In THE THOUGHTLESSNESS OF THE STANDARD LIBERAL DEMOCRAT RESPONSE — PART 1, we considered a comment. We observed that the commenter was trying to make the moral equivalence argument, but we did not take issue with the argument itself. Instead, we observed that commenter was parroting lies.

Here the object is to show that two wrongs don’t make a right.

An example of Conservative news media misrepresentation.

Does the Conservative news media ever mislead us or misinform us? Sometimes.

I have been watching Fox Nation for about six months. So, I had the opportunity to watch Thursday’s (12 January 2023) episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight. Carlson had a little commentary on a clip from the video below.

Apparently, Bill Gates had a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. That relationship even seems to have figured in Gate’s divorce. Using a clip of the video above as evidence, Tucker implied Gates had Epstein knocked off, and he had a guest who said as much. Was that responsible journalism? No.

Why is Epstein dead? Because of his terrible ethical standards, Epstein probably made lots of dangerous enemies. Was that the lesson Gates was referring to? Was Epstein murdered by his enemies? Since Gate’s answer was so ambiguous (He obviously wanted desperately to get off this topic.), the video is not clear. Unfortunately, Judy Woodruff did not bother to ask him to what he meant by “He’s dead. So, in general you always have to be careful.” And that is where Carlson’s clip ends.

Is Gates a good or a bad man? God will decide. Did he break the law or abuse children? Before we reach a conclusion or suggest that he did, we need better evidence than a thoroughly ambiguous answer.

That said, what the Liberal Democrat news media has said about Conservatives, including news media organizations associated with Microsoft, is far more atrocious than what Carlson implied that video suggests. If Gates doesn’t want to be slandered and libeled, then Microsoft Corporation should not involved in hiring journalists who slander and libel other people. What goes around comes around. No matter who does it, lying is wrong.

Tucker Carlson is an outstanding journalist. Is he a hero just because he made one of the world’s richest men? No. In this case Carlson just made himself less credible.

We have to trust, but because so many of us lie we also have to verify.

How do we verify the news? The only thing most of us can do is look at competing news media outlets. Unfortunately, we can be stopped from viewing competing news sources. We call that censorship.

Does censorship exist?

Censorship most certainly exists in places like China and Russia. What about the USA? Well, it is here too. We know from the files that Elon Musk has released since he bought Twitter that our government was working with Twitter to suppress content. Many Conservatives know from personal experience how difficult it is to get referrals from Google. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg admitted that agents from the FBI had visited him, warning of Russian disinformation, when they knew otherwise.

Here is another likely threat, The Trusted News Initiative (TNI). TNI is a group of large companies. They will “tackle harmful disinformation in real time.” What does TNI consider disinformation. Based upon how some of these companies handled disinformation during the COVID pandemic, it seems daring to disagree them is disinformation. That is not a good sign.

disinformation noun

: false information deliberately and often covertly spread (as by the planting of rumors) in order to influence public opinion or obscure the truth

What has TNI, a bunch of big companies acting in unison — essentially a monopoly — done about disinformation? Here are some references. Of course, the big media has buried this story.

To Be Continued

  • Part 3: Conclusion


Add yours

    1. Conservatives may be fairer, but Conservatives don’t have much power. Too many of our elites are corrupt. It is astonishing that Biden got elected. The fact he has not been impeached and tried by the Senate at this point is inexplicably deranged. Think about it.
      — Top secret documents loose in three different locations.
      — Hunter Biden is known to be on the take from China, Russia, and the Ukraine. Joe Biden is clearly receiving a percentage of those ill-gotten gains from his son.
      — The absurdly and criminally inept withdrawal from Afghanistan. We virtually handed this country over to radical Muslim terrorists and Communist China.
      — A wide open border. At least 5 million have entered our country illegally since Biden has been president. We don’t know how many criminals and terrorists have sneaked across unseen. We do know that Biden’s catch and release policy has rendered the Border Patrol almost completely ineffective. Our country is wide open to drugs, human trafficking, and who knows what else.
      — And so forth.

  1. This is a timely post. FYI, the World Economic Forum is holding their annual meeting this week, and their top agenda item is crafting a ‘private-public partnership’ to fight ‘disinformation’.

    1. Private-public partnerships are what distinguishes Nazism from Communism. Nazis control the economy by controlling the “capitalists” in charge of businesses. Communists own businesses outright.

      Because the people in charge of businesses still profit from the companies they “own” (The government owns the owners.), the businesses in Nazi Germany still retained an incentive to make their companies efficient and profitable. Whereas, the government-owned businesses in the USSR were so divorced from the profit motive that fraud, waste, and abuse immediately become rampant.

      Undoubtedly, however, the Nazi economic model would have also failed just as Socialism eventually failed in the USSR. However, when Hitler (and Stalin) dragged the world into WWII, he forced the Allies to destroy the German economy before crony capitalism had time to destroy it.

      Why do we know the German economy was already on the path to ruin? Because the Supreme Leader, Hitler, had so much power, he had little accountability to anyone. Nevertheless, to retain power, he still had to maintain the loyalty of his henchmen, the Nazi elites. Since people are innately greedy, the Nazi elites in Germany would have demanded more and more and more. In their arrogance and greed, they would have done what the communists elites did in the USSR. They would have ground down the people, made slaves of them, and destroyed any incentive to be productive.

      1. Good analysis: though I believe that, postmodern Neo-Naziism, the so-called ‘capitalists’ control the government. I suppose that the effects are the same. The biggest problem is that since the Industrial Revolution is how to keep both Government and Capital from becoming so big that they can’t be controlled and individual rights can’t be effectively enforced.

        Interestingly, during the last CCP Convention, Xi Jinping admitted that the “fraud, waste, and abuse” that you mentioned was a serious problem in China’s managed economy. Their approach has been to try and jack-knife the ‘profit motive’ and replace it with duty to the Nation and Party as a motivation. We’ll see how well that works out for them: that’s basically North Korea’s approach and their economy shows that Commissars don’t typically make good business leaders no matter how fanatically loyal they are.

        1. Totalitarian governments will admit fraud, waste and abuse exists, but they usually use that sort of thing to rally the masses against an imaginary enemy. The government isn’t causing the fraud, waste, and abuse. Enemies of the people are responsible. And, of course, it is the duty of the people to oppose this enemy. Kind of like Democrats using Right Wing White Supremacists and the Rich for their plans never working.

  2. I’ve been following along too Tom and you’ve brought up many good points. I think media bias/censorship is the biggest threat to democracy we’ve seen in our lifetime. The BBC is about as credible as CNN which we know is just a mouthpiece for the Democratic Party. Yes, there are bias issues on the conservative media side too, but this doesn’t pose the same threat. the world is constantly bombarded with left wing narratives from most of the media, entertainment & education markets practically from birth. While we might not agree with them, those of us on the right at least know what the other side stands for and can have a debate without tossing insults because we believe the other side has good intentions but is just wrong in what they think. The left however (in my opinion) don’t about nor understand conservative philosophy and so think anyone who doesn’t believe what they do is evil, dumb, racist, etc….and usually refuses to engage or resorts to insults when they do.

    1. Some on the other side have good intentions, but the people who lead them don’t. When people start trying to shut you up, there is no way to negotiate with them. When people start trying to shut you up, they no longer have any respect for your rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Effectively, you have become their enemy, and you have no rights.

      If we don’t stand up and fight for our rights and the rights of our family, friends, neighbors, and countrymen we will either find ourselves enslaved or exterminated.

  3. I’m following along, Tom. Still chuckling over this part of the comment, “I think you may not understand Tom. Stability and common sense will always win…”

    LOL! Goodness, give me the faith and certainty of an atheist.

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