King Solomon, “I’m Just a Girl”

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I suppose some will consider Rudy u Martinka’s post a putdown on technology, but that is to misunderstand technology. To read the Bible — to give it priority in our lives — we don’t have to give up technology or our cell phones. Properly applied, technology has in fact made the Bible far more accessible. Some people, for example, access the Bible using their cell phones.

We forget that over 500 hundred years ago Johann Gutenberg (credited as the inventor of the printing press) became the first man to print a book using interchangeable metal types (=> That first book was the Bible.

Why do so few take the time to read the Bible? It is a matter of attitude. 500 hundred years ago only a few people could read. Only a few people had access to books. Most people, because they did not have access to books, understood that those who could read the Bible had a special source of wisdom. Therefore, when the printing press made it available, almost everyone craved the opportunity to read the Bible and become wise.

In our era, the printed word is abundant. So are numerous distractions, the cell phone being a big one. So we look for “experts” to summarize the meaning of this, that, and everything else. Many of these experts have told us the Bible is a book of mythology.

Yet that raises a question. How much can we trust “experts” to filter our view of the world?

Should we trust “experts” to summarize the Bible for us? Is the Bible the Word of God or merely mythology? Is it credible to believe the Bible is the Word of God, that Jesus lived, died for our sins, and rose from the dead?

Christians say the Bible is about Jesus. History records the beliefs Jesus taught us overthrew those of the Roman Empire. In fact, through His Bible, what Jesus taught us is still slowly sweeping across the world. Because Jesus was the most significant person in history — God made man for the sake of our salvation — none of us can trust someone else to read the Bible for us. Reading the Bible is something each of us must do for our self.

There are some things we cannot trust to experts. What is the meaning of life? Why do you exist? Read the Bible, and you will discover the answer for yourself.

Rudy u Martinka

Is this comment an indication of a girl’s attitude of unfairness in life of yin or yang,  or perhaps a clue to her state of  spirituality?

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the collision of patriotism and xenophobia

Since this has been the topic on my blog here of late, and Julie (aka Cookie) puts the case so well…..


“In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith
becomes an American and assimilates himself to us,
he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else,
for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed,
or birthplace, or origin.
But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American,
and nothing but an American…
There can be no divided allegiance here.
Any man who says he is an American, but something else also,
isn’t an American at all.
We have room for but one flag, the American flag…
We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language…
and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

Theodore Roosevelt

( part of the health screening for those passing through…

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the observation of love by a wee flea

You blog or comment on politics? Then please read “the observation of love by a wee flea.” It is a timely reminder that we need to separate what we hate from those whom we should love.

Because I can get angry, there are times my words are filled with sarcasm. There are times I make a point of adamantly condemning Socialism as both wrong and unworkable. Nevertheless, because I believe in the teachings of Jesus, I try not to condemn people who believe in the supposed wonders of Socialism.

Jesus could point to a man and say hypocrite; I can rightly only point to a man’s conduct and say hypocritical. I can rightly only hope that on this day at least I won’t make a hypocrite of myself.

What is the point of my blog? If not to judge, then why do I blog? Do I have all the answers? No. Do I expect thousands to gratefully accept the great wisdom in my instruction? No. I just hope I will cause a few people to read the Bible.

Years ago I gave up the notion I will make someone who is a Liberal (in the modern sense) into a Conservative. I am just not that persuasive. Still, if I can point someone who is lost (as I once was) to the Bible, that person will learn what I did.

Proverbs 10:12 New King James Version (NKJV)

Hatred stirs up strife,
But love covers all sins.

That will be well worth the many hours I have spent online. Love may not make a Liberal into a Conservative, but it will make it possible for a Liberal and a Conservative to live in the same country. In the name of Jesus Christ we will have unity.


“Contrary to what might be expected, I look back on experiences that at the time seemed
especially desolating and painful,
with particular satisfaction.
Indeed, I can say with complete truthfulness that everything I have learned in my seventy-five
years in this world,
everything that has truly enhanced and enlightened my existence,
has been through affliction and not through happiness, whether pursued or attained…
This, of course, is what the Cross signifies.
And it is the Cross, more than anything else, that has called me inexorably to Christ.”

Malcolm Muggeridge

Cartoon Flea Success Cartoon Flea Success

Yesterday I found myself reading over the latest blog offering by the Scottish Pastor
David Robertson….
who once again, expresses so much more eloquently what I feel…

Thoughts and words I’ve been trying to convey here in my little corner of the blogosphere..
for quite sometime, but seem to fall a bit short of his more marvelous observations.

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American National Identity?

Here is a discussion that is LONG OVERDUE!

Lots of people — modern Liberals — have spread the notion that the people of the United States do not have a common culture or a national identity. Where does this absurd idea come from? Well, insanitybytes22 — perhaps with greater wisdom than I have — does not deal with that aspect of the this issue. What she focuses upon is showing that we do have a common culture, a national identity, and that is vitally important.

If you have ever been to another country, you will know right away it is not the same. I remember when I was a child in Japan, on the other side of the globe. I was a military brat, and seeing Japan was fun. Still, I knew Japan was not home. I knew home was America. Because of those days now long ago, I still get a thrill seeing the American flag waving to me from the top of a pole. To me it says home.

What would cause people to deny the American People share a common culture, lack a national identity? I think it is the new national religion, Secularism. Multiculturalism is a major tenet of this belief, and multiculturalism is integral to separating us from our Christian heritage.

Because it most empowers the already powerful, many well-connect people in this country see it as in their best interest to foist Secularism upon us, and the belief in multiculturalism is perhaps the most effective tool of the Secularist movement. That’s because it teaches that all beliefs are equally valid.

Think about it. If beliefs are equally valid, then whatever it is you want to believe — find most convenient to believe — is just fine. Is that not a tempting thought? What if it was okay to do whatever you could get away with? Would not that lovely belief discourage you from making any concerted effort to understand and appreciate your Christian heritage? Isn’t Christianity way to strict?

Yet consider the consequences.

Matthew 22:15-22 New King James Version (NKJV)
The Pharisees: Is It Lawful to Pay Taxes to Caesar?

15 Then the Pharisees went and plotted how they might entangle Him in His talk. 16 And they sent to Him their disciples with the Herodians, saying, “Teacher, we know that You are true, and teach the way of God in truth; nor do You care about anyone, for You do not regard the person of men. 17 Tell us, therefore, what do You think? Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar, or not?”

18 But Jesus perceived their wickedness, and said, “Why do you test Me, you hypocrites? 19 Show Me the tax money.”

So they brought Him a denarius.

20 And He said to them, “Whose image and inscription is this?”

21 They said to Him, “Caesar’s.”

And He said to them, “Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” 22 When they had heard these words, they marveled, and left Him and went their way.

When Ravi Zacharias ( explains the meaning of this passage, he observes that if the man who asked Jesus that question had been seriously interested in the answer (and not entrapping Jesus), he would have had a follow-up question. “What belongs to God?” Zacharias thinks Jesus would have asked him: “whose image is on you?”

Whose image is on you? Many of the people who first settle this great land came here for religious freedom. When the king would have had them believe his image was upon them, they came here to make certain their children understood they were made in the image of God, not any king or even Caesar. That is a part of the American national identity we must preserve.

See, there's this thing called biology...

Nationalism tends to conjure up negative ideas, as in patriotism gone all wrong, and eventually kinder, kuche, and kirche, and people saluting the fatherland. In truth however, nationalism simply means “loyalty and devotion to a nation; especially : a sense of national consciousness.”

Something I stubbornly insist on, America has a national identity, a national consciousness. We are a tribe. It’s a tough concept to explain to others because we are like fish in water and cannot see what is all around us. We are so used to it, that attempting to define it is challenging. America is also diverse, the blending of many cultures all wrapped up in idealism and shared values, but ideals that do not always manifest themselves in the real world. From the old comic books, we believe in “truth, justice, and the American way,” but often after the fact, after truth and justice have been…

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