campaign.pngCan you imagine a special election scheduled to take place on December 23, 2014? That is just two days before Christmas, but here in the Brentsville District of Prince William County, we will have one. Will anyone pay any attention?

Well, we, the citizens of Prince William County’s Brentsville District, should be paying attention. We will be replacing our member on the Board of Supervisors.

When I looked up the Ballot Information, here are the candidates I found listed at the Virginia State Board of Elections.

Ballot Name


Web Site
Eric A. Young Democrat http://www.EricYoungPWC.com
Jeanine M. Lawson Republican http://JeanineLawson.com
Scott A. Jacobs Independent

As the table shows, we have a contested election.

Oddly, Scott Jacobs does not have his website listed at the Virginia State Board of Elections, but he does have one => http://www.scottforbrentsville.com/.

Perhaps Jacobs tendency to foul up administrative details is part of a pattern. Earlier, he attempted to secure the Republican Party’s nomination. However, he could not get the paperwork in on time (see Scott Jacobs disqualified in GOP primary for Brentsville seat). Therefore, Jeanine Lawson secured the nomination, and the convention turned out to be a celebration with over 600 of Lawson’s fans in attendance. That was a huge turnout, and the nomination wasn’t even contested. So there is not much doubt Jacobs would have lost the vote.

Nevertheless, Jacobs has not given up (see Jacobs Launches Independent Bid for Supervisor Seat). Instead, he launched a campaign as an independent candidate. Since Jacob was still on the roster of the Prince William County Republican Committee, and he had signed a statement that he would not oppose the party’s nominees, at its last meeting party members voted to remove him from the roster. If he did intend to abide by the party’s rules, he should have joined the party.

What about the Democratic Party’s candidate? If Democrats actually bother to look beyond the label and check into his politics, I expect they will find Eric Young something of a political opportunist.

Young will run as a Democrat in the Dec. 23 special election. He was the only candidate to enter the local Democratic committee’s selection process, which means he’ll automatically get the party’s nod, committee chairman Harry Wiggins said Wednesday.

Wiggins said Young is a member of both the Brentsville and Prince William Democratic Committees, but when asked about his involvement with the local party, Young declined to elaborate.

“I’m going to refrain from commenting on that because I don’t think it matters what party you belong to,” he said.

Young also showed little interest in talking about some traditionally Democratic issues, such as affordable housing and alleviating homelessness. Affordable housing, he said, is not a top-tier concern among Brentsville residents. (from here)

If you don’t take what the party stands for seriously, then what is the point of running as a Democrat? If Jacobs can, at the last minute, decide to run as an Independent, what is stopping Young from doing the same thing?

Anyway, on December 9, 2014, we will have a great opportunity to meet the candidates and hear what each of them has to say. The Bristow Beat and Potomac Local have sponsored a debate 7 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 9, at Linton Hall School in Bristow. Here are the announcements from each publication.


elephantgop.pngWe have had a strange development here in the Brentsville District of Prince William County. Here is how insidenova.com reported the matter.

Scott Jacobs disqualified in GOP primary for Brentsville seat

Scott Jacobs has been disqualified from the hotly contested “mass meeting” to pick a Republican nominee for the special election to fill former Supervisor Wally Covington’s seat on the Prince William County Board of Supervisors – apparently because he was a day late and a postmark short.

Jacobs, 35, was running against Jeanine Lawson, 45, for their party’s nod in the special election, which will take place Dec. 23.

The decision, announced Monday evening, means Lawson will win the Republican nomination by default, according to Bill Card, chairman of the Prince William County Republican Committee. (continued here)

Without a contest between two or more contestants, we have less incentive to show up. Nevertheless, the Brentsville Special Election Republican Mass Meeting will still be held, and Brentsville Republicans still need to show up.

Why? Here is how Jeanine Lawson explained the matter in an email sent out by her campaign today.

Jeanine Lawson


The Brentsville Special Election Republican Mass Meeting Nominations Committee will report at the Wednesday Mass Meeting that Jeanine Lawson is the sole qualified candidate

Dear Brentsville District Supporters,

I regret that I need to inform you of a very important action which will affect the Republican Nomination Meeting scheduled for October 1st.  The other person who was running for the Republican Nomination did not meet the simple filing requirements, placing a check and form in the mail by the required deadline. Because he did not qualify as a Republican nominee, he has now announced he will run as an Independent.

I am confident we have the overwhelming support and would have won if this former Republican could have succeeded in filing properly. The Prince William County Republicans will still hold the meeting tomorrow night.

It is very important for all my supporters to attend, we do not know if the other side will try to disrupt this legitimate meeting.

I am very honored to have your support and I cannot wait to see you tomorrow night!

Thank you,


PATRIOT HIGH SCHOOL, 10504 Kettle Run Road, Nokesville
7:00 p.m. – 8:15 p.m. Check-in to vote-you have to be in line by 8:15 in order to receive a ballot
Please read the Call for more information on the October 1st meeting: http://pwcgop.org/wordpress/3083/brentsvillespecial/

Do we want strong Conservative Republican representation on the Prince William County Board of Supervisors? Then all of us Conservative Republicans in Brentsvilles need to support our candidate.

To be a strong leader, every leader needs followers who are at least willing to show up, this is one of those occasions. And what we must do is simple. We just need to show up, warmly endorse our candidate, and then go home and await the next call of duty.

Some contests are more difficult than others, but on every such occasion, half of the battle is won just by showing up.


Today I attended a rally at the party headquarters for the Prince William County Republican Committee. I found myself astonished by the number of dignitaries at the event. In addition to most of the Republican candidates running for office with voters in this county, the following elected officials attended (and spoke) at the event.

These gentlemen uniformly stressed the importance of the upcoming election and the difference a few votes make. With relatively few votes, Republicans can take control of the Virginia Senate. That Senate now stands as a road block to the wishes of the citizens of Virginia (see WHY WE EACH NEED TO DO OUR PART). They emphasized that getting out the vote in Prince William County is critical. If Prince William votes Republican, we have an excellent chance of winning four Senate seats, bringing four new Republican senators into the Senate.

Need more reason to vote? Then read the following email from Dick Black.

The election is this Tuesday, November 8th!
Please remember to vote!

There are three days left before Tuesday’s election, and I wanted to update you on a few important developments.

Fighting Obamacare

News broke yesterday that Delegate Bob Marshall and I filed briefs in support of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in stopping Obamacare.  You can read about it here.

My opponent, Democrat Shawn Mitchell, who has previously stated he “absolutely supports Barack Obama,” attacked me for this, calling the effort to stop Obamacare from destroying the economy “a frivolous lawsuit.”

The American people overwhelmingly oppose Obamacare, and anyone who dismisses it as “frivolous” is clearly out of touch. Voters will have a clear choice on Election Day. I will fight against overreaching government takeovers of the private sector and will work for policies that promote job grown — not those that hurt our economy.

Labor Unions Enter the Race

My opponent has benefited greatly from labor unions which have poured tens of thousands of dollars into his campaign. The labor unions have seen big handouts from the Obama administration, even when everyday Americans are struggling to find a job.

Now the unions want my opponent to help overturn Virginia’s Right to Work laws and force the Metro to Dulles Extension project to operate under a Project Labor Agreement (PLA), which would prohibit any contractor that is not a union contractor from working on the Metro expansion.  This would eliminate any real competition and add hundreds of millions of dollars to the cost of the project. That would guarantee higher tolls for commuters.

We can’t let that happen. The cost of this project has already increased dramatically. Government should be frugal with taxpayers’ money. We can’t let my opponent take more money out of our pockets, just so he can pay off his union donors.

Positive Ideas vs. Negative Smears

During these past months I have campaigned on a positive message of creating jobs and growing the economy. I have talked about the need for energy independence which will bring jobs and transportation funding to Virginia. I have talked about keeping taxes low by controlling government spending. I am ready to go to Richmond and work with Governor Bob McDonnell to keep Virginia one of the best places to do business in the Country.

In contrast, my democratic opponent has focused all of his attention on spreading lies and distortions to scare voters. Instead of giving people a reason to vote for him, he has decided to spend all of his time and money trying to scare voters into voting against me.

Here is a sample of his most recent attacks:

  • My opponent has accused me of not debating him, despite the fact that we have debated three times and he backed out of attending two other candidate forums — including the largest ever Loudoun County debate, which was held at Cornerstone Chapel.
  • My opponent accused me of not releasing a 2nd Amendment survey to his campaign, even though he refused to fill out their survey at all.
  • My opponent has accused me of lying about his relationship with his previous employer, Parrish Services, claiming his boss said nice things about him. Mitchell’s last boss did say kind things about him until he had to sue Mitchell for stealing the company’s most valuable property. For Mitchell to defend his reprehensible actions by quoting his bosses kind remarks before the alleged theft is the height of dishonesty. To be clear, his former employer has never said any kind words about him since the lawsuit. In fact, he has endorsed my candidacy in this race and donated most generously to my campaign.
  • My opponent even accused me of supporting spousal rape! But I am the only legislator who had ever successfully prosecuted a case of spousal rape, and Democrat Mitchell conveniently failed to mention that, after I discussed the bill on the floor, I then voted to make spousal rape illegal in Virginia

My opponent’s desperation to win at any costs took his campaign to depths never seen in local politics. My opponent mailed voters a photo depicting a woman in a hospital gown with her feet in stirrups, about to have an abortion. This outraged voters, demonstrating that there isn’t a level Shawn Mitchell won’t stoop to.

While I’ve focused exclusively on Jobs and the economy, Shawn Mitchell has focused almost exclusively on advocating his radical social views.

Despite these daily attacks, my campaign has been knocking on doors and reaching out to voters to help get out the vote on Tuesday. But we need your help. Please join me in this historic election on November 8th. Join me in declaring that politics of fear and hate will not win the day. Join me in supporting a positive, pro-business platform that will put Virginians back to work.

I need your help to change the direction we are headed. Please volunteer for two or more hours on Election Day. Donate generously to our campaign, ore request a yard sign by calling our office at 703-468-1342 or email Mail@dickblack4senate.com

Victory is close but we mustn’t let it slip away. My opponent is desperate; he will stop at nothing so we must have every single person out on Nov. 8th. Be a part of the solution and return the power to the people. Together we can send a message — America is the greatest nation on earth and we will fight to take it back!


Last night I attended the Prince William County Republican Committee‘s Patriots Dinner. We used the Continental Event Center at 9705 Liberia Ave in Manassas. I believe this is the second time we have had a dinner there. They did a good job once again. The staff is courteous and hardworking.

We had quite a few dignitaries present. Congressman Rob Wittman gave the keynote address. A smart man, he kept it brief and on topic. What was the focus of the evening? On November 8, 2011, Republicans want to gain control of the General Assembly.

Currently, the GOP has majority control of the House of Delegates, and Democrats control the Senate. That allows Democrats to stall bills ranging from immigration control to putting a lock on the Transportation Fund (keeping Democrats from spending every cent of it on social programs). Nonetheless, I suspect many would find an entire evening that focused on just this one issue a bore. So how did the PWCGOP leadership keep the program entertaining, informative, and persuasive. They got a variety of talented people involved.

  • Delegate Scott Lingamfelter started the program with a thoughtful prayer. He asked for the Lord to protect our military personnel and first responders.
  • An Abigail Smith Adams impersonator (I apologize for not knowing her name) then led everyone in singing “The Star Spangled Banner”. Latter the same lady did a skit, pretending she was Abigail as she read from John’ and Abigail’s love letters. At the end of the program, “Abigail” also lead everyone singing “God Bless America.”
  • Chairman Lyle Beefelt served ably as the Master of Ceremonies.

We had a fairly sizable number of short speeches from state and local elected leaders and candidates.

  • Delegate Rob Bell introduced the topic of gaining control over the General Assembly. He focused on numerous bills the Democrat Senate has blocked.
  • Delegate Tim Hugo provided a pep talk.
  • Senator Mark Obenshain spoke about critical Senate races in Prince William County (Because Senate Democrats insisted upon gerrymandering, six senate districts have precincts in this county.).
  • Candidate Tom Gordy spoke about his decision to run against Senator Chuck Colgan. In addition, he introduced the keynote speaker, Congressman Rob Wittman.

Because of his contributions to the PWCGOP and his gutsy challenge to Congressman Gerry Connolly, Keith Fimian received an award from the committee. Fimian used that opportunity to announce a new PAC, the Growth, Opportunity & Prosperity Fund. Fimian intends to use this PAC to elect pro-business candidates. Effectively, he gave the speech shown in the video below.

As best I can remember, VIP attendees (in random order) included:

I suspect I missed a few folks, but the point is that quite a few of our elected officials participated in the dinner.

I noted Greg Letiecq in attendance with a camera. I expect he will have some footage on bvbl.net.