No Looting In Japan…Why Is That? (via That Mr. G Guy’s Blog)

Mike reports on an interesting observation.

From the Telegraph via The Drudge Report; The landscape of parts of Japan looks like the aftermath of World War Two; no industrialised country since then has suffered such a death toll. The one tiny, tiny consolation is the extent to which it shows how humanity can rally round in times of adversity, with heroic British rescue teams joining colleagues from the US and elsewhere to fly out. And solidarity seems especially strong in Japan itself. Per … Read More

via That Mr. G Guy’s Blog

I think at one time the same could have been said about this country. When I was growing up, I don’t remember having to worry about locking the doors. Apparently, Japan still has something we seem to be losing. Does anyone know what that is and why they still have it?

Gloom, Doom And Despair (via That Mr. G Guy’s Blog)

When I was child, I lived in Japan for four years. The first quake I experienced (a very small one) scared me out of my wits. I immediately went running for Mama. After I survived that shock, when the earth shook, I just worried a few minutes. I was was old enough to understand a big quake could not be ignored, and the small ones — those were just warnings.

Gloom, Doom And Despair I might as well get on the Earthquake/tsunami reporting bandwagon. In aggregating various news stories about the tragedy, maybe I can find that little kernal of truth or knowledge everyone else has missed…or not, but it will be an educating experience anyway. From TOM, Stacey reports in his inimitable style and gives some advice; My advice: Get some sleep. And when you wake up Sunday morning, go to Denny’s and have their Grand Slam breakfast wh … Read More

via That Mr. G Guy’s Blog