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24 August 2012 UPDATE:  The discussion continues at the two posts mentioned below.

When Gordon commented here, I thought the comment interesting. So I decided to investigate his post (Are Christians being crucified by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt?) and his blog (Gordon’s Blog).

Are Christians being crucified by the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? takes the view that the crucifixions are unlikely.  Here is an excerpt.

On the balance of probabilities – especially given the Copts silence on this when it would strengthen their case – this story is unlikely to be true. It may even have been propagated by Islamists looking to intimidate Coptic Christians in outlying areas of Egypt.

When I commented on Gordon’s post, I took a contrary view.

I also commented on this post, Matthew Henry on Homosexuality. Matthew Henry is a famous Bible commentator. With respect to homosexuality, Gordon takes the position that whereas modern evangelical Christians regard homosexuality as a sin, Henry regarded it as a punishment.

According to Matthew Henry homosexuality is the punishment given to someone by God for the sin of  idolatry and not a direct sin in itself, except in it being against the levitical law and being a scandalous sin greater than others in the publics mind of that time.

I left a comment that provides a differing opinion. The subject is how sin separates us from God, thus punishing the sinner.