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  • Part 1: The Worship of Stuff – When we worship stuff, we fall prey to our greed, envy, gluttony, and pride.
  • Part 2: The Worship of Sex – When we worship sex, instead of caring for the OBJECT of our “affection,” we give expression to our lust and pride.
  • Part 3: The Worship of Science – When we worship science, we seek to justify ourselves to protect our pride.
  • Part 4: The Worship of the State – When we worship the state, we deify the man or the men who promise to give us power and wealth.
  • Part 5: The Worship of Self – When we worship our self, we set ourselves up as the ultimate source of wisdom. “I” decide what is good for “me,” and what is good for “me” is good and what is bad for “me” is evil.
  • Part 6: Can We Imagine the World Before Noah’s Flood? Why Do We Hate The Word “Sin”? – Here we reached the conclusion that we hate the word “sin” because we refuse to admit the shame that sin brings upon us.

What is next?

Can We Imagine the World Before Noah’s Flood? — Why Does God Hate Sin?

Instead of treating God as our Father, a God who disciplines us when we sin, many Christians (who fashion themselves Progressive) would have us believe God does not care about our sins, but God does care.

Their words are about being liberated! And who doesn’t want to be liberated? I sure do!!! But I have a serious question for my Progressive friends: How does the approval of a person’s preferential sin liberate them? Oh, and that brought up another serious question: You talk a lot about justice, mercy, and kindness. But how can this happen without admitting we all have a sin problem? You want to “fix” systems but ignore the root cause. I remind you of what Jesus said about the Pharisees of His day: ‘These people honor me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me. Their worship is a farce, for they teach man-made ideas as commands from God.’

From => https://kingdompastor.wordpress.com/2023/03/24/is-it-in-or-is-it-out/

It is actually cruel to ignore sin. Let’s consider several examples.

First, let’s consider something surprisingly illustrative, the epidemic of addictive drugs, an epidemic every bit as dangerous as the COVID pandemic that Chinese Communists and American Marxists have turned into a weapon against us.

Here the subject is crystal meth, but it could just as easily be the fentanyl the Chinese Communists are supplying to the drug smugglers who sneak that poison across our southern border.

From => https://americaoncoffee101.wordpress.com/2023/03/23/my-name-is-meth-poem/

Did you watch the video? Did the poem reach you? Do you have a better understanding of the word “addicted.” Do you understand that a drug addict is a slave? When we sin — murder, steal, lie, fornicate, covet, blaspheme the name of God, and so forth — we become a slave to sin. We don’t want to give up our sin. Like a drug addict, we want the pleasure our sin brings. We want to escape the hard work of doing good; we want to escape into the seemingly easier task of doing evil, even to our own body. But doing evil destroys us, His children. Because He loves us, God hates sin.

Next, let’s look at the logic of aborting a baby.

The one argument coming from the pro-abortion crowd that repels me deeply is the one that says human life is valuable based on whether it’s wanted or not. When you grow up as the awkward, bullied reject, you understand deeply how much your presence is unwanted by the people around you. You can’t help but to exist, and on some level, you might believe that God wants you or you wouldn’t be here. But there is the sense that, given an amoral and lawless society, you would be deemed expendable and taken out.

I’ve heard it numerous times from the mouths of pro-abortion activists; when asked what the difference is between a human baby and a fetus that can be flushed or ripped violently from the womb, the answer is when the mother wants it, it’s a baby who needs protection. Otherwise, it’s a clump of cells with no personhood rights. These are virtually direct quotes from any number of abortion supporters.

Continued => https://jilldomschot.wordpress.com/2023/03/22/being-wanted/

Do we have a God-given right to life, or does the state endow us with the right to live? When we cost more to keep alive than we produce, is that when we are expendable?

Finally, let’s consider the efforts within the public school system to indoctrinate our children in the LGBTQ agenda. The next quote is from a blog post that discusses a report from a watchdog group that says “nearly 6,000 public schools across the United States have implemented some sort of policy that prohibits schools from informing parents when their children decide to “change” their gender or gender identity.”

How can we put this as diplomatically as possible? The sad fact is that—if one is a parent of a child or teenager suffering from gender dysphoria, and you need the local school district to inform you of this—you have bigger problems in your home than some slimy superintendent somewhere cozying up to the Gay Mafia. If your 14 year-old son is walking around the house in nylons and high-heels or your Kindergartener thinks that he might be ‘gay’, and you’re not noticing any of this: then the problem isn’t with the school: the problem is with you. 

From => http://nightwind777.blogspot.com/2023/03/failure-begins-at-home.html

Is that last blogger overstating his case? If we are involved in our children’s lives, could our child cover up something as serious as gender confusion? Do we love our children, or do we love our idols more? When we sin, we value getting what we want from our idols above all else. When we love someone, we want to know what is troubling them. Which do we love more, our idols or our children?

How awful are we? Is our world degenerating into the misery that preceded the Great Flood? We are most certainly a mess. What is the great evil of our time?

We live in an era characterized by competing beliefs. Christianity once reigned dominant in the USA. Marxism now tempts the public in a half a dozen different guises, but Marxism is just a scheme for dividing us so that we can be conquered and ruled by a relatively small, organized and dedicated group. To expedite their agenda, modern Marxists seek the greatest divisions possible. They are not happy just pitting the rich against the poor. They want to divide people into numerous identity groups based on wealth, race, sex, gender, ethnicity, disability, creed, and so forth. And they want the members of each of these identity groups to feel victimized by White, Conservative Christian, Straight, and Selfish Males. Then they can “rightfully” promise the members of each identity group someone else’s stuff, free sex, science that justifies them, a state that “loves” them, and forced public approval to elevate their self-esteem.

White, Conservative Christian, Straight, and Selfish Males are the great enemy — the boogeyman — of Marxists because this enemy is the most plausible representation of the evil order that Marxists are determined to overthrow and replace. So, Marxists indoctrinate and encourage the members of each of the other identity groups to hate White, Conservative Christian, Straight, and Selfish Males, and they organize around that hatred.

With what do American Marxists promise to replace the existing order? A lie. Communist China probably comes close to what these Marxists seek, but they will turn on each other if and when they overthrow America. The Russian Communists did that once they overthrew Russia. Power is what the Russian Communists really wanted, and absolute totalitarian power is what American Marxists seek. That means a world filled with terror, cruelty, and mindless despair. In their pride, greed, and fear, they will want the people incapable of thinking about rebellion. They will use technology to monitor every moment and every thought to stamp out every prayer.

Would a Marxist tyranny look like world before the Great Flood? Was the vast bulk of humanity just suffering in torment from their own and each other’s sins? Did God just put humanity out of its misery? If we continue to grow more and more sinful, will God put us out of our misery? Only God knows, but we have always had another option.

Sometimes people don’t understand me when I say this, but I’d much rather sin against a Holy God because His judgement is always honest, fair, full of mercy, and He knows my heart. He is good, not spiteful. People will condemn you to hell because their coffee is cold. They will damn you on the highway because you’re driving too slow in their lane. They will suffer a bout of indigestion and hold the entire room in condemnation. People are vile sometimes. The thing is, we aren’t supposed to be emulating other people, we’re supposed to be emulating Jesus. Jesus came to set the captives free. That would be us.

Does God have a criminal court? Perhaps, but none of us are an appointed officer of that court. We have not been granted that authority. I love the saying, “if God did not send His only Son to condemn the world, what makes you think He sent you? ” That truth is to be found in John 3:17.


It is possible that we are at the end of the world, and we may not be able to save the world, but we can repent of our sins. Then we can beg our Lord God for a merciful and gracious judgement. We can strive to obey God’s commands. We can love God, and we can love each other.

A Related Series, What Do Atheists Worship?


  1. Good round up and commentary, Tom. Thanks for the mention. These are all really painful subjects, addiction, abortion, abandonment, gender mutilation. We are living in a world that is trying to normalize all these things, but no matter how hard we try to legitimize them, they still feel heavy, heartbreaking, painful. None of us want those things for our own children, not if we are motivated by love. Well, God doesn’t want His own children to experience those things, either.

    Sadly, even love itself has been perverted, so now a great many people think it is somehow loving to build homeless camps of roving addicts and just give them money so they can indulge their alleged “mental illness.” We think it is loving to help people kill their own offspring. And some of us seem to think it is loving to surgically mutilate our own children so they can be transgender.

    Ironically, animals don’t act like this, animals are not so foolish. None of these things fit our evolutionary theories, they aren’t survival motivated, in fact the precise opposite. This is just evil, principalities and powers at play, because as astoundingly foolish as people are, we simply aren’t this creative.

    1. I am afraid Satan is real, and for time being we are in his domain. Otherwise, I find it difficult to believe what people are doing these days. Transgender medical procedures for children is too lunatic to explain as a serious political cause, but that is what it has become.

  2. Tom,
    Sin is an addiction, not a disease same as what the liberals now want us to believe about drug addiction.
    One of the best methods to cure alcohol addiction is to join and participate in Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting is to stand up and face peers by introducing themselves and then state an admission they are an alcoholic.
    We need to wise up and understand that diseases are a transmission of bacterial, virus, etc. rather than a foolish choice.
    Humility is needed to remedy e addictions whether sin, alcohol or drug addictions. Or a foolish choice.
    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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