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elephantgop.pngDonald Trump is not a Conservative’s dream candidate, but he is giving Conservatives causes around which we can unite.  That includes his picks for the Supreme Court.

At the beginning of this month, I attended the Republican Party of Virginia’s convention in Harrisonburg, VA.  As this article attests, Cruz wins most Virginia GOP at-large delegates (, the Republican Party’s rank and file supported Senator Ted Cruz’s candidacy for President. A week later, after Cruz had suspended his campaign, I attended the 1st District Convention of the Republican Party of Virginia in Fredericksburg. Again, the Cruz delegates won. The delegates who would have supported Cruz will attend the Republican Party’s Convention in Cleveland, OH (RNC Issues the Call of the 2016 Republican National Convention ( Yet this time the delegates said they would support Donald Trump’s candidacy. Why?

When the Republican Party selects the people it sends to the national convention, that process is controlled by conventions at the state level and at the congressional district level. Who goes to these conventions depends mainly upon who wants to go. What matters is caring enough to show up. Whereas many of Donald Trump’s supporters either did not either care enough or know enough to participate in the conventions, Ted Cruz’s supporters did. Cruz’s supporters, those sneaky fiends, showed up as the majority, and now they had a different choice.

An Aside

When the Virginia Republican Party decides who “Virginia’s” delegates to the Republican Party’s National Convention should vote for on the first ballot, a primary election and requires the “Virginia’s” delegates to vote based upon the primary results. Others have described the process. (Here is a reference =>  Everything you want to know about Virginia’s RNC delegate selection process (

The problem with primaries is that people who don’t actively participate in the Republican Party can easily vote in a primary. If such people vote in large numbers in a primary, they can prevent the Republican Party’s rank and file from holding its nominees accountable for what the party stands for. Hence, because they interfere with our First Amendment rights to “peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances,” primaries should be banned. Instead, we could and should use runoff elections so that voters don’t feel that are throwing their vote away when they vote for a third-party candidate.

Back To The Point

So if Trump is not really a Republican, why should Republicans support him? In spite of all his whining and immature name calling, Trump played by the rules, and he won the nomination. He is effectively the Republican Party’s nominee, and the only viable alternative (the only other candidate with a chance of winning) will be the Democratic Party’s nominee.  Whereas voting for Trump may force us to hold our nose, voting for the Democratic Party’s nominee may require an awkward explanation at the Final Judgement. That is, Trump is not nearly as bad as the alternative.

Further, there is some possibility Conservatives actually have something to gain if we support Trump, and he is elected.

  • From the beginning of his campaign, Trump has sought the support of Social Conservatives (see Trump’s inroads with social conservatives). Whether Trump is a sincere Christian is anybody’s guess. Nevertheless, Trump has demonstrated he wants the support of Social Conservatives. Hence, we can expect he will fight for religious freedom as well as Pro-Life judges.
  • In his book (see CAN DONALD TRUMP DELIVER ON HIS PROMISES?), Trump indicates he supports school choice and restraining the wild environmental activism of the EPA.
  • Of course, Trump has made a commitment to do something about illegal immigration.

Unfortunately, Trump has no record as a politician. We know he is a good businessman (only four bankruptcies), a successful actor on reality TV (He fires people.), and that he has contributed lots of money to politicians, including those he now complains about. Hence, the man is something of an enigma, not giving us much reason to campaign for him with wild enthusiasm. Still, given the alternative we can righteously campaign for him. At the same time, we can also work to get as many solid Conservatives in Congress as we can.

Never forget, if it should to use it, Congress is still the most powerful branch of the Federal Government. In 2008, I wrote this post, CONGRESS: WHERE THE WEIGHT OF POWER RESIDES. Subsequently, Barack Hussein Obama became our president, the the Democratic Party dominated both houses of Congress. The result has been disastrous for our republic and our children.

Every two years we elect Congress and one-third of the Senate, and this is one of those years.  We cannot just focus on the presidential election. We must also elect the best Congress we can.

Anyway, check out Donald J. Trump’s website => Trump may not be our dream candidate, but there are still things to like.


This colorful poster helps kids understand the Presidential election process. It is from a site (here) that purports to tell us how someone becomes president. "Love" this item.How to Change the Electoral College Because the Electoral College process is part of the U.S. Constitution, it would be necessary to pass a Constitutional amendment to change this system. For more information, contact your U.S. Senator or your U.S. Representative.That's a not so veiled hint that the system needs to be changed on a government website.
Let’s begin a bit off the subject. This colorful poster helps kids understand the Presidential election process. It is from a government website (here) that purports to tell us how someone becomes president. “Love” this item.

How to Change the Electoral College
Because the Electoral College process is part of the U.S. Constitution, it would be necessary to pass a Constitutional amendment to change this system. For more information, contact your U.S. Senator or your U.S. Representative.

That’s a not so veiled hint that the system actually needs to be changed, and that partisan hint is on a government website.

This is the second post in a series on Donald Trump‘s book, Donald Trump’s book, Crippled America: How To Make America Great Again. The first was THE UNITED STATES ARMED FORCES: A WORLD CLASS MERCENARY FORCE?

In the first post we focused on the chapters that speak to Trump’s proposals on immigration and foreign policy. National defense is the primary job of the president. Although the Constitution gives the Federal Government other responsibilities, national defense falls squarely on the Federal Government, and the president has the leading role. If the president gets our foreign policy and national defense wrong, he can do horrendous damage. Just look at the mess President Barack Hussein Obama is making.

Here we will take in a more sweeping view of Trump’s book, Chapters 5 – 9.

5: Education: A Failing Grade

Unlike some Republicans, Trump does not promise to be the “education president.” He promises to scrap Common Core. He will try to scrap the Department of Education and return education back to the local governments. Furthermore, he advocates school choice. Trump clearly does not like the teacher unions and their relentless opposition to school choice.

Trump’s position on the role of the Federal Government in college-level education is ambiguous.  He sort describes the problem, but he does not explain why the cost of a college education is rising out of reach. He has next to nothing to say about a solution.

6: The Energy Debate: A Lot Of Hot Air

Trump clearly does not believe that global warming is real or man-made.  He also does not think alternative energy sources are viable. So he supports oil and gas development. That’s good, but, curiously, he has nothing — NOTHING — to say about coal.

7: Health Care Is Making Us All Sick

Trump wants to repeal and replace Obamacare.  He cites Obama’s lies (You cannot keep your doctor.), the increasing costs, the fact doctors are quitting, and  the enormous paperwork as reasons to get rid of it. Trump emphatically rejects a single-payer system, admitting his earlier support. Trump uses the supposed success of such a system in Scotland to justify his earlier support.

So what does Trump want to replace Obamacare? That’s not clear. Trump wants to cover those who cannot afford health care, and he wants to permit interstate competition between health insurance companies.  His plan for replacing Obamacare comes down to negotiating a deal with Congress.

8: It’s Still The Economy, Stupid

What this chapter says loud and clear is that Donald Trump is the solution for fixing the American economy. How will he fix the economy? He will make good deals.

To give Trump credit:

  • He does advocate the free market.
  • He advocates reforming a tax code that is biased towards the rich (what he means by biased towards the rich is not clear). Here is his tax plan.
  • He advocates reduced regulation.
  • He is seriously worried about the national debt and cites $20 trillion as a threshold we must not exceed.
  • He does not want to give illegal aliens “entitlements.”
  • He promises to keep jobs from going overseas.

On the other hand, his “solution”:

  • For social security and medicare spending is to grow the economy.
  • For jobs going overseas is to fight for them with better trade agreements and by preventing currency manipulation.

9: Nice Guys Can Finish First

The chapter is all about how Donald Trump is a great guy who fights fearlessly and gets thing done.  It includes at the end a section that says Trump is now a true Conservative. He compares himself to Ronald Reagan.

Is Trump a Conservative? This video certainly suggest that at one time not too long ago he was not.

Others have considered his assertion.

The problem? Trump does not have a record. Other than the fact he says he is a Conservative, how do we know?

General Observations

Trump is selling himself as the solution.  From time to time he will speak of a philosophy, but he is selling himself, not a philosophy. He is selling the idea that he is a winner, that he knows how to win.

Does Trump have a conscience? I hope so, but make no mistake. Trump’s emphasis is on winning, not virtue. The man spends a bunch of time whining about a rigged system. Meanwhile, when compared to the percentage of the vote he has earned, he has a hugely disproportionate share of the delegates, and he has gotten a ridiculous amount of news media coverage.

Do you want to vote for someone with a track record, someone we can trust to govern as a Conservative, someone who actually is outside of our increasingly corrupt political system?  Then do your homework. Check out Ted Cruz, and look at where he stands on the Issues.

Consider also who has endorsed Cruz, Sen. Mike Lee of Utah (see here and here).