elephantgop.pngBill Card is the Chairman of the Prince William County Republican Committee. So where he is coming from is no secret. Nonetheless, he is clearly proud of the GOP ticket. Read this email he just sent out to party members and see for yourself.

Notes From the Frontline

Dear Friends,

I wanted to share a story that should outrage all of you.  On Wednesday I received a call from a reporter with the Washington Post.  That isn’t particularly unusual, but the tone of this conversation was proof of what the media is trying to do to all of us.

The reporter laid out how he saw the election falling out, talked about polls, and finished up by asking me to describe how dispirited I was.  He said “It must be tough.”  I told him that I wasn’t dispirited, rather I was buoyed by the responses that I was getting from voters throughout the county.

He was incredulous – “But what about the polls!”  He demanded.  “I don’t read polls, voters are more important” I responded.  (Keep in mind this guy is a “news reporter” and is writing something that will be published in the Washington Post).

He continued to maintain that this race is all but wrapped up – twenty-seven days before the election!  I disagree and even if we were behind – the antidote to that situation would be doing what I’m doing – banging on doors, making phone calls, and putting up signs.  I can tell you that my spirits are buoyed that way.  How?  (1) The voter’s responses inspire me (okay – except for that one knot head in Pattie) and (2) It makes me feel like I am fighting back.

The Washington Post doesn’t get to decide this election – we decide and we can still make a difference. 

The other reason that I think they are wrong at the Post – is that in all my travels through Prince William County this election cycle I haven’t met one person who has said “I’m really looking forward to voting for Terry McAuliffe.”  Think about it – has anyone heard someone say “That Ralph Northam is a great guy!  I’m sure glad he’s on the ballot!”  The very thought is ludicrous.  Has anyone out there stumbled across a “Mark Herring Fan Club?”  Don’t bother – it isn’t there.

Not long ago I asked my counterpart in the Democrat Party “There are 8.1 million Virginians out there and Terry McAuliffe is the best you can do?”  He looked down, kicked around in the dirt a little and said “Yeah, I’m not very happy about it either.”  Well guess what – I am proud to be supporting Ken Cuccinelli for governor without any reservations.  Ken has been a great Attorney General and he will be a great governor.  He also has the edge in that Ken is a great human being, Terry McAuliffe . . . . well not so much.

Politics is a participation sport and we need everyone to do their part:

1.  Help out at a Victory Office in Bristow (10490 Bristow Center Dr) or in Woodbridge (12425 Dillingham Square) next to SunTrust Bank.  Help us contact your friends and neighbors to get out the vote.

2.  If you can, take Election Day off from work and help us cover the polls.  This is an important function particularly in the down ballot races.  See dates/times for Election Day training below.

3.  If you qualify for Absentee in Person voting – go vote now. Trouble at work, a random traffic accident, or a family emergency might prevent you from voting – don’t let that happen.

4.  It’s not too late to donate to a campaign.  Anything you can provide will help counter the huge sums that are coming in from outside Virginia.  Don’t let outsiders buy this Virginia election.

That proverbial weight challenged lady isn’t singing yet.  If we all step up our game in these closing weeks we will all be pleased with the result on Election Day.

Sincerely Yours,

Bill Card


Election Day Operations Training for next week.  I will be in Woodbridge (12425 Dillingham Square) next to SunTrust Bank Monday (Oct 14), Wednesday (Oct 16), and Friday (Oct 18) at 7:30 PM to make sure everyone knows what is expected of them on Election Day.

I will do the same thing in Bristow (10490 Bristow Center Dr) on Tuesday (Oct 15), Thursday (Oct 17), and Saturday (Oct 19).  Tuesday and Thursday we will start at 7:30 PM and Saturday we’ll do it at 1:00 PM.

You only need to attend once.  Our goal is to prepare you for Election Day so there are no surprises.

We have a choice. Because the people we elect can tax us and spend our money, we must elect honest men and women. Otherwise, unscrupulous thieves will pick our pockets clean.  We can let out-of-state money and a biased corporate news media decide our elections, or we can research the candidates and think for ourselves. We can also encourage our neighbors to do the same.

Who is on the ballot? Where do the candidate stand? What have they done that demonstrates their commitment to protecting our God-given rights? Do you care enough about your family, friends, and neighbors to find out and vote your values?  Then don’t depend upon the corporate news media or 30 second political ads. Please do your homework. Here are some of my favorite places to get started.

But you can also begin at your favorite government website.

Then visit the candidate’s websites and search the Internet. As a great man once said, “Trust, but verify.”