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Today I attended a rally at the party headquarters for the Prince William County Republican Committee. I found myself astonished by the number of dignitaries at the event. In addition to most of the Republican candidates running for office with voters in this county, the following elected officials attended (and spoke) at the event.

These gentlemen uniformly stressed the importance of the upcoming election and the difference a few votes make. With relatively few votes, Republicans can take control of the Virginia Senate. That Senate now stands as a road block to the wishes of the citizens of Virginia (see WHY WE EACH NEED TO DO OUR PART). They emphasized that getting out the vote in Prince William County is critical. If Prince William votes Republican, we have an excellent chance of winning four Senate seats, bringing four new Republican senators into the Senate.

Need more reason to vote? Then read the following email from Dick Black.

The election is this Tuesday, November 8th!
Please remember to vote!

There are three days left before Tuesday’s election, and I wanted to update you on a few important developments.

Fighting Obamacare

News broke yesterday that Delegate Bob Marshall and I filed briefs in support of Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli in stopping Obamacare.  You can read about it here.

My opponent, Democrat Shawn Mitchell, who has previously stated he “absolutely supports Barack Obama,” attacked me for this, calling the effort to stop Obamacare from destroying the economy “a frivolous lawsuit.”

The American people overwhelmingly oppose Obamacare, and anyone who dismisses it as “frivolous” is clearly out of touch. Voters will have a clear choice on Election Day. I will fight against overreaching government takeovers of the private sector and will work for policies that promote job grown — not those that hurt our economy.

Labor Unions Enter the Race

My opponent has benefited greatly from labor unions which have poured tens of thousands of dollars into his campaign. The labor unions have seen big handouts from the Obama administration, even when everyday Americans are struggling to find a job.

Now the unions want my opponent to help overturn Virginia’s Right to Work laws and force the Metro to Dulles Extension project to operate under a Project Labor Agreement (PLA), which would prohibit any contractor that is not a union contractor from working on the Metro expansion.  This would eliminate any real competition and add hundreds of millions of dollars to the cost of the project. That would guarantee higher tolls for commuters.

We can’t let that happen. The cost of this project has already increased dramatically. Government should be frugal with taxpayers’ money. We can’t let my opponent take more money out of our pockets, just so he can pay off his union donors.

Positive Ideas vs. Negative Smears

During these past months I have campaigned on a positive message of creating jobs and growing the economy. I have talked about the need for energy independence which will bring jobs and transportation funding to Virginia. I have talked about keeping taxes low by controlling government spending. I am ready to go to Richmond and work with Governor Bob McDonnell to keep Virginia one of the best places to do business in the Country.

In contrast, my democratic opponent has focused all of his attention on spreading lies and distortions to scare voters. Instead of giving people a reason to vote for him, he has decided to spend all of his time and money trying to scare voters into voting against me.

Here is a sample of his most recent attacks:

  • My opponent has accused me of not debating him, despite the fact that we have debated three times and he backed out of attending two other candidate forums — including the largest ever Loudoun County debate, which was held at Cornerstone Chapel.
  • My opponent accused me of not releasing a 2nd Amendment survey to his campaign, even though he refused to fill out their survey at all.
  • My opponent has accused me of lying about his relationship with his previous employer, Parrish Services, claiming his boss said nice things about him. Mitchell’s last boss did say kind things about him until he had to sue Mitchell for stealing the company’s most valuable property. For Mitchell to defend his reprehensible actions by quoting his bosses kind remarks before the alleged theft is the height of dishonesty. To be clear, his former employer has never said any kind words about him since the lawsuit. In fact, he has endorsed my candidacy in this race and donated most generously to my campaign.
  • My opponent even accused me of supporting spousal rape! But I am the only legislator who had ever successfully prosecuted a case of spousal rape, and Democrat Mitchell conveniently failed to mention that, after I discussed the bill on the floor, I then voted to make spousal rape illegal in Virginia

My opponent’s desperation to win at any costs took his campaign to depths never seen in local politics. My opponent mailed voters a photo depicting a woman in a hospital gown with her feet in stirrups, about to have an abortion. This outraged voters, demonstrating that there isn’t a level Shawn Mitchell won’t stoop to.

While I’ve focused exclusively on Jobs and the economy, Shawn Mitchell has focused almost exclusively on advocating his radical social views.

Despite these daily attacks, my campaign has been knocking on doors and reaching out to voters to help get out the vote on Tuesday. But we need your help. Please join me in this historic election on November 8th. Join me in declaring that politics of fear and hate will not win the day. Join me in supporting a positive, pro-business platform that will put Virginians back to work.

I need your help to change the direction we are headed. Please volunteer for two or more hours on Election Day. Donate generously to our campaign, ore request a yard sign by calling our office at 703-468-1342 or email

Victory is close but we mustn’t let it slip away. My opponent is desperate; he will stop at nothing so we must have every single person out on Nov. 8th. Be a part of the solution and return the power to the people. Together we can send a message — America is the greatest nation on earth and we will fight to take it back!


Want to find out what mystifies Liberal Democrats? See what they say. In her post, Governor’s mistake,  cites an editorial she wrote, The governor’s untimely mistake.

Which makes the governor’s refusal to apply for $60 million in federal funding for prekindergarten all the more mystifying. (from here)

Why did Governor McDonnell refuse to apply for $60 million dollars in Federal funds? The answers are in the comments on Paige’s post and in one of the articles she cites, Virginia won’t seek federal pre-K funding

  • The funds come with costly Federal mandates.
  • Accepting these funds would expand the reach of Washington bureaucrats and regulations in Virginia.
  • There is no guarantee the Federal Government will continue funding the new programs. Accepting these temporary funds commits Virginia taxpayers to fund permanently a new program.  

So what mystifies Paige? It seems she cannot understand why McDonnell does not want spend our money like a Democrat.

Consider Paige’s explanation. It is all about a supposed problem. 

Experts will tell you that investing in pre-K education benefits us all, as we save the costs of repeating grades or building prisons. Economists will tell you that investments in education are a source of economic growth.

Recognizing the value of pre-K, many parents have opted to enroll their children in such programs, often at significant cost and sacrifice. It is the parents who lack the resources, knowledge or both whose children are not able to participate and who spend their lives trying to catch up to their peers. These are the children who fall further and further behind, often dropping out before they even graduate from high school. (from here)

What Paige ignores are all the problems created by her solution. Her supposed benefit, government-run pre-K education, has costs. Because money does not grow on trees, Virginia taxpayers would have to pay for all those costs.

What mystifies Liberal Democrats is the advantage we all gain when we each spend our own money — the money we earn — for our own benefit. When spend our own money on the things we want, we make a conscious effort to evaluate both the costs and the benefits. On the other hand, when we spend other people’s money for the benefit of other people, we don’t pay much attention at all. That leads to huge inefficiencies.

Consider voter turnout.  On Tuesday, November 8, we can expect a voter turnout of between 30 – 35 percent (see High stakes rest on races expected to boast low voter turnout). When government spends so much of our money, that’s an absurdly low turnout, but the reason is obvious. Our government has gotten too complex. When we go to the polls we cannot figure out how to vote or why it would be worth the bother.

There is only one practical solution. We must limit what our government can do. We need to vote for leaders willing, ready, and able to cut our government down to size. We need to vote for people who see themselves as one of us, willing to let us decide how to spend our own money.

GET OUT THE VOTE! On Tuesday, November 8, make sure your family and friends VOTE!


Lots of Virginians and other Americans do not bother with voting. To some extent I think that a good thing. When ignorant or foolish people do not bother to vote, at least they don’t vote for the wrong person. On the other hand, many people just don’t know any better. These people never actually learned why our republic is important, how it works, and what they need to do to make it work. Otherwise, how else could they excuse such laziness?

Because we must give government great power over us, as a good Christians we must also be good citizens. When we neglect the duties of citizenship, we risk giving up our families, friends, and neighbors as prey for conniving scoundrels. If we love our families, friends, and neighbors, then we must each do our part to make certain we elect honorable people to represent us.

In what follows, Delegate Scott Lingamfelter hints at the consequences of failing to elect the best people we can.


I will try to keep this to the point, because I really want you to take a minute to read this. As I have gone door-to-door, thousands of doors this year, it is not uncommon for people to say to me, “I’m happy with Virginia, but what are you going to do about Washington?” Most people who ask this know that State Legislators can do little more than the average citizen, which is to vote to install responsible Federal leaders who will actually listen to the people who are concerned with the very future of the nation. But they ask out of frustration, out of a pressing need to voice their concern. What a State Legislator CAN do is give voice to the people they meet on the doorsteps. And I am committed to do so.

People are angry and frustrated with a government that spends recklessly. They despair over the lack of jobs. They worry-a lot-about the international threat arrayed against us. And they see very little coming out of Washington to address any of this. Moreover, they feel the President is more about his view of the world than the view of the vast majority of the nation. People want a government that listens, is in touch with their concerns, and one that will take action to address our problems. Folks, we do NOT have that kind of government in Washington. We DO have that kind of leadership in Richmond with Governor Bob McDonnell and Republicans in the General Assembly who not only have a balanced budget, but a $500 million-plus surplus.

This November 8th-just 11 days from today-you have a chance to go to the polls and vote for your Republican candidate who will build on our work in the General Assembly that has made Virginia the Number 1 place in the nation to do business. Folks, this didn’t happen by magic. It happened because fiscally responsible conservatives that care about small businesses and families took action to get spending under control and focus our budget on the core functions of a limited and efficient government.

And here’s the bottom-line for those of you who are deeply concerned about the nation. Your action in THIS election will send a strong message to Washington when, on Election Night 2011, conservative Republicans are victorious in large numbers. Make no mistake about it; the political halfwits in Washington will be forced to stare reality in the face. All eyes will be on Virginia, my friends. Go out and be heard. And in the process, get fired up and stay fired up for real change in 2012. Our future is in our hands as long as we vote. The consequences of not are simply unacceptable.

On to Victory!

On November 8, we can do more than just send a message to Washington. We can replace some of the conniving scoundrels who “serve us” today. So please vote, and vote thoughtfully and carefully. Take the time.

  • Find out who is on the ballot.
  • Learn about each of the candidates.
  • Encourage your family, friends and neighbors to go to the polls.

Take the time to vote.