voteOne of the signs that our republic is falling apart is the fact we are less and less willing to protect the integrity of the vote. Fortunately, we still have leaders willing to fight for our republic. Here is an email I received from Delegate Rob Bell today.

Dear Richard,

Today’s Washington Post headline: “He fought in World War II. He died in 2014. And he just registered to vote in Va.” According to the article, a JMU student in Harrisonburg registered 19 dead Virginians to vote in the 2016 election.  Read it by clicking here.

This follows on a TV news report of a long-dead voters who have nonetheless cast ballots in Colorado.

Virginia is a battleground state, and every vote is important. In the General Assembly, I have long supported the photo ID requirement and other voter fraud bills. Election crimes like that in Harrisonburg prove these laws are needed.

You’d think honest elections would receive bipartisan support, but Terry McAuliffe vetoed an absentee ballot measure in 2015 and Attorney General Mark Herring refused to defend Virginia’s photo ID law against a lawsuit funded by George Soros. Virginia taxpayers had to pay private lawyers $600,000 in taxpayer money to do the job Herring was elected to do, and the case is still being considered by the federal court.

Enough!  Stand against voter fraud – sign the online petition by clicking here.


Delegate Rob Bell
Candidate for Attorney General

If you do not think voter fraud is real, then consider.

  • We have a political party that features “campaign finance reform” as one of its big issues. If we are supposed to believe that rich people will buy politicians, why are we not also supposed to believe that rich people will buy elections?
  • We are supposed to believe that voter ID is all about voter suppression.  If we are willing to believe people would suppress the votes of some people, why are we not willing to believe that other people would over-count the  votes they like?
  • Hillary Clinton is a known liar. There is no doubt about it. Even under oath she will lie and deceive. (And I see reason to debate the obvious. Look it up.) Why are we supposed to believe that a political party that would select someone as dishonest as Hillary Clinton as its presidential nominee does not have people in it who are capable of voter fraud?


donald-trump-and-hillary-clinton-at-the-first-debateYesterday I voted, and I did so before the debate. So obviously the debate did not affect my vote.

Why did I vote early? I will be an election officer this year (working at the polls). Since the lines could be long, I had to vote absentee or I might not otherwise get the opportunity.

What was on the ballot? Since the part of Prince William County I live in includes Virginia’s 1st Congressional District, here the ballot => sample-ballot-pwc-cong-1., and here is a link to the website where I got that sample ballot.

How did I vote? I voted Republican, and I voted for our state’s two ballot initiatives.

So did I listen to the debate? Yes. Actually, I listened to a video of the debate this evening. I thought Donald Trump did okay. I had hoped for a better performance, but after years of debating people online I did not expect any miracles. Politicians may not know as much they would like us to believe, but do know how to avoid looking foolish.

On stage both Trump and Clinton accused each other of corruption. Which of them should we believe? Donald Trump made his billions as a businessman selling what people wanted to buy. Bill and Hillary Clinton made their ten’s of millions in public service selling access.  Which of these people is most likely to have earned their money dishonestly at our expense?

I believe Trump more truthful. Yet in that debate Trump was working against the odds. He is up against a much better financed opponent, one financed by all those rich people she is supposedly going to tax. So instead of buying airtime, Trump has to spend as much time stumping around the country as he can. Moreover, because the news media is so partisan, Trump can always expect a partisan moderator. Therefore, the moderator spent more time interrupting Trump than Hillary Clinton did.

However, Clinton’s big war-chest and the news media’s bias were not Trump’s biggest problem. His big problem was Clinton’s skill in misrepresenting the truth. Lies can always be made to sound so much more lovely than the truth. Hence, at the same time Clinton painted Trump as some sort of demon designing to keep us from a fabulous Utopian paradise, she spoke glowingly of the grand future that the “rich” will pay for if we make them pay their “fair share”.

For how many decades now have Democrats been promising to make the rich pay their “fair share”? How many ten’s of millions have Bill and Hillary Clinton amassed during the decades they have been promising to make the rich pay their fair share? Why didn’t Barack Obama make the rich pay their fair share? He most certainly had the chance.

Trump biggest problem was us. When are we going to stop believing government can give us anything we did not give it first?

Mr. Palmer

I am not a golf fan. Never pay much attention to sports. Knew of Arnold Palmer, but not much about him. I just got the impression of a man people respected.

So why the reblog? On the way home from a meeting this evening, I heard Mark Levin mention the death of Mr. Palmer. All Mr. Levin could say is that Arnold Palmer’s death got to him, but he had trouble expressing why, an odd thing for a man who makes his living talking.

ColorStorm, I think, put into words what Levin felt about Mr. Palmer.

We all have a God sized hole that only God can fill, but because we are made in God’s image a good and respectable person can fill that hole a little bit. Therefore, when such a person dies, we feel a bit more empty. That emptiness is important to note. That’s how we know that person made a real difference in us, that they brought us closer to God.

The Lions Den

Some of you may have never heard of Arnold Palmer, some may not even care even though hearing of him, but he died yesterday at the ripe age of 87. The earth will cry for such a vacancy. Why? Because he played golf? Because an airport was named after him? Because he was a legend in his field? Because he owned car dealerships? Because he had his own brand of iced tea? Well yes, come to think of it.

Image result for arnold palmer umbrella

Arnold Palmer was a good man. Period. And the good things that flowed from his life were testament to the old adage: in all labor there is profit, but more importantly, a good name is far better than rubies.

He died with his good name being intact. There were no Enquirer  shamings, he was not the goat for sports fodder, he was not a clown when interviewed, and he spoke well…

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I Don’t Believe Nothing

Fall has just begun. This morning I opened the window and the cool, fresh air rushed in. That was still refreshing, but as time passes and the winter chill arrives that window will stay closed, waiting for the warmth of Spring.

Tomorrow evening we will have the first presidential debate between the Democratic Party’s and the Republican Party’s nominees. Various campaigns for the presidency began in earnest in the Spring. In the heat of summer most died, but a few of the campaigns took root and matured. We will harvest one winner in Fall. In the dead of Winter, our new president will assume the mantle of power. In Winter? Why Winter? Is it then we consider our harvest of joys and regrets? Is it then we get ready for Spring?

Spring is when life begins. It is the beginning that thrills us. All is new! There is only a baby. Who knows how that baby will grow? We can only do our best to nurture our child, and yet there is a contrary view. There is the Atheist who says the baby is already perfected. Nurturing that babe will just ruin a perfect void.

Does not Summer follow Spring? If we have not grown in the Summer, if we have not tried our self in the Fall, where is the harvest that will get us through the Winter? Why would our Lord give a slothful soul the strength to prepare for Spring in eternity?

The Comedy Sojourn


No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws them, and I will raise them up at the last day.It is written in the Prophets: ‘They will all be taught by God.’ Everyone who has heard the Father and learned from him comes to me.” (John 6:44)

There it is, boys and girls.

You hear God’s voice, you’ll come to Jesus.

You don’t hear God’s voice, you’ll post memes like this:


This is pre-school biblical scholarship.

Which isn’t surprising when atheists proudly post stuff like this:


I’m not kidding.

That was posted by an atheist.

…the Supreme Council of atheists aren’t potty trained.

He was making the point that atheism is simply a lack of belief in God.

He WASN’T saying atheism is the belief that there is no God.

Atheism is NOT the belief that there is no God.

Atheism is a lack…

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