Here Pastor Randy is writing as a concerned citizen, not a pastor. What about? The usual knee jerk reaction from gun control activists. The subject? The school shooting in Nashville.

What do I have to add? The Liberal Democrat Marxists running our country WANT these mass shootings. Does that seem like an overstatement? Even hateful? Well, it isn’t. Marxists policies are designed to pit us against each other. When a transgender lunatic — someone with severe, IMPROPERLY TREATED mental issues of some sort — walks into a Christian school and starts shooting, that is a success for these people. They have accomplished two things:
1. They have succeeded in pitting us against each other.
2. They have distracted us from their own maladministration of our country.

LOOK at what the Biden administration and Liberal Democrats have done to us.
1. They are ruining our economy. For the sake of supposedly fixing climate change (China is building coal-fired power plants like crazy.), they are polluting the environment with toxic materials used in windmills, solar panels, and rechargeable batteries, and they don’t even have plans to recycle these things. They are also making us dependent upon China for these things.
2. Beginning with their treacherous withdrawal from Afghanistan, they have mangled our foreign policy.
3. Precipitated inflation with hugely wasteful spending and by stifling energy production.
4. And so forth. The Biden Administration and Liberal Democrat Marxists have been quite busy but trying to find anything they have done right is a hopeless task. That is not an accident.

Kingdom Pastor

This morning I am not writing as a pastor, but as a citizen. Sure, I’m still a pastor–but for now I am just another citizen of the world, who just so happens to also be a follower of Jesus and a pastor. But these words are churning in my mind and heart AS a citizen. And today’s musings are longer than usual. And you may be wondering about today’s title.

When pharmaceutical companies develop new medications they run tests to see if it works. Volunteers become part of the research; some receive the developed medication and others receive a placebo such as normal saline solution. And we all know that saline solution will not produce the desired outcomes from this research. Now, on to this ordinary citizen’s thoughts.

Once again the news is flooded with the tragedy of another mass shooting; this time at Covenant School in Nashville, Tennessee. Three…

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  1. The technical name for what you and Randy are describing is “Strategy of Tension.”

    The Elites intentionally foment violence, crime, chaos, international tension, and irrational fear to 1) increase the public’s sense of powerlessness; and 2) to ‘respond’ by increasing authoritarian measures.

    1. “Strategy of Tension”? Seems to be the case. Compare the treatment of the people involved in the George Floyd riots with those in the J6 riot at the Capitol. What happened at the Capitol was a setup. Pelosi and the Mayor of DC screwed up security. The FBI may even have instigated the whole thing.

      If we Americans don’t find the wits and the guts to resist, we will leave our children and grandchildren a miserable heritage and an awful choice. Our children won’t be complaining about climate change. They won’t be crying about discrimination based upon systemic racism. They won’t be complaining about someone who refuses to use their pronouns. They will be suffering under the weight of brutal regime that insists that every “citizen” must prove his “virtue” by participating in and justifying the sins of their rulers. Those who refuse will swiftly become one of the people the “good citizens” must abuse, enslave, starve, and work to death.

  2. No, the real problem in the US is that the enemy has convinced us it’s the “other side” that’s the problem when in reality the problem is sin. Which is a condition that effects everyone. God is lifting his hand and turning his back on this country, giving us over to a reprobate mind. Christians know how this story ends. The world has been swirling down the toilet since the fall and it is only going to get worse. Christ is the answer, not politics and social issues.

    1. River

      You sound like someone who has walked away from the duties of citizenship, but I can only guess.

      Look at Romans 13:1-7. Consider that much of the Bible revolves around the interaction of Jesus, His Prophets, and His Apostles interacting with government officials. In fact, the Bible includes the history of the kings of Israel, and some of the Prophets were government leaders. In addition, the Judges led Israel. The point is that God considers the way we govern ourselves relevant.

      Is sin a problem, the big problem? Yes. But how we choose to govern ourselves — who we choose to lead us — is related to how much we will sin and how we will sin. The Bible makes that crystal clear.

      You speak of the end time. What does the Antichrist do? He establishes his own government. Are those who follow Jesus supposed to oppose the Antichrist or accept the mark of the Beast?

      When will the Great Tribulation begin? God knows. Meanwhile, we must do what we can for good government. Why? As Christians, we want to encourage other Christians to raise their children as Christians. We want help each other study the Bible. We want spread the Gospel. And a good government makes all of that easier.

      1. I actually agree with all that you have said here. But, the article you shared in no way resembles your response. It is nothing more than an Us vs Them rant and it serves no purpose but to promote division and puff the author up because he is “on the right side.” It reads the same as most any other leftist, self-righteous diatribe crying victimhood. Just because it came from a Christian doesn’t make it any better. The world is improved by God bringing people to Christ, one person at a time. Not by this type of nonsense.

        1. River

          I listed a bunch of bareboned facts. What did I say that you don’t know to be true?

          The leadership of the Democratic Party is a bunch of Marxists. That is where they get their racist Critical Race Theory/Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion nonsense comes from (Martin Luther King would be horrified by it.). Only the party of slavery would be vile enough to try to fix the problem of racism with more racism.

          The people who started Black Live Matters (BLM) were proud to be trained Marxists. Before they cleaned it up, they had their Marxist’s beliefs on their website. Still, the Democratic Party supported these people and the “mostly peaceful” riots they inspired. You don’t think the leaders of the Democratic Party know who started BLM?

          Our president, for example, is on the take from the Chinese. Even if we did not have Biden’s own words, Hunter Biden’s laptop, and bank records, we have Biden’s behavior in office. Biden’s decisions don’t benefit this country. It is extremely difficult to find anything Biden has done right. Try it. That makes senility insufficient to explain the things Biden has done.

          Consider how the Bible describes the people the Hebrews displaced in the Holy Land. Consider the descent of the Hebrews — the Israelites — into evil when they imitated the Canaanites. What sins did the Canaanites commit that our leaders have not committed themselves or encouraged?

          Should we pray for our leaders and our fellow citizens? Yes. Should we encourage our leaders and our fellow citizens to repent and turn to Jesus? Yes. Unfortunately, we have to figure out what to do until that happens. These people run our government. That includes our schools. To protect our children from the wickedness of these people, we must wrest power back from them, or they will try to corrupt us and our children. That requires plain talk.

          Matthew 18:6 New American Standard Bible

          6 but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it is better for him that a heavy millstone be hung around his neck, and that he be drowned in the depths of the sea.

          I don’t want a millstone hung about my neck. Do you?

          1. I stated in my last reply that I agree with the things YOU said. The issues I then listed were directed at the post you shared, from the Pastor. The one thing I would add is that I do not find the Republicans to be any better than the Democrats. The lesser of two evils? Yeah, probably. I think we are missing the mark when we focus on “the other guy” as being the problem that needs fixed.

          2. The framers set up a constitutional republic because no one is perfect. None of us is qualified to fix the other guy. We urge our fellows to go to Jesus so that He can fix them.

            Note a couple of things about Matthew 7:1-6. That passage does not say we shouldn’t judge others. It calls upon us to judge others with the same mercy and grace we hope for ourself. It requires us to work on our own flaws first. And it warns us that we need to protect ourselves from some people.

  3. You’re a pastor?? You mean, like a real trained theologian or is this some self-proclaimed thing (which, even if it is a self-proclaimed title, doesn’t matter to me other than making me wonder, given your politics, what you preach from the pulpit.)?

  4. Tom, Pastor Randy

    People may buy guns because they fear being harmed by other people “without cause.”.

    People may also buy guns because their vanity drives them toy become angry “without cause.”.

    Bible Wisdom teaches us that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.

    Bible Wisdom also teaches us that fools’ pursuit of vanity may drive them to become angry.

    Wisdom also teaches us it is human vanity never to judge or call another person a fool.

    What we are experiencing in the USA is we are teaching everything except wisdom in schools.

    The result is people’s vanity is resulting in them judging others who do not understand that fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, and/or not to judge or call another a fool, and never to get angry.

    And the reason is because we have leaders in our Nation who have never been introduced to understand wisdom and are vainly passing laws that may be influencing people who have never been taught wisdom not to vainly become angry and foolishly choose to kill” without cause” innocent people to appease their vanity.

    In my opinion, while we will never solve this riddle. Our only hope is to teach children the Wisdom and Love in the Bible to reduce the number of occupancies we are reading and hearing in the news about people who are foolishly killing “without cause” innocent victims.

    Ad for who is wise or a fool conundrum, we can begin to discern the differences by obeying God’s Commandments and the Bible teachings.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    Why, Never in Anger Call a Person a Fool Conundrum? King Solomon Blog

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