Good bye friend

Yesterday we celebrated. Tomorrow we celebrate Veterans Day. I suspect most veterans are happy with the election results. I suspect they see it as a slap on the back when we elect a leader who respects and values our military and police forces.

So what has that to do with the post below? Nothing. I just figured veterans would enjoy this dreadfully sad story too. 😉

The Lions Den

Lisa and Abigail were friends for 32 years. Seems they knew each others thoughts, kind of like the closeness of David and Jonathan. Lisa came from a large family: 6 sisters and three brothers. Abigail was an orphan who had trouble speaking. She made silly noises that only Lisa appreciated.

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When Lisa was cold, Abigail offered warmth. When Abigail was not up to par, Lisa offered kind words. Some said they were friends that stuck closer than a brother.

Over the years, Lisa would get annoyed with Abigail, and threatened to end their friendship. Abigail was the resolute one, whose mood remained constant in the face of the occasional curse.  Hard to say how Abigail retained her composure year after year of ups and downs, with fits and starts of love and hate.

They traveled together many years and countless miles. Wedding, funerals, graduations, recitals, job relocations, they were the…

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Hillary !! Election year 2016


What is interesting about this video? It is a good summary of all the scandals related to H. Clinton.

Is the video true? Well, that is a judgment call. I remember Bill Clinton’s presidency and Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State with disbelief. How did they get away with all that stuff? They did pay a lot of fines and legal bills, but they just seemed to consider those business expenses.

Anyway, here is an example. One of the accusations is that $six billion went missing in the State Department under Clinton.

The Liberal Democrat fact checkers are, of course, aggrieved that anyone would suggest such a thing.

Nevertheless, the State Department’s budget in 2012, for example, was not that large, PDF Version, FY 2012 Executive Budget Summary. So losing track of $six billion dollars over a six year period is sort of significant, State Dept. misplaced $6B under Hillary Clinton: IG report. However, I suppose that tidbit pales in comparison with the disastrous foreign policy H. Clinton put together for her boss, President Obama.

The fact is that there is no question about the fact H. Clinton lies. There is also no question about some of the charges.

  • That private email server? Why was she deliberately doing government business on that?
  • And the terrorist attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya. We know H. Clinton and Obama never had any business blaming the attack on some stupid video. They lied.

So I don’t know where the video gets it wrong. I just know that lady doesn’t belong in the White House.

I got it from here.


This video is a complete and honest documentary of Bill & Hillary Rodham Clinton’s political history. After watching this most informative video I am convinced Hillary Rodham Clinton is not the right choice for the American Presidency. I recall, in my lifetime, Whitewater Gate, China Gate, Travel Gate,  Cattle Gate, and a host of other criminal affairs conducted by Hillary & Bill Clinton and their close associates.  Many things of which you did not know or have forgotten is revealed in this documentation and warrants a mandatory viewing. Especially if you have not yet voted or are on the fence about who to vote for. As Christians we may not agree with either party’s moral character; but I assure you we have all sinned.  In that, then, we must look at the platform of each candidate and how Biblical each comes to our own Christian values… Only Donald J. Trump passes that…

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Distributism: An Offered Economic Alternative

I have a commenter name Stephen (see => who usually leaves me quite confused. So I appreciated this post.

The Latin Community


I came across a comment thread on Citizen Tom’s comments on his blog: An Update For My Blogging Friends, asking for an alternative to the greed of Capitalism.

Here is a response, although, I do acknowledge not the response.

GK Chesterton once wrote, “The truth is that what we call Capitalism ought to be called Proletarianism. The point of it is not that some people have capital, but that most people only have wages because they do not have capital.”

If I could modernize his sentiments, I would certainly articulate the notion that what we call Capitalism today should be properly called, “Corporatism.” However, instead of getting into what I disagree with Capitalism and Socialism, let me instead promote an alternative solution to those economic systems.


Let us first explore Pope Leo XIII’s encyclical, Rerum Novarum, that created a foundation for such a system:

Paragraph 19-22:


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An Update For My Blogging Friends

As usual I am among the last to notice, but I finally did notice. Wally, a popular Christian blogger had not been posting much. Here, in his post, he explains.

So why the reblog? Well, I wanted to congratulate Wally. Sounds like he has had a welcome distraction. I hope it turns out well for him.

In addition, Wally’s post is timely. It has merit as a good explanation of how Capitalism works in practice. Given what our presidential election has been about, that makes it worth considering.

This election is a competition between two distinctly different world views. Capitalism on one side. Crony Capitalism on the other.

On one side we have Donald Trump. He is not a Conservative, but his campaign does show considerable respect for our traditions as a constitutional republic. Those traditions include a Capitalist economic system.

On the other side we have Hillary Clinton, who promises more of what Barack Hussein Obama has done. In practice the Democrats promote a fiendish economic system. We call it Crony Capitalism. Instead of merit, Crony Capitalism is about political connections. Over time — if not opposed — the Democrats will create a command economy, and political connections will be the only thing that matters.

Truth in Palmyra

Hello Blog World!!! I have not fallen off of the planet at all; I have just been strolling very close to the edge. Maybe you have noticed, and maybe you have not; I haven’t written a lick in weeks, and have commented very little. I have managed to keep up pretty well on my reading, which has been very gratifying.

I just wanted to kind of update my friends on things. It all started about 4 weeks ago, right after I finished a regular(long) work week. My boss, our manager, suddenly transferred to another office in the northern part of the state. Since I was his backup for days off and such, I was suddenly him by default. It is now 36 days later of straight working, and I am still….it. So for 36 days I have been running out of the house around 530 each morning and returning around…

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