Until you get into this reblog, it is going to sound off-the-wall, but please give it a shot.

Grand Theft Auto stands as one of the greatest franchises in the video game industry.  The open world format was introduced to most of us through the series, even though it wasn’t necessarily the first to use the formula.  Over the years, the series has grown and even matured more than many others.

What makes the game so great?  Besides the almost unbridled ability to do what you want whenever you want, it’s the sense of power you have as a character.  Most of the time, said power has to do with being able to rain down destruction on the numerous NPCs which litter the landscape using the obscene amount of weapons available. (continued here)

The above is a “reblog” of an “old” post written by Sunrie. What’s the post about? Well, let’s try to get at that by considering the meaning of an acronym, NPC.

NPC => A non-player character or NPC is any video game character that is controlled directly by the computer.

In Grand Theft Auto, the object seems to be to abuse the NPCs, and to make it easy, the NPCs are unarmed.

Do you think of yourself as a powerless NPC? Do you want to think of yourself as a powerless NPC? No? Then finish reading ‘s post.

Note: I don’t approve of games such as Grand Theft Auto, but that does not mean I am going to pretend such games don’t exist. To discourage each other from sinning, we must discuss what makes a sin a sin.

If Grand Theft Auto is what it is described to be, then its designers would teach us to reduce the mass of men and women to NPCs, soulless shells of men and women who exist solely for the enjoyment of the players. In America, do we want to think of each other that way?

Once we start thinking of our fellows as NPCs, we forget what the Apostle Paul told us to do.

Philippians 2:3-4 Good News Translation (GNT)

Don’t do anything from selfish ambition or from a cheap desire to boast, but be humble toward one another, always considering others better than yourselves. And look out for one another’s interests, not just for your own.


When the Prince William Board of County Supervisors turned the Silver Lake Recreational Area over to the Park Authority (see Silver Lake Regional Park -The Park Authority’s Newest Passive Recreation Facility and Park open but still in progress), I went onto other matters. Somebody else did not. Elena at Moonhowlings has a post about this, this Monstrosity on Silver Lake!

Here is the monstrosity.

Some people like horses. I like horses, but I really do not care for hiking or swimming in horse dung. I would also prefer that anyone who wants to ride a horse pay their own money for the privilege.

So what is that structure doing there? I guess some other people have their own preferences. However, it is wasteful government abuses like this that are bankrupting our country.

We could have had a park twice the size. Half of it would have been DONATED, but the arrangement would have required that nobody could profit from or develop the Silver Lake Recreational Area. Instead, we all could have hiked, fished, or swam in pristine parkland. OHHH the HORROR! The government would not have been in charge. Instead, a private organization would have run the park.


Silver Lake Aerial
Silver Lake Aerial Photo,
originally published in
the Potomac News

The political wrangling over the Silver Lake Recreation Area continues.  On one side, some people have plans to develop the area to suit their purposes.  On the other side….well, here are a couple of emails from the other side.

On May 14, the Bull Run Mountains Conservancy (BRMC) issued an alert to its members.  The subject was a pristine piece of undeveloped property on the west end of Prince William County.

Dear Members,

A public hearing is set for Tuesday, May 19, on whether the Prince William Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) will give the 233-acre Silver Lake property to Prince William County Park Authority (PWCPA). Silver Lake, if given to the PWCPA, must have deed restrictions to protect the public interests. People have overwhelming spoken up at numerous BOCS meetings demanding a passive recreation park. Without any restrictions the Park Authority will be free to develop the park through the normal master planning process. Please, make sure that the county adheres to the use guidelines that we agreed on last year (4-30-08 Meeting Minutes).

We have attached meeting minutes prepared by Susan Roltsch, Assistant County Executive, from the April 30, 2008, meeting where BRMC, PWCPA, and the County Executive, County staff, and County Attorneys where all parties agreed on the use guidelines for Silver Lake. We encourage our supporters to attend this meeting to make sure that the county follows through with what they promised. The Prince William Board of County Supervisors will meet May 19th in the Board Chamber of the James J. McCoart Administration Building, 1 County Complex Court in Woodbridge at 7:30 P.M.

Thank you for your support,

Bull Run Mountains Conservancy

Then on May 19 the BMRC issued a second alert.

The meeting has been moved to June 9. We will keep you informed of any other changes.

Bull Run Mountains Conservancy

The Prince William Conservation Alliance (PWCA) also continues to monitor this issue.  As the PWCA sees it, the PWCPA seems more interested in slowly wearing down opposition than explaining what it intends to do with the Silver Lake.  Check here.


Silver Lake Aerial
Silver Lake Aerial Photo,
originally published in
the Potomac News

Here I sit at my computer. A little under a couple of hours ago, I got home from my daily workout at the George Mason Freedom Center. In a little while, I must go to bed so I can get up and be at work by 6 AM. McLean, VA is a long drive from Gainesville, and I do not want to spend my life in traffic. So I leave early. Nonetheless, I want to know what is going on at the Board of County Supervisors (BOCS) meeting in Woodbridge, Virginia. So I tune in (here).

The representative from Bull Run Mountains Conservancy, Mr. McBride, is presenting his pitch to the BOCS. He makes it exactly clear what his organization will do with the property. The BRMC will keep the land in its natural state. Moreover, his organization will double the size of the park and cost the taxpayers nothing. Neither the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NVRPA) nor Prince William County Park Authority (PWCPA) have guaranteed to what use they will put the property, and neither NVRPA and PWCPA operate for free.

John Stirrup questions the BRMC proposal. He worries that the BRMC will not use the property the way the county wishes after it is given the property. He speculates that somehow a deal can be made so that the county retains ownership and leases the land to the BRMC. However, the BRMC representative points out that such a deal would make it difficult to raise funds. In addition, the donor has made the additional property he will donate to the BRMC conditional upon the county donating the Silver Lake Recreational Area to the BRMC. In addition, the BRMC representative points out that the agreement that would convey the property to the BRMC is ironclad. The agreement stipulates exactly what the BRMC is allowed to do with the property.

My wife then walks and wants to talk about something else.

Wally Covington then has some questions about BRMC financing, and Corey Stewart has questions about the improvements BRMC has planned and their schedule. Stewart is concerned about the cost of the property’s upkeep and whether the BRMC can find the money. He admits the county does not have the money to fund PWCPA’s proposals. The PWCPA estimates $150 – 200 thousand per year, but McBride is not prepared to accept this would be the BRMC’s cost. Since BRMC intends to leave the property in a natural state, their costs would be much less.

Since the BRMC had not been queried about this before, McBride did not have accurate estimates. He did not want to provide meaningless estimates. However, he is willing to provide an estimate.

The cross examination continues. The NVRPA had already presented their pitch. Now its the PWCPA’s turn. PWCPA offers public ownership in perpetuity. That is their selling point. The PWCPA’s representative makes promises. He blithely assumes the money will be there. And he offers the endorsement of a group of horsemen (He fails to mention how much hikers like walking around horse pies.). Maureen Caddigan makes it clear that there are no parks in her district, and she is not interest in spending hundreds of thousands every year on Silver Lake. Where is the BOCS going to get the money for the PWCPA. Stewart has similar concerns.

Unfortunately, it is 9 PM; sleep beckons.

The BOCS is taking the BRMC’s offer seriously. What will they decide? Will the BOCS trust a group of volunteers outside their control? I do not know. I hope the BOCS makes the right decision. My guess we are talking about a close vote.

Fortunately, the public has been talking about this issue. Here we have an interesting article from the Examiner. In addition, ANTI-BVBL has broadened its horizons by talking about this issue here.