Voter Fraud Is Voter Suppression — reblogged from Voter Fraudulent Defense

voteWhy do as many Republicans as possible need to get to the polls today in Virginia’s 33rd Senate District? Why? The other side has virtually admitted it cheats.

Consider this bullet from Jennifer Wexton‘s Issues Page.

Voter’s Rights: We need to make it easier to vote, not harder. I will work for early voting and no-excuse absentee voting, and will fight against discriminatory voter ID laws.

Now read Keith DeHavelle post, Voter Fraudulent Defense.

Defending voter fraud on the basis of perceived “racism” is bizarre, but we have such foolish people as Colin Powell and the occasional statist Republican senator who goes along with this. In so doing, they are fraudulently denying real American citizens their right to vote, by canceling those votes out with an illegal ones. (continued here)

Make certain you also listen to what Bill Whittle (here as the Virtual President) has to say.

Then, if you are a voter in Virginia’s 33rd Senate District and you have not yet voted, please vote, and please vote for John Whitbeck.


voteOn his radio show today, Larry O’Connor interviewed both Jennifer Wexton and John Whitbeck.  Since Wexton has made abortion rights the issue of her campaign, O’Connor happily obliged by making abortion the subject of the interview. Since logic has little to do with Wexton’s position on abortion, by the end of the interview O’Connor questions had her nearly tongue-tied (no kidding). On the other hand, when O’Connor interviewed Whitbeck, he also talked with Whitbeck about the issues that he has focused on, and Whitbeck had no trouble explaining himself.

Here is a link to today’s show => Drive at Five 01.20.14. All are located here => The Drive at Five Podcasts-Click Here.

  • The interview with Wexton starts at about 7:30 minutes into the podcast.
  • The interview with Whitbeck starts at about 36:45 minutes into the podcast.

Need more?  Today an email from Whitbeck included these two items.

1. An endorsement.

Wolf endorsement

2. A reminder to vote.

Tomorrow is election day. I don’t need to tell you how important each vote is and how crucial this election is for Virginia’s future.

I am the only candidate committed to stopping Obamacare, keeping our taxes low and fighting the tolls punishing our commuters. It is absolutely crucial that you all come out to the polls. 

Voting early is especially important because of the weather. We are expecting snow tomorrow afternoon.

However, the snow is not expected to be heavy before noon, so getting your vote in early will be crucial.

If you need a ride to the polls please give us a call at 571-223-9663 or email

Thank you for your time and I will see you at the polls tomorrow!

CHECKING OUT JOHN WHITBECK — The Republican Candidate For Senate of Virginia, 33rd District

john whitbeckTo give you an idea how partisan the news media can be, consider John Whitbeck wins Republican nomination for Herring’s senate seat. What’s the story about? Half of it is about a supposedly anti-Semitic joke. Of course, The Washington Post has the video. They made use of this “anti-Semitic joke” to attack Ken Cuccinelli during his gubernatorial campaign.

Is the joke anti-Semitic? No, at worst it was just stupid, but by focusing on such nonsense the corporate news media seeks to distract us from far more substantive issues. So let’s focus on something more meaningful. Let’s take the time to check out John Whitbeck‘s Issues Page and his Education Plan.

Whose Candidate is John Whitbeck?

When we elect someone to public office, don’t we want him or her to represent us? What is a good indication of who the candidate will represent? As it happens gives us a clue. Check out who is backing John Whitbeck and his two opponents.

  • Joe May: See Money In – List Donors — Although Jennifer Wexton has the most money, Joe May comes in a close second. While serving as a member of the House of Delegates, May apparently managed to establish numerous “business relationships.” That probably explains why Republicans do not want him in the House of Delegates (see In decisive fashion, LaRock ousts May in GOP primary). One other unsurprising fact is that Speaker Bill Howell is one of May’s donors. Howell is a Republican, but like May, Howell cannot be trusted to resist tax increases. What’s puzzling about May’s VPAP page is that it doesn’t show an “alert” for May’s large contributors.
  • Jennifer Wexton: See Money In – List Donors — In addition to funds from unions and environmental lobbies, Wexton got huge donations from interests in the Democratic Party. Oddly, however, it is Whitbeck who set off an “alert” for the much smaller donation he received from the Republican Senate Caucus. I suppose I will have to research how these VPAP “alerts” work.
  • John Whitbeck: See Money In – List Donors — Of the three candidates in the race, Whitbeck has the least amount of money.  Contrary to the conventional wisdom promoted by the corporate news media and the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party is the party of the rich.Who are Whitbeck’s donors? In addition to the Republican Party of Virginia, most are Conservative Republicans or Conservative organizations.

What Are Others Saying About John Whitbeck?

What are others saying about John Whitbeck? Most people are so disgusted with his opponents they are saying relative little about him. Instead, they are complaining about his oponents. I suppose that’s a good thing for Whitbeck’s candidacy. I also suppose that is why Virginia Virtucon (here), BearingDrift (here), and The Bull Elephant (here) like Whitbeck’s TV ad.

at The Family Foundation‘s blog provides an analysis of Jennifer Wexton’s strange ad in With Control Of The Senate At Stake, Over The Top Wexton Ad May Cause Blowback For Dems. Similarly, in Wexton Compares “Tea Party Republicans” to Rapists,  did the same at Virginia Virtucon.

In Joe May Supports More Development and More Traffic in Loudoun and Fairfax, at The Bull Elephant focuses on Joe May.

You think the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce is pro business? Think again. Consider their BizVotes Questionnaire Results- 33rd Senate District Jennifer Wexton (D) / John Whitbeck (R) / Joe May (I). Believe it or not, the Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce has supported higher taxes, including special taxes on Northern Virginia (that is, H.B. 2313), and they support Medicaid Expansion under Obamacare. Can you guess which candidates agree with them? A Mar. 19, 2013 article, Northern Virginia lawmakers recap transportation, Medicaid expansion by, makes the point that these positions are not new for Joe May. That probably explains why he lost his seat in the House of Delegates.

Virginia Virtucon, in particular, has researched Joe May’s and Jennifer Wexton’s backgrounds.

The following is from an email from John Whitbeck’s campaign.plowman bannerplowman email

THIS IS A SERIOUS CANDIDATE? — Jennifer Wexton For Senate of Virginia, 33rd District

Have you seen this?teabagelephantgop.png
Here is an alternative source =>Where’s the Media Outrage? Virginia Democrat Compares Republicans to Violent Rapists | MRCTV? In this commercial Jennifer Wexton compares violent rapists with “Tea Party Republicans.”

Check Wexton’s Issues Page. See for yourself. Wexton is your stereotypical big-government Democrat.

  • She’s pragmatic. If you don’t believe what she believes, you are ideological and divisive.
  • She wants to spend even more of our money on our dismally failing, government-run, public education system. And how much is enough? How much do the teacher’s unions want?    ❓
  • She’s radically pro-choice (Did you look at that commercial?).
  • She believes in science, that climate change (For some reason, it is not global warming anymore.) is real.
  • She’s anti-gun. Violating our Second Amendment rights is just “responsible gun ownership.”
  • She supports making voting “easy.” She will “fight against discriminatory voter ID laws.”

Wexton’s Issues Page is almost comical. Except for the sad fact they are enough ignorant fools who think her “good intentions” justify throwing away “other people’s” rights, Wexton’s Issues Page would be comical.

How bad is it? Take a good look at our nation’s capital. Wexton calls herself a Democrat. When we consider the Democratic Party, should we not consider the Democrats in Washington, D.C., what those folks represent, and how those politicians go about implementing their policies?

  • Democrats are big government socialists. They insist they know how to spend our money better than we do. They are never satisfied tax rates are high enough. They will not say no to more and more government spending.
  • Democrats find our nation’s traditional religious beliefs offensive. Even though our Constitution protects the free exercise of religion — freedom of conscience, Democrat will only protect freedom of worship. Democrats want government control of our ethical decisions.
  • Democrats are gung-ho abortionists. They don’t want to make abortion rare. Instead, they want to make the rest of us pay for other people’s abortions.

I could go on, but what if you don’t think those assertions are true? Then consider just one piece of legislation, Obamacare.

  • Have you considered that Obamacare put government squarely in the healthcare business? When politicians design the business model and even try (No one can say they are doing a good job of it.) to run websites that line up customers with “health insurance,” it is stupid to insist otherwise. In fact, when insurance companies are REQUIRED to insure preexisting conditions, consider the silliness of calling that health insurance. Only dishonest lawyers and politicians twist words that way.
  • Do you know that Democrats have little interest in protecting your right to exercise your own religious beliefs? Not sure about that? Then read NAPOLITANO: Obama mocks Catholic nuns for resisting Obamacare contraception mandate. What kind of fool would force Catholic nuns to pay for contraceptive health care?
  • Have you checked out Obamacare’s Many Loopholes: Forcing Individuals and Taxpayers to Fund Elective Abortion Coverage? Obamacare involves tens of thousands of pages of laws and regulations (see here). When we get our health coverage though that mess, does anyone actually know what he is paying for?

Nonetheless, Jennifer Wexton is not worried about Obamacare. She’s worried about Tea Party Republicans and wants us to compare us with rapists.

How do we stop someone with such extreme views from gaining public office? I cannot, but those of you who live in the 33rd Senate District can do something.  On Tuesday, January 21, 2014, please vote.  Also, please do whatever you can to get your neighbors to the polls. Email your relatives and say something to your neighbors. After all, if Wexton gets elected, she will help to deprive ALL the citizens of Virginia of their property and their rights.

On Tuesday, January 21, 2014, be there. Don’t forget that half of the battle is just showing