possibility is someone from his list of 21 Supreme Court nominees. I would be fine with any of…

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Rushing water,

Surging as it crashes,

Over broken rock,

And fallen trees,

Twisting and turning,

Undulating like a serpent,

Snaking its way through the forest,

Life giving water,

Flourishing with vitality,

Imprisoned by its boundaries,

Still following the path,

Carved out for it,

As in humanity,

On a collision course with life,

Obeying all the rules,

Doing our best,

Trying yet failing,

Melting down,



A catastrophe waiting to happen,

Within life’s disaster,

Our Savior walks with us,

Guiding our course,

Lifting us when we can no longer stand,

Supporting through all adversity,

The same Creator who made the river,

Allows us to crash and fall,

Yet guides us to still waters.

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A reflection on Matthew 5:38-48

Busybodyism (=> is one of the expressions I use on my blog occasionally. I suppose the rulers of the Roman Empire were some of the most persistent busybodies who have ever lived. With ruthless efficiency and unapologetic terror, they suppressed dissent and ruled over the lives of millions.

What about our day? Our land? We have none who rule that approach the tyrannical madness of Rome. Still, we have innumerable groups who insist that everyone else needs believe, think, and do something their way. Ironically, these groups often pose as being extremely tolerant, and they prove this by yelling and screaming various epithets at their opponents.

Why did the rulers of Rome need to conquer and lord over the world? Why can’t people figure out that schemes to rule others will never will bring them joy? Why are almost none of us without such a flaw? Why do we all have our blind spots? As the author of this post suggests, it seems we need more confidence in our own principles and beliefs. If we have faith — if we are certain we are in the will of our Creator and our Father — perhaps then we can love our neighbors. Perhaps then we can be more patient with our enemies, even misguided busybodies.

In a dim light...

A reflection on Matthew 5:38-48 delivered during a prison communion service

We seem to be living more and more in times of division – deep division. There is a tendency, a human tendency, to group and label anyway. In scriptures we find the bad and the good, the just and the unjust, your neighbor and your enemy, the sheep and the goats.

So if we look at today’s society, we have divisions that are pretty normal. But there seems to be, now, an animosity, a distrust, a disdain, a willingness to judge rather than engage and listen.

There doesn’t seem to be a middle ground in many instances. There are those who love the Packers, but hate the Patriots, love the Cardinals but hate the Cubs, love or hate Democrats or Republicans, love or hate immigrants, refugees, people of color, Muslims, Jews, Catholics, unions, Planned Parenthood, the NRA.

But don’t…

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