The Stalin Purge of Trump as He Enters the Crucible

Contemplate this fact. Some people love to make fun of the witch trials and the Inquisition, but Christians gave that nonsense up as wrong. Liberal Democrat Marxists are still demanding witch trials. Liberal Democrat Marxists won’t give up the witch trials.

Who else demands putting their political opponents on trial? Who else hates their opponents more than they love their freedom and their own souls. Who else corrupts justice with such glee?

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John Proctor – The Crucible

During the Salem Witchcraft Trials John Proctor could save his life if he just gave names and signed the paper presented. One of the most moving scenes in any movie, it spoke to me of our present judicial system. How many of Trump’s associates who are called to testify in various Grand Jurys and trials forthcoming will refuse to save themselves so they don’t get a knock on the door by an IRS agent and/or spend tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees defending against false charges?

The very moment that Matt Taibbi was testifying in front of Congress and warning about the deep state, the IRS was knocking at his door. No, it was not to intimidate Matt, it was to send a message to every single American that there are soon to be 87,000 more of them at the ready to…

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  1. This dovetails into our earlier discussion about the Strategy of Tension. It’s no coincidence that the Junta chose to do this while egging on Leftist violence like Nashville and the upcoming ‘Day of Vengeance.’

    Ever since they’ve come into power, this ‘Administration’ has done everything in its power to provoke, incite, and inflame the Right. Usually, after a close (but legitimate) election, the winners usually pursue a policy of trying to unite the people and soothe over hard feelings. These guys have done everything from pushing the homo agenda on kids, to the Jan 6 show-trials, to imposing CRT and gender theory in schools, to tolerating violent crime and allowing cities to be taken over by bums and derelicts; along with the Mar-a-Lago Raid, doubling-down on the Vaxx Requirements, pushing absurd gun laws, ignoring disasters like East Palestine, and the damage done to small businesses and farms by the Scamdemic, etc. Above all, they won’t condemn any of the incendiary rhetoric from the Left.

    1. Glenn Beck has been making similar observations. The Liberal Democrat Marxists need an excuse to clamp down, for our safety supposedly. Apparently, not enough of the population has bought into the myth of the insurrection on J6 at the Capitol.

      Now the Liberal Democrat Marxists are in a race. With their increasingly godless behavior, they are revealing themselves. If they don’t clamp down soon enough the public will turn against them. Some of them put them in jail cells where they belong, and I suspect that prospect horrifies them.

      What amazes me is how many people have to be involved in this conspiracy. It is getting harder and harder and harder to believe the conspiracy is not a real thing.

      1. The numbers of people actually driving this conspiracy aren’t that many. But those who are control vast wealth. The Board of Trustees at the WEF for example are about 40-50 people but they hold assets nearly equal to the GDP of China. More importantly, 3-4 of the financial octopuses combined have controlling interest in every company on the S&P 500 plus a sizeable percentage of US and State Government debt. With interlocking Boards of Directors and such it doesn’t take more than a few hundred people to dictate an agenda.

        The Corporate Executives and the Politicians probably don’t know all of the details, but they’re carefully vetted to be at least in sympathy with the general plan and are willing to follow orders. And then so on down the line. A character like Attorney-General Bragg for example probably has no idea of what the bigger picture is and may even laugh at the idea of a ‘Deep State’ or a ‘Strategy of Tension.’ He was probably incentivized by someone in the NYC Democratic Machine, who in turn was told by the DNC, who was told by some major donor, who was told by his higher-ups, etc. Bragg only knows that important people want Trump indicted and that he’ll be rewarded if he pulls it off.

        The Oligarchs really do fear the public turning against them. They know if they were exposed, they don’t have the numbers on their side (hence another reason for their obsession with population control). Many of these Oligarchs are part of European royalty and they know from history that simply being part of the elite 1% isn’t much protection when the other 99% are infuriated enough to take action (hence why they like keeping us divided and distracted). I think that the Canadian and European protests last year really threw a scare into them, so they’re countering with new sets of diversions.

  2. Tom,

    This action may serve to help Trump based on the Villains, Victims, and Heroes in Character Theory and Affect Control Theory

    Frankly, I am waiting to hear a Trump vs DeSantis s Presidential Debates before I decide who to support om 2024. Both have records of accomplishment instead of Empty Suit promises and policies that have created inflation, etc. problems we have been experiencing in the past two years..

    But I agree and am sick and tired of both the Dems political and economical policies and personal attacks on Trump.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. That is what I fear, and I fear putting our children and grandchildren through this.

      Remember that last verse of the Lord’s Prayer. It is well to pray the for Lord to search our souls and to correct us, to be delivered from evil. Only the foolish seek and pray for trials and temptations.

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