Blog Ethics

This blog exists for the exchange of ideas.  I do not post to put down or embarrass others.   However, if I disagree with your beliefs, I will say so.  To understand the distinction between people and their ideas, I suggest reading The Intolerance of Tolerance, by Greg Koukl

1. I blog to stimulate discussion of important issues and media coverage of those issues. The opinions I offer on those issues are my own, arrived at from my own reading, research, and personal experiences. I do not seek nor will I accept any payment for expressing opinions without advance notification to my readers. Occasionally, I will post satirical material that will appear similar to my factual work, but this material will be easily identifiable.
2. I will always credit the work of others and provide links to that work wherever possible.
3. I will not knowingly publish information that is false or incorrect. Should I publish anything shown to be false or incorrect, I will offer a correction and an apology, if appropriate, as quickly as possible, in at least as visible a position as the original false or incorrect information appeared.
4. I will avoid personal attacks or unfair characterizations of the subjects of my published works and the readers who offer comments.
5. If I perform the work of a newsgathering journalist in the course of my blogging, I will endeavor rise above personal biases and factually report all relevant information.
6. I will not censor or edit the feedback I receive except for foul language or malicious intent. I will endeavor to be accessible to my readers and to respond to their complaints and suggestions.
7. I will not visit or link to web sites that habitually engage in bad conduct. I will endeavor to ensure that my comments on the web sites of other bloggers meet the same standards as the posts I make on my own web site.
8. The above was derived from a post by Will Vehr at Bacon’s Rebellion.