CUCCINELLI SAYS: We need George Allen to win on November 6th.

In yesterday’s Cuccinelli Compass,  Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli got straight to the point.

All in for Allen

Dear Friends and Fellow Virginians,

I’m going to get straight to the point. We need George Allen to win on November 6th.

Right now his race is rated a toss-up by every major poll. I know I’ve said it before, but we simply cannot afford to back down now.

With only 11 days left until Election Day we need all hands on deck.

If elected, George Allen will likely be the critical 51st vote to repeal the federal healthcare bill.

The presidential race has been looking up for the Romney-Ryan ticket especially in the Commonwealth, but a Romney presidency will largely be ineffective without taking back the U.S. Senate.

You hire us, the elected officials to fight to maintain liberty. I’ve   never forgotten that fact and I know George hasn’t either.

I haven’t heard many people say that the federal government should spend evenmore money, intrude on personal healthcare decisions, or regulate small businesses into bankruptcy. As Obama’s cheerleader, that’s what Tim Kaine advocates.

George Allen is currently running hard-hitting ads highlighting Tim Kaine’s miserable record as governor and Kaine’s support for sequestration—a plan that will arbitrarily cut $1 Trillion from our national defense. In order to keep this aggressive ad campaign alive for 11 more days George needs your help. Please click here to donate.

It’s an easy choice for me to support George Allen for U.S. Senate over Tim Kaine. He’s running like it’s his first race. By that I mean George has criss-crossed Virginia for over a year now meeting voters and asking individuals one-on-one for their votes. That’s the kind of personal relationship building that is unmatched by George’s opponent.

If you haven’t already, please make sure to dig deep and chip in to support George Allen, our 51st vote to repeal the federal healthcare bill. If you can help George in these final days of the campaign please donate now by clicking here.


Ken Cuccinelli, II
Attorney General of Virginia

Should we be huge fans of George Allen? When Allen was in the Senate, he did not do much. However, Allen is not a busybody. So he also did not do any harm. Given how much power we give senators, we have to give him credit for that. Not doing any harm is the first rule of good government.

If the Federal Government only did what it is suppose to do, we would not have much reason to worry about government. Because our state and local governments have to balance their budgets, we would not be borrowing money from the Chinese.

Would we still have politicians constantly trying to empty our wallets? Would our self-styled glorious leaders still be trying to convince us that it is patriotic to redistribute our wealth? Yes. Some people will always fall for Socialist promises, but we don’t have to.  We don’t have to vote for Tim Kaine. We can vote for George Allen.


What does Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli think about Virginia’s senate race? He believes we have a clear choice. Here’s why.

A Clear Choice

October   6, 2012

Dear Friends and Fellow Virginians,

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype that is the presidential race. It’s   neck and neck and we need to make sure we’re doing everything in our power to   push Mitt Romney over the top.

As an engineer, I’m all about efficiency.  So, while you’re out   canvassing your precinct for Mitt Romney, make sure to talk to your neighbors   about George Allen’s pivotal Senate campaign.

As you know, George worked hard while he was Governor to reform welfare and   education, and abolish parole.

Tim Kaine’s term as governor was forgettable, at best. If you’re being   critical – Tim Kaine left Virginia much worse off than when he began office.   Virginia lost 100,000 jobs during his tenure. He even resorted to closing   rest stops instead of tackling the budget with real reform.

His final “gift” to Virginia was a $2 billion income tax hike that   Governor McDonnell had to undo upon our arrival in office.

During his last year he left Virginians behind so he could be the Chairman of   the Democratic National Committee. Luckily for America, that didn’t work out   so well for him… In 2010 Republicans won in landslides across the country.

Let’s be clear, Tim Kaine is a party loyalist through and through. He puts   the Democratic Party’s interests above those of Virginians.

He’s supporting massive cuts to the military in the form of sequestration:   across the board cuts with absolutely no thought to where the actual waste   is. This would put our national defense in a perilous position.

As Obama’s cheerleader, he backed the “stimulus” packages that have   only further indebted our nation and jeopardized our children’s future.

Now Kaine is running ads portraying himself as fiscally conservative.   Seriously?

Does anyone really think that Tim Kaine is going to spend less money   than George Allen?

It’s time that we restore some sanity here. This November there’s a clear   choice for Virginia’s next U.S. Senator: a liberal loyalist that puts the   interest of his party first, or George Allen – with a real record of making   tough decisions on serious reform.

If that’s not motivation enough, here’s another fact for you. Remember the   Supreme Court case that upheld the Federal Healthcare Bill in June?

Of course you do. It was a heartbreaking loss for conservatives. However, all   hope is not lost.

Mitt Romney has been saying that he’ll repeal the Federal healthcare bill on   day one of his presidency. In order for him to repeal a law, he needs a bill   to hit his desk.

The Supreme Court upheld the bill by ruling the mandate as a tax. A tax bill   is a revenue bill. Revenue bills only need 51 votes to pass – they can’t be   filibustered. That means if we get 50 Senators and Paul Ryan as the   tiebreaker, the Federal healthcare bill will be repealed.

Virginia is sending a new U.S. Senator to Washington. It will either be Tim   Kaine and a vote for the Federal healthcare bill, or it will be George Allen   and a vote to repeal this abomination.

I’ve been to every part of Virginia the past three weeks. My grassroots sense   is that this is a close race, but George has a slight edge.

I’m a grassroots guy. I know that Virginians appreciate the fact that George   has been to every nook and cranny of the Commonwealth over the past year. I   know because I run into him everywhere!

There’s no way Tim Kaine can make up the advantage that George has over him   from visiting all over Virginia. Kaine understands that. That’s why he spends   most of his time raising money from liberal special interests and attacking   George on the airwaves.

I don’t want to let Tim Kaine buy this election. We need every single   Republican to turnout on November 6th to support George.

There’s a little over one month left until Election Day. Every second counts!   Donate at and take action today!


Ken Cuccinelli, II
Attorney General of Virginia


Delegate Scott Lingamfelter is running to be our Lieutenant Governor in 2013. So the link on his name now points to that campaign website. Like as not, I will support him. I also expect to vote for Mitt Romney and George Allen. I just find it difficult to accept that voting for these guys is “getting it right.” I think we could have done better.

Getting it Right

 I was an Artilleryman during my 28-year career in the Army. And if there is one word that Artillerymen care about, it’s precision. You sure as heck don’t want to be hurling 200 pound artillery shells around the battlefield indiscriminately. The term of art we often used was “put steel on the target” and that required great precision. In other words, we took great pains to “get things right”.

Today’s news that unemployment continues to lag at a pitiful 8.3% is the best evidence ever that when it come to the economy, the Obama Administration is “not getting it right”. Unlike a well-trained artilleryman who knows how to “get things right”, Obama has demonstrated that he is completely incompetent when it comes to understanding the economy.

Physicist Albert Einstein once said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  Giving Obama four more years to ignore the Constitution, grow our debt, impose policies that hurt job growth, and confiscate our money through higher taxes, is true insanity.

We need a President Romney and a Senator Allen who will preserve our freedom and constitutional government, stand up for families, and protect small businesses from the heavy hand of government.   And we must go to the polls to do just that in November.

And that is the very reason that I am going to run for Lieutenant Governor in 2013; to stand up for constitutional government, families, and small businesses. Obama and his minions are hostile to all three and I am sick and tired of it.

So please vote this November. Dispatch Obama and his extreme views back to Chicago, and next year, please consider helping me here in Virginia. You can do that by going to and signing up to be a delegate to the GOP State Convention for me in 2013. You can also make a donation to our effort to get our campaign moving.

Elections matter folks, and if we fail to put competent and committed constitutional conservatives in office, we should not be surprised when things go very badly for our nation. Now is our time. Vote in November. This is not the season for sunshine patriots. Let’s get it right!

On to Victory!

What is “getting it right”? Unfortunately, the perfect candidate is not on the ballot. Even if he or she were on the ballot, how would we know? We are just choosing between acquaintances we see from time-to-time. Therefore, when we make the best of our choices, I suppose that is “getting it right”.

How do we make the best of our choices? That requires a bit of research. Think about what politicians say about each other. What is the scariest possibility? They could all telling the truth. As it is, at least half of them must be lying about the other half. As voters, our problem is to figure out which half is more deserving of our trust.

What is a good indication of which politicians most deserve our trust? Politics is about the exercise power and spending other people’s money. Trustworthy politicians don’t ask for lots of power and lots of money to spend; they simply explain what they intend to do and how what they intend to do will comport with their oath of office. On the other hand, con artists make extravagant promises. As though they did not already have enough power and enough money to spend, con artists would have us believe they need more power and more of “other people’s money” to spend.


In the days leading up to the Republican Primary on June 12th, I divided my spare time between blogging and going door-to-door asking folks who vote in Republican primaries to come to the polls and vote for Bob Marshall. Unfortunately — at least from my perspective — George Allen won.

Although it was a fair amount of work, I don’t regret the experience. The candidate I supported set the example by taking his loss gracefully (See Despite loss, Bob Marshall is glad he ran for Senate.). Blogging forces me to think. Talking to the neighbors helps me to better understand them. Therefore, even though the election was lost I derived some benefit.

What I learned from blogging is that Marshall was our best choice. If we are looking for someone who knows how to check and reverse the growth of our government, we could not have done better than Marshall. Yet voters — even Republican voters — chose the least likely of the four candidates to vote for the budget cuts we need. Why? Since I cannot read minds, I can only guess. However, I came away from door knocking with two observations.

  • Most people did not know about the primary.
  • Most people knew little or nothing about the candidates.

Checking the news I learned the voter turnout was 4.93 percent (from here). Even though our government taxes us heavily, runs an absurdly large deficit, and wastes huge sums in fraud, waste, and abuse; too many don’t care. They refuse to acknowledge their responsibility. If we want to preserve our constitutional republic for future generations, we must take an interest in our government. It is not enough to send soldiers to defend us in combat in foreign lands. When soldiers risk their lives to thwart the designs of tyrants, they can only stop foreign tyrants. To stop homegrown despotism, we must also be vigilant when we cast our vote.

Read what some of the Founding Fathers said about voting. Read The Importance of Voting and Christian Involvement in the Political Arena from the Mouths of Founding Fathers. Even though June 12th has passed and that opportunity to influence our nation’s future has come and gone, there will be others.

In Virginia, we will have our next opportunity to vote in the General Election on November 6, 2012. That election will determine who is our President, our U.S. Senator, and our Representative in Congress. We have an obligation to family, friends, and neighbors to do our best to vote for the best of the candidates.