The best defense is a good offense. So, when the topic of science and religion comes up, the typical Atheist or Agnostic will demand that Christians explain the conflict that supposedly exists between science and the Bible. That will not be the topic here.

Here we have the third post in a series, WHAT DOES THE WORSHIP OF IDOLS LOOK LIKE?


The Worship of Science

We live in a time when our education system is in a shambles. Even though we spend huge sums on public education, because thieves and fanatics waste huge sums, we don’t get good results. Instead of teaching our children how think and offering them the opportunity to learn the accumulated wisdom and understanding of our people, politicians sell both access to our children and access to education funding to special interests. Those special interests especially include teachers’ unions, and they include political activists trying to indoctrinate our children in Marxism.

Why do we allow this waste and abuse of children? Public education once seemed like a good idea, and it worked for a while, but we eventually discovered the problem with Socialism. We cannot trust government leaders with too much power. When we put politicians in charge of the education of our children, too many of those politicians will abuse that power. Those politicians sold out to the people who benefit from the status quo, people who now don’t want to give up control over huge sums of money and people who don’t want to give up pushing their beliefs on innocent children.

How have the politicians we put in charge of public education responded to complaints? They keep promising to fix our education system. If we just give them a little more power, they say they will fix it, but they never do. Instead, they keep making the system worse, and then they blame others for their failures.

What are the consequences of an increasingly broken education system? Well, here is the most important consequence. When we fail to teach our children to worship God, they worship idols. Here our focus is on a particular idol, science.

With respect to our understanding of science, what is the result of a bad education? Without a good education, we cannot appreciate what exactly it means to be a scientist. To understand what a scientist does and what qualifies as scientific knowledge, we must read well, use mathematics, and be able to engage in critical thinking. That, however, just enables us to achieve a proper understanding of science and the scientific method. We need wisdom to put science in the proper perspective and to understand its limitations.

Proverbs 14:15 New American Standard Bible

15 The naive believes everything,
But the sensible person considers his steps.

Unless we educate our children properly, most of them will grow up to be naive adults.

What is the worship of science? Obedience is the primary act worship. We will obey someone if we love them with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength. We will also obey someone if we believe they will give us something we want more than anything else. If we love God, then we will obey Him. If want something that “science” seems to be promising us badly enough, then we will obey the “experts” who claim to speak for science. That is, we will “follow the science.” Following the science becomes idolatry when we choose to follow the science instead of being obedient to the commands of God.

Psalm 40:6-8 New American Standard Bible

You have not desired sacrifice and meal offering;
You have opened my ears;
You have not required burnt offering and sin offering.
Then I said, “Behold, I have come;
It is written of me in the scroll of the book.
I delight to do Your will, my God;
Your Law is within my heart.”

Why do some of us worship science? Science can give us the illusion that we are doing the right thing. That illusion can make us comfortable with our consciences when we are doing we want to do instead of doing what we ought to be doing. Let’s consider several examples.

  • One way to get out of obeying God is deny any proof that He exists. Instead of observing the obvious, we can come up with scientific theories that supposedly explain away Creation without the need for a One True God. That is exactly the sort of thing the Pagans did (see Romans 1:18-32), but we now call the theories the Pagans had about their gods myths. In our era we have developed two major scientific theories with respect to the creation of life: spontaneous generation and the Theory of Evolution. The Big Bang Theory is our scientific theory for the creation of the universe. Is there any truth to these theories? Spontaneous generation has been debunked. The Theory of Evolution is supposedly proven, but what the “proof” for Theory of Evolution amounts to is a consensus of the experts. Forming a consensus if not part of the scientific method. The Big Bang Theory takes data from what amounts to an instant in time and mathematically projects backwards in time 15 billion years. Projecting back that far is speculative, at best.
  • When we abort an unborn child, we kill a small human being, but the pro-choice “scientists” among us call that aborted human being a fetus. Since a fetus is supposedly not a baby, that supposedly make a fetus just a lump of flesh we can dispose of as medical waste. If a baby would be inconvenient, then it may seem quite preferable to call it a lump of flesh.
  • When our government started forcing us to wear masks and get vaccinated for COVID-19, we had the choice of passively “following the science” or resisting an abuse of authority. Following the science seems a lot easier to some people than resisting power hungry politicians.

So it is that we have a bunch of ignorant people worshipping science, and we have a bunch of “experts” who enjoy their status as the high priests of science.

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To Be Continued

  • The Worship of State
  • The Worship of Self

Note that after some thought I have decided to I need to end this series with one additional post, Can We Imagine The World Before Noah’s Flood?

A Related Series, What Do Atheists Worship?


Add yours

  1. Ark,

    If you want to challenge atheist vs Christian beliefs, here is a site you may want to challenge. Beliefs.

    In my opinion, you are wasting your time reading Christion blogs and making comments. Pperhaps should focus on who or what is driving you to want to waste your time and energy trying to convince people to waste their time and energy on such a meaningless endeavor.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.


    1. Why do you think so done such as Tom writes nonsensical posts about atheism,a suspect he clearly had little understand or is simply wilfully ignorant?

          1. Of course not. It’s your blog after all, and my commrnts are published on your whim.
            But at least have the integrity that, when you respond try to do so by accurately responding to what I write rather than using my comment as a way of getting on your high horse and quoting me out of context.
            That’s only fair, surely?

          2. Ark

            The only “quotes” you have gotten and will get are your own comments, the ones I see fit to post. You have earned that special treatment, and you are perversely proud of it. So, you have nothing to complain about. Of course, that is not going to stop you.

  2. Tom,

    Just ask Ark to prove there is no God and , you will never hear an answer because he for some reason he can’t prove there is no God.

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. Ark will duck the question. Many of the people who call themselves Atheists insist that the term means something other than what it means. They want us to believe Atheism is what we call Agnosticism.

      1. You can’t prove there is no ‘God'( sic).
        The key here is the fact there is no evidence to suggest any gods exist.
        I am open to be convinced otherwise.
        Just provide evidence for your god, Yahweh, that’s all.

        You believe your god exists so I am going to presume you have evidence,yes?

    2. While I cannot prove there is no God( sic) I challenge you to provide evidence your god,Yahweh exists.
      How difficult could that possibly be?

          1. I am not asking for proof.
            That I reserve for maths and making bread.
            Neither am I looking for clever arguments, the type you will hear from apologists such as Lane Craig or Strobel.
            I am asking for evidence.
            Evidence of your god, Yahweh.

            Why is this so difficult for you to understand?

            You believe for a reason.
            Was your belief not motivated by evidence?
            If not, what then?

          2. You don’t believe God exists, and I am supposed to prove to you that the Bible is true?

            We have been here before, You have nothing to offer but a bunch of irrational demands.

            Have a good day. May the God you have rejected have mercy on you.

      1. Ark,

        If you want to challenge atheist vs Christian beliefs, here is a site you may want to challenge. Beliefs.

        In my opinion, you are wasting your time reading Christion blogs and making challenge comments. Perhaps you should focus on who or what is driving you to want to waste your time and energy trying to convince people to waste their time and energy on such a meaningless endeavor.

        Regards and goodwill blogging.


    1. Congratulations Ark! I decided to display one of your comments.

      Do I believe there was a global flood? Yes! Do I claim to have scientific proof? Nope!

      I might argue that the data we have shows evidence of a global flood, but I don’t have much confidence in it. I also don’t think it would be a good idea to try reproduce a global flood to see if we can the same results that we got last time. However, that is the way the scientific method works.

      Just how badly do you want scientific proof?

      1. As it didn’t happen and there is ample evidence to show why it didn’t happen your question is not only moot but ridiculous.

        1. You can prove the Great Flood did not happen? While you are at it, why don’t you prove God doesn’t exist? After all, you do call yourself an Atheist.

          I don’t pretend I can provide scientific proof that the Great Flood happened. It is kind of silly to say we have scientific proof of exactly what happened tens of thousands, millions, and billions of years ago.

          I believe the Great Flood happened because I believe Jesus, and I am confident He was born, that He lived, that He died, and He rose from the dead. Jesus affirmed the Old Testament is true. We know of the Great Flood through divine revelation, not science.

          You don’t believe the Great Flood happened? Well, you can say that all you want, but I think only a weak soul is persuaded by repetition.

          James 1:5-8 New American Standard Bible
          5 But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all generously and without reproach, and it will be given to him. 6 But he must ask in faith without any doubting, for the one who doubts is like the surf of the sea, driven and tossed by the wind. 7 For that person ought not to expect that he will receive anything from the Lord, 8 being a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways.

          1. Aside from all the animals went in two by two nonsense, geological evidence has proved the Noachian flood did not happen.
            Furthermore, the biblical flood take was adapted from the Epic of Gilgamesh,so I really cannot see on what grounds you are asserting the taie is historical fact?
            I did not realise you are a Young Earth Creationist/ bible innerantist.
            I shall bear this in mind in future should you allow any more if my comments

          2. Ark

            You remind me of the guy who solemnly proclaimed the end of history or the people during the Enlightenment who believed they knew all there was to know.

            Communication is a complex problem. When God communicates with us, He has to deal with the fact we know so little. We have a similar problem communicating with children, but relative to God we are much more ignorant. So, for our sakes, God has kept the Bible as simple as He can. Often there are details missing we would like to know, but the Bible doesn’t provide them.

            When did Creation happen? How long did it take? I don’t know. The original audience for Genesis consisted mostly of illiterate Bronze Age people. Since Bronze people had enough trouble passing the Bible from one generation to the next, God apparently did not see the need to provide specific dates. What calendar do you think He should have used?

            When did the Great Flood happen? Is the Epic of Gilgamesh related? The Bible does not give us a date for the Great Flood, but it is fairly certain that the Great Flood happened after creation of man. So, it is likely that the survivors passed memory of the event from one generation to the next. So, I see no reason to claim that Genesis provides the first record of the Great Flood. What I do find ironic is that you think the Great Flood cannot be true if a prior record exists.

            If all the ancients we know of believed there had once been a Great Flood, does that mean there was no Great Flood?

          3. Yes, unfortunately for your religious beliefs, no matter what these ‘ancients’ believed , whoever they were ( you don’t say and did not identify), the science has provided evidence to show there was never a global flood as described in the bible.

            Refusing to acknowkedge this evidence will not make it go away.
            It is unfortunate, some may suggest quite sad, that there are still people who believe in a literal understanding of the bible.
            It suggests serious indoctrination and a refusal to accept scientific evidence, the same science that these people rely on for so much of the things that form the bedrock of their day today lives.

          4. Ark

            Remember this line.

            One way to get out of obeying God is deny any proof that He exists.

            I admit I did mention Noah’s Flood, but that was in reference to a future post, and the subject of that post is supposed to be about the world before the flood.

            So, why are we discussing Noah’s Flood? Well, that is because Atheists seem to think it is impossible to scientifically prove Noah’s Flood ever happened, and I must admit that I agree. Short of finding Noah’s Ark (which is unlikely), trying to prove what happened before recorded history tends to be extremely difficult. What Atheists forget is how difficult it is to scientifically prove that Noah’s Flood did not happen. Therefore, Noah’s Flood is not what you think it is, low-hanging fruit for the Atheist argument.

            When we make the mistake of worshipping science, we don’t think rationally about it. That surely describes you Ark. Thank you for providing a useful illustration.

          5. To continue a discussion on Noah’s ark with a science denying YEC will just make me sound stupid.
            As you are doing such a good job I’ll let you continue for both of us.

          6. I have said I don’t know when Creation happened or how long it took. I have said I believe the Bible. Since the Bible is not a scientific treatise, I think is a mistake to treat it like one.

            Anyway, you have continued the discussion, and you are making the host look like a genius by comparison.

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