A Shifting Tide on Covid Vaccines?

I am a fan of Scott Adams too, but here he illustrates the fact that no one is perfect, except for me. 😉

Adam’s change of position is not apology. What he says is kind of funny, and all too human. Adams won’t admit he made a serious mistake, but he probably doesn’t understand his mistake.

Adams admits his decision did not work out, but it is obvious that he still thinks he used a better decision-making process.

Was taking the vaccine a bad decision? That is where Adams puts his focus. Wrong place. I got the vaccine. Since I live with someone in frail health, it seemed like the best decision at the time.

What I did not do is promote the vaccine for young people. In particular, I did not insist upon a vaccine mandate, and that was the real problem. We allowed power-hungry government leaders to force/pressure our fellow citizens to take an experimental vaccine. That is why Adams decision-making process was seriously flawed, and still is.

How did Adams make such a mistake? Well, consider this quote.

“It definitely discriminates against the freedom of those don’t want to get vaccinated, but isn’t that true of a driving license? Isn’t that true of getting a loan? People who don’t have tax returns don’t get one. Isn’t that true of travel? Can’t travel without a passport,” Adams said. “It discriminates against your freedom, but that’s not a reason [not to have it]. We do that all the time. All of civilization is built on restricting your freedom, that’s what it is. You don’t build a civilization to give people freedom… but it is designed to be a wise restriction. This is just another one of them.” (from https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2021/03/30/scott_adams_on_naomi_wolfs_slippery_slope_argument_about_vaccine_passport_they_could_misuse_any_system.html)

How civilized is a civilization that doesn’t protect our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? A civilization that doesn’t protect our God-given rights is actually quite savage. So, we should desire laws (or restrictions) that protect our God-given rights. In fact, the whole point good laws (or wise restrictions) is that they allow us to build a civilization that gives we the people more freedom. Does anyone want to live in a totalitarian state? Of course not! But Adams puts has forgotten that the purpose of the law is to protect our freedoms, not to eliminate them.

We don’t exist for civilization. Civilization exists for us. If a law doesn’t enhance our freedoms, we need to rethink it. Consider why we require driver’s licenses. How safe would it be to drive if we allowed five-year olds, blind people, and drunkards to drive? So, to give ourselves more freedom to travel safely, we limit who can drive.

Initially, the problem with the vaccine is that taking the vaccine involved making a difficult tradeoff. We had to weigh the risk of taking an experimental vaccine versus the protection it provides. Since we knew COVID was dangerous only to a relative few, a vaccine mandate NEVER made sense. That vaccine was experimental, and it is still experimental.

Now we know our government has covering up the risks of the vaccine itself and that it doesn’t prevent the spread of the virus. So, it is ridiculous to allow our officials to mandate the vaccine. We also have one more reason not to trust Democrats.

Freedom Through Empowerment

I’ve always loved the cartoon strip Dilbert, which follows the life of a cynical office worker dealing with the absurdities of corporate America. Other characters include Dilbert’s clueless, pointy haired boss, his equally cynical colleagues and of course Dogbert, a megalomaniac dog who dreams of conquering the world. I find it eerily similar to real life in the workforce and just hilarious!

What isn’t so funny is Dilbert strip creator, Scott Adams’s, rabidly obnoxious pro Covid 19 vaccination stance and his demonization of “anti vaxxers” as stupid, immoral people. It’s always baffled the heck out of me how someone so creative and seemingly aware of the dark side of human nature could be so off the mark, but that’s been par for the course lately.

Anyway, it appears Mr. Adams has had a change of heart (or more likely is worried about his heart), as the video below makes clear.

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6 thoughts on “A Shifting Tide on Covid Vaccines?

  1. I read about this and checked out Mr. Adams. He seems very unhappy. I don’t really know if he was admitting anything or just being an ass.

    1. Scott Adams is smart character, but he got taken in by the COVID scare. Who didn’t? Now he is slowly coming around to the fact he made a bad choice when he supported a vaccine mandate. His pride is still getting in his way. Fame exacts a high price.

      1. antifa is just the newest version of the brown shirts in germany or the black shirts in italy. they’re the enforcers called upon by those who are really running our country. we only have the illusion of freedom anymore. happened decades and decades ago, but there indeen was a coup in the us to overthrow constitutional government and install a “ruling” elite socialist “progressive” oligarchy

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