Something for everyone? (from here)
Something for everyone. (from here)

It seems that every year now the our politicians scheme to work while the rest of celebrate our joy in the birth of Jesus Christ. Here is how CNN,  the first of the blatantly Liberal Democrat cable news networks, puts it.

Mimicking college students everywhere, Congress is waiting until the end of the term to get things done.

Lawmakers have crammed a year’s worth into two massive tax and spending bills they are expected — but not guaranteed — to pass later this week. Released in the middle of the night Tuesday, the measures detail how the federal government will spend $1.1 trillion on everything from national parks to NASA to veterans’ health. They also dictate new policy for cybersecurity, oil exports and suspend some Obamacare taxes. (continued here)

In fact, the going has been so smooth for our new Speaker that he is getting his bills passed with so little opposition he is having trouble delaying them to a time when almost no one is noticing.

Democratic leaders are unanimous in declaring a complete victory over House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) and his close allies, who wrote the $1.1 trillion omnibus budget without asking House conservatives for any input — or even for some public objections to help their closed-door negotiations.

The Democrats’ victory, and Republican Ryan’s defeat, was garishly displayed when his omnibus got more Democratic votes in the House and in the Senate than it got Republican votes.

“I said I would not accept a lot of [conservative] ideological riders that were attached to a big budget deal,” President Barack Obama said Friday, at his end-of-year press conference. “And because of some terrific negotiations by the Democrats up on Capitol Hill and I think some pretty good work by our legislative staff here… it was a good win,” he said. “We met our goals,” he said. (continued here)

Think about the sheer stupidity this headline describes: Congress Votes To Fund Nearly 300,000 Visas For Muslim Migrants In One Year. Will you find anything in the Liberal news media about this provision in that 2,000 page bill that Congress  presented to us at the last minute? Yet it is there. Even though we are heading for an obvious crash, our glorious leaders still have us on auto pilot. Spending is through the roof. Our foreign policy is a wreck. We don’t even protect our borders. Even with a majority in both houses, we have too many RINOs in the Republican Party, too many RINOs who care more about pleasing fat cat donors than they do about the welfare of our country.

Is the Virginia Commonwealth different? Time will tell. Consider this email I got from Delegate Rob Bell.

ROB BELLDear friend:

Just in time for Christmas, Governor McAuliffe announced his $109 billion budget, which includes a wish list of $3 billion in new initiatives. Some of his proposals, like cuts in the corporate tax rate, are clearly intended to win conservative support.

But look deeper and McAuliffe’s real plan becomes clear. To pay for these proposals, McAuliffe endorses the Obamacare Medicaid expansion and imposes new taxes on hospitals (that would ultimately be passed on to patients).

This is fiscally reckless. Since 1985, Medicaid spending has increased by 2068% and has grown from 5% of the general fund (state) budget to more than 22%. (See the full chart, here.) Just since 2004, state Medicaid spending has grown from $1.8 billion to a projected $4.46 billion in 2018. This growth is clearly unsustainable, and McAuliffe’s proposed expansion would add hundreds of thousands more Virginians to the Medicaid rolls. Such expansion will only make it that much harder to address Medicaid’s runaway growth.

McAuliffe has stated that the only way to pay for his budget is to expand Medicaid. The House has repeatedly rejected this approach. As the budget process moves forward, I hope you will support a more fiscally responsible budget that addresses Virginia’s true needs without raising taxes or mortgaging our future.

If you would like to share your thoughts with the Governor, you can contact him here. Please also e-mail me any thoughts you have.


Rob Bell
Delegate, 58th District

Autopilot is not good enough. We have to replace the RINOs.


Listen to this little video. H/T to Video: John Boehner Says Right Wing Has “Lost All Credibility” (

Here is an example of what those terrible Conservatives said about the deal.

Heritage Action cannot support a budget deal that would increase spending in the near-term for promises of woefully inadequate long-term reductions. While imperfect, the sequester has proven to be an effective tool in forcing Congress to reduce discretionary spending, and a gimmicky, spend-now-cut-later deal will take our nation in the wrong direction. (from here)

Nobody may have “seen” the deal, but Congressmen Paul Ryan and Senator Patty Murray have not kept the deal a big secret. Here are some stories that came out before the announcement.

Note what the LA Times called the objective, preventing a shutdown of our sacred, happily spending every cent it can take from us government.

Consider also who is praising Boehner these days.

For Boehner to be a Conservative, the Democratic Party:

  • Would have to be far less Liberal.
  • Give up on Socialism.
  • Be more interested in reducing government power.
  • Lead by politicians who don’t routinely tell blatant lies.


If we want Conservatives to run for public office, then we have to give the Conservatives who run for public office our support. So if you can make it, heed Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.

From today’s Cuccinelli Compass, here is an event you should attend.

Join Paul Ryan and I tomorrow in Springfield!

August 16, 2012

Dear Friends,

You and I both agree that now is the most critical election in our history.   We simply can’t afford to continue President Obama’s policies of unchecked spending and borrowing against our children’s future.

That’s why I hope you’ll join me tomorrow afternoon for a Victory Rally with Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan. We want a team in the White House which will stand up to big government policies. We want a team which will stand up to the policies that have wrecked this economy and jeopardized our great country.

Please RSVP right now to attend the Victory Rally with me and Paul Ryan here. Seating is limited — first come, first serve!

The rally is tomorrow afternoon, Friday, August 17th at West Springfield High School. Doors open at 1:15 PM and the program begins at 3:15 PM. The address is 6100 Rolling Road, Springfield, VA 22152. Please contact or call (757) 279-8253 if you have any questions.

Unfortunately, all the cheering and excitement at tomorrow’s rally won’t be enough. We have to put in the work if we want to achieve victory in November.  If you haven’t already been making critical voter contact, it’s essential that you get started now! Every day that we don’t have volunteers in the Victory offices or pounding the pavement, is a day we slip behind the other side. With only 82 days left before the General Election, we can’t afford to have anyone sitting on the sidelines.

You can find the Victory location closest to you by clicking here. The Victory offices are open Monday-Saturday 9AM-9PM.

If you have any questions, please contact my staff and we’ll make sure to get you started volunteering today! Our office number is 703-766-0635 and you can just email

Ken Cuccinelli, II
Attorney General of Virginia


If their visit to Manassas, VA is any indication, Romney and Ryan can beat Obama and Biden’s attack and blame campaign.

Note that Virginia’s major politicians are happy to appear with Romney and Ryan. Both Governor Bob McDonnell and senatoral candidate George Allen appear on the stage in the video.