It Amazes Me Sometimes How A Song Brings Up Memories, Thoughts, And Ideas

I don’t have all the answers. I don’t blog so I can tell anyone all the answers. Therefore, if I offered up the claim I have all the answers and asked people to vote for me because I will fight for them and give them all the things they need, I would be lying. Yet politicians ask us all to vote for them because they will fight for us. Are they lying or telling us us the truth? Do any any them have all the answers? Will any of them actually fight for us?

If you want to elect an honest man or woman, elect someone who asks you to fight along side them, someone whose only answer is a promise to try to make government do the work it is suppose to do. Someone willing to let us run our own lives and turn to our Savior, Jesus Christ, for the answers we need.

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Life's Fight

The day before I put up the post “Something To Think On” was the first time I listened to Mandisa’s song “We Bleed The Same”. The song took me back to a memory of a march in Orlando I was in with my ex-husband. It was a praise of God march. There wasn’t just Assembly Of God church that my ex and I went to at the march. There was Catholics, Baptist, Methodist, and others there. No one was quarreling but having a blessed time of walking, fellowshipping, and praising God. I remembered some people were giving out tracks too. It was a great event.

After that memory I thought of the three year old who shot in his stroller in Chicago. I rhought of others in Chicago and other places who were being killed for no other reason but pure hatred. It is the way I saw…

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The war on information

How do we discern what is going on? Well, Salvageable offers some good suggestions, but there is no fail-safe solution. Sometimes we all make mistakes.

You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. — Abraham Lincoln

Do you want to be one of those people who gets fooled all the time? Then don’t even try to learn the truth, but please don’t vote. It won’t do you any good anyway.


Ray Bradbury wrote a number of science fiction stories in which a totalitarian government attempted to forbid the preservation of literature and history. The government tried to maintain control over the population by restricting information available to that population, often by forbidding and burning books. In one of his stories, though, Bradbury imagined the government controlling citizens by using the opposite extreme. The government flooded the market with information, producing so much material that no one could receive it all and comprehend it all. Important matters were lost in the flood of information, and the citizens were unable to resist control from the government under that condition.

Contemporary society has, perhaps, reached the point that Bradbury envisioned. The ordinary laws of supply and demand—and not a malevolent government—have overwhelmed people of our time with information of every kind. We have at our fingertips news and history, medical information, the results…

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Does evil come from God?

How do we explain evil? In our post Christian society, where God has been set aside, most of us do not find the answer to that question easily. Many discuss the issue, but few consider the matter with reason and logic. So it is that some years back I featured a popular chain email that was floating around the Internet, GOD VERSUS SCIENCE. Supposedly, a smart and courageous Christian student put an Atheist professor in his place. Since the point of the email was to make ourselves feel good about ourselves, I criticized that email.

Here, however, I would like to praise the author of this post. If you need a good, concise, Biblical explanation for the existence of evil, I think this is a good one. With careful reasoning and logical explanations, the author examines what we mean we say God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.

In My Father's House

In a word, no. If you need an explanation, read on.

This subject came up in a discussion at Insanitybyte’s blog with her post, “Mirrors and Conundrums,” which included fellow believers and an atheist.  This is a vast subject which I will only be able to briefly touch here with summary statements.

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Reality Winner

insanitybytes22’s post considers the problem of Reality Winner from a human perspective. Who is Reality Winner? My sneaking suspicion she is a product of our Lord’s sense of humor. We cannot make this stuff up, but He can.

Why the joke? Why the absurdity of Reality Winner? What does our Lord want us to see? Let’s consider how this happened. Why do we give people security clearances to people who (1) don’t need them, and (2) should not be given a clearance?

Sounds like easy problems to solve, right? Well, there are understandable reasons why these problems exist.
(1) We are not a serious people. Look who we elect. Consider what we expect our government to do. Doesn’t our government exist to protect our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Because we live in a dangerous world, shouldn’t we be seriously concerned about protecting the rights of our family, friends, and neighbors? Instead, we elect people who make promises to give us other people’s things. Most of us have to know the people we are electing either can’t or won’t keep those promises, but we vote for those people anyway.
(2) Technical innovation has made our societies far more complex and war an engineering operation. Since no one by him or herself has the expertise to plan a large scale operation, leaders have to consult multiple experts. Think not? Then put yourself in the position of a leader who makes an important decision and that decision in hindsight proves to be a costly failure, many people die. Imagine your boss asking you this question: why didn’t you ask so an so? If you say because so and so did not have a clearance, do you really think that is going to satisfy your boss? It won’t. Because we the people too readily form lynch mobs, his boss is looking for someone to hang the blame upon. As a result lots of people have clearances that give them access to information they don’t need.
(3) Technical innovation has also made the exchange of information quite easy. Computer security, on the other hand, is quite complicated. Once we put information on a network of computers, it takes considerable effort (expense $$$$) to make certain only cleared people have access.

Of course, these questions and issues only addresses a small part of the problem. We protect lots of information that doesn’t even need to be protected. Why do we classify information that doesn’t need to be classified? How does stuff that does not need to be classified get classified?

We could go on, but the point is that to even get start on solving such a problem we need to be serious about who we elect. When our elected officials look ridiculous, it is because of the clowns who voted for them. It is because of us.

See, there's this thing called biology...

Truth is stranger than fiction they say and I suspect that is true. These days I read the news and think, I could not have imagined that if I tried.

Reality Winner is the young gal working for the NSA, recently arrested for leaking a document to the media. Can anybody tell me why I am cleaning toilets while the young-uns are working for the NSA? Than again, I’m not entirely sure I could respect myself in the morning, so perhaps my career as a spy is not such a good idea. But I digress…

Let’s just start with her name, Reality Winner. That name alone pretty much sums up all that ails us. Reality is not something you “win.” That has become the very nature of the beast. Today people seem to believe truth is like a game of capture the flag. Social media, politics, fake news, reality is…

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