Well, WHAT DO ATHEISTS WORSHIP? — THE LAST SEQUEL? seems to be the last sequel. See the bottom for the entire series.

Did we learn anything from all those posts? We learned we can be sticklers for our own version of the truth. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? That depends. Are we standing up for the truth, don’t know what we are talking about, or defending a lie?

Some will call me prejudiced, but I think the proposition that Atheism is a religion (the subject of the “What Do Atheists Worship? series) is an unmistakable truth. Unfortunately, we have become a nation that now demonstrates little respect for the truth. Otherwise, we would not have elected this man to lead us.

As usual our president, Lunch Bucket Joe, tried to sound like our kindly grandfather. He cares so much. He just wants to spend our money for us because he can do it so much better than we can. In fact, he promised to spend more money we don’t have, frightened the elderly people dependent on Social Security, demonized his opposition, and told lie after lie after lie. Seriously, why would anyone who values the truth vote for President Biden?

Did you listen to President Biden’s speech? If not, you should. Why? Both the Conservative (what little there is) and Liberal news media are biased. So, to gain a valid assessment of Biden, we must listen to him ourselves. If you cannot stand to listen to him, here is a transcript => https://www.axios.com/2023/02/08/sotu-2023-biden-transcript.

We all have our biases. Is all the lying in this country due to Atheism? No. All we can say is that people who don’t believe in God have a serious problem with the truth. So, I am trying to avoid a bias against Atheists, but not believing in God requires us to ignores the obvious. God must exist.

Are there Conservative Atheists? Yes. Conservative Atheists or Nontheists are an oddity, but they exist. As a Republican, I happily welcome them into the party. God judges souls, not me. Besides, I spent most of my life as an Agnostic. So, who am I to judge?

So, why pick on Atheists? That is because of a question and the answer. Why would we refuse to believe in God? We know God holds us accountable for our sins.

Consider again those Atheist organizations mentioned in WHAT DO ATHEISTS WORSHIP? — THE LAST SEQUEL?

All those organizations support furthering the spread of Atheism, and there is a little surprise. They each also have a political agenda. That agenda includes:

  • The secularization society, including education. They don’t want to tolerate religion. They want it gone.
  • Protecting and promoting abortion. Many in the Pro-Choice movement actually celebrate abortion. Is an unborn child the same as a cancer? Then what is the celebration for?
  • Promoting the LGBTQ agenda including same-sex marriage. There is a profound difference between love and sex. There is also a profound difference between the sexes, but those promoting the LGBTQ agenda and same-sex marriage don’t seem to care.

Why are these people doing this? Guilt is painful. What happens when we don’t want to be held accountable for our sins? What if we want to continue in our sins? We must deal with our guilt. So, we rationalize. We may even find ways to blame those awful people who call our behavior sinful. We may even justify our sins as harmless or even good.

Proverbs 17:20 English Standard Version

20 A man of crooked heart does not discover good,
    and one with a dishonest tongue falls into calamity.

If we become shameless enough, we will proclaim we possess a superior vision of the world. We will convince our self we know the TRUTH, and we will demand affirmation, even from those who don’t want to give it.

Consider some examples:

  • Illegal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and soft drinks have all been promoted as something the cool kids do. Why these products are even good for our health! Profit had nothing do with this nonsense, right? And you didn’t want to do drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or soft drinks something was wrong with you.
  • “White lies” facilitate social interaction. It is nice not to tell people unpleasant truths, especially if we want something from them. Then again, do we know anyone who enjoys being deceived? Yet how do we react when caught in a lie?
  • Cursing and foul language supposedly makes us authentic and helps us to vent those bad emotions. There is only this little problem. What if we are on the receiving end? Still, there must be something wrong with those goody two-shoes who don’t cuss.

When we sin, we twist the truth to justify our self. Since words help us to convey the truth, we must also twist the meaning of words. That is why those Atheists who are determined to deny they have sinned have twisted words.

  • Secular government: The notion of what constitutes a secular government now includes now includes an agenda to squelch religious activity. Consider what Thomas Jefferson actually meant by the separation of church and state. The Constitution prohibits government from establishing a religion or interfering with the free exercise of religion. That is, the Constitution protects the religious activity from the state. Read the First Amendment. It begins with these words: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech;
  • Abortion: When does a human life begin? Is an unborn child invasive tissue or a human being with rights? At conception, we have a developing human being. Is that human being entitled to the protection of the law? Pro-Choice advocates arbitrarily insist the answer is no. Instead of putting the issue up for a vote, they want unaccountable judges in black robes to settle the matter.
  • Marriage: Until recently, people thought only a man and a woman could marry. Now we have Atheists promoting other ideas. Where this expansive notion of marriage will stop nobody knows. Remember how it started. Homosexuals just wanted the government to stay out of their bedrooms.Now they everyone to endorse their “marriages.” Are we going to be required to endorse polygamy, pedophilia, and bestiality too?
  • Science: Atheists apply the word “science” to justify their opinions. Science is a magic word. When they disagree with Atheists, science transforms Theists into a bigoted and ignorant Christian Fundamentalists.
  • Family: Dictionaries define the word “family” as a fundamental social group in society typically consisting of one or two parents and their children. Dictionaries tells us that “parents” beget or bring forth children. Is that how LGBTQ advocates want to define a family? With same-sex parents? No.
  • Woman: Do Atheists know how to define the word “woman.” Is that too complicated for them? Apparently.

How do these Atheists react if someone says “we know of something better”?

  1. God exists. His only begotten Son died for our sins. He offers us salvation.
  2. Marriage involves a life-long bond between a man and a woman.
  3. Only sexual intercourse between a man and a woman can result in children.
  4. Women have babies, not men.
  5. Women are the primary caregivers of children. That includes breastfeeding babies.
  6. Women and children must be protected from undisciplined and irresponsible men. That’s why we shouldn’t allow men in the ladies’ room.
  7. Men have the responsibility to keep and protect their families.
  8. Children thrive best in a traditional family.
  9. Parents have the primary responsibility for their children, and they sin when they don’t take responsibility for their children.
  10. Much of what we learn we learn from adults who are held up as role models. So, parents need to choose who they allow to teach their children carefully.
  11. If someone is Pro-Choice, they probably don’t care about children.
  12. If someone thinks a child needs to be transgendered, especially with drugs and surgery, they probably don’t care about children.
  13. And so forth.

I am not revealing anything anyone does not already know.

  • We can all see evidence of a Creator.
  • Anyone who sits down and studies the Bible carefully has to be mystified with wonder. What caused men to write it?
  • We all know that there is a biological difference between a male a female. We all know something is seriously broken when that difference is unclear. Ignorance is not an excuse.

Until recently, the vast majority of Americans accepted as true all the beliefs expressed in the numbered list above. Why isn’t that true now? We put politicians in charge of the education of our children. Those politicians sold access to our children to people with awful beliefs, and children are too young to defend themselves.

Unfortunately, our indifference to the education of our children has become part of a pattern. We have become bums who find it convenient to ignore the truth. We insist that “other people” (our children and grandchildren) pay our bills. Our government has become so absurd that our leaders have virtually promised they will not balance the Federal Budget, and they proudly pose before us as if their refusal to balance the Federal Budget is something that they can be proud of. Our president, in particular, is shameless.

Think about it. Half of the Federal Budget is Social Security and Medicare, and our Dear Leader got Congress to agree they will not touch these programs. Why doesn’t Biden want to touch these programs? Is it because he is so noble, or is it because of the power he gains from administering these programs, especially Medicare?

Jeremiah 4:22 New American Standard Bible

22 “For My people are foolish,
They do not know Me;
They are foolish children
And have no understanding.
They are skillful at doing evil,
But they do not know how to do good.”

Posts in the What Do Atheists Worship? series.


Add yours

    1. Pushing for school choice is the only possible long term solution. School choice is not a panacea. There are bound to be constant attempts at sabotage and unintended consequences, but it is still our best alternative. That is because it puts parents back in charge.

  1. Tom,

    Good argument to compare atheism beliefs to time proven religious morals.

    In my opinion, atheism is just one more example of the foolishness of man, same as King Solomon folly to believe he was as wise as his Creator until he wised up and admitted all his time and efforts were based on vanity of man thatin time to vaporize instead of materialize.

    Regards and goodwill blogging

    1. Thanks.

      It is a real shame that all American children don’t study the wisdom literature of the Bible.

      ECCLESIASTES, in particular, makes the point that focusing upon self-gratification is an exercise in futility. Yet, instead of teaching anything that remotely looks like wisdom, our schools fill the heads of our children with the glories of careerism and the importance of elevating one’s self-esteem. As King Solomon lamented, that leads to a wasted life.

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