Here is a video of the entire debate.

I thought both men performed competently.  I did not listen to it live. So I heard the press reports before I listened to the debate. After I listen to the debate, I wondered what those reporters watched. Hence, I encourage everyone to listen to the video.

Kaine did interrupt Pence quite a bit.  Why? He was probably both trying to throw Pence off stride and cover up his words. I thought the moderator, however, did a relatively decent job. She asked pertinent questions, and she let both men answer without trying to “fact check.”

Kaine focused on Donald Trump. He tried to make a long string of out context quotes and Trump’s taxes the issue. Pence did not take the bait. He focused on issues and Clinton’s record.  He defended Trump, but he did not waste his time trying to answer every charge. So he won on substance.