I wrote about this story yesterday, LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP; THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE. I wish people would vote more carefully and with greater concern for the welfare of their family, friends, neighbors, and countrymen.

What is today post about? What have some other bloggers written?

Twitter Files: Trump Demands Constitution Be Terminated by Nina Bookout focuses on Donald Trump’s reaction. Is Trump calling for the Constitution to be terminated? I doubt it, but we do have a grave problem. We have now have an incompetent and perhaps traitorous man leading our nation. Because the news media and Big Tech refuse to properly report what is going on, about half the country doesn’t see that as a problem. Even though Biden and Harris obviously need to be impeached and thrown in jail, that is not going to happen. The impeachment of and a trial of the guilty is the solution the framers of the Constitution proposed, and it won’t work.

So, what do we do about this mess? If we want to keep our Constitution, then We the People must make the Constitution work. So, I think the first step is to investigate and publicize what happened until the uproar against the people who stole the election is deafening, and our leaders finally impeach Biden and Harris, throw them out of public office, and put them in jail.

Elan Musk’s Sin Conundrum? by RUDY U MARTINKA tackles the larger problem for Elon Musk. Has Musk spent his money well? Will he enjoy playing God as he decides who and who not to censor. As I observed on his post:

I think the whole idea of hate speech is flawed from the get-go. If someone wants to express anti-whateverism, that is okay with me. Now we know how he feels about the subject, and if what he says makes him look ridiculously bigoted, we know his character.

If some guy announces that he is a racist, sexist, religious bigot or whatever, Musk does not have to give him a platform, but he cannot call Twitter a free speech platform and still censor him. If Musk does not want to be held libel for the content on Twitter, then he has to let people post what they want so long as they are not engaged in an illegal activity such as child porn, drug running, human trafficking, and so forth.

Political speech is always hated speech to someone. That is why we have to have 1st Amendment protections for free speech.


One of the problems I have these days is conducting an Internet search to find out what ordinary bloggers have to say about a subject. Even the search function on the WordPress Reader is not especially helpful. Consider what happened when I searched on the following: Elon Musk Matt Taibbi Twitter. The hits that came up seem largely related to blogs trying to attract readers for advertisers.

What were the blogs trying to attract advertisers doing? The were repeating the story highlights. I guess that does help to get the word out. Since the so-called mainstream news media detests what Elon Musk has done, what these bloggers are doing is not important. I also note that many of these posters reside outside the USA. The interest in the Twitter censorship story is international.

Here is a sample.

I did find one blog trying to attract advertisers that tried to portray proof of Twitter’s censorship as no big deal, Elon Musk vicariously publishes internal emails from Twitter’s Hunter Biden laptop drama. There doesn’t seem to be many such posts. I suppose there is a logical reason for that. If something is no big deal, why write about it? I suppose that is why Liberal Democrats just ignore the news they don’t like.

Some of the posters focused on the Indian-American that Musk fired.

Will be interesting to see what happens to Vijava Gadde. I wonder if she will be able to find a job as a censor in the Biden Administration.

Anyway, we need to find some way to get it through the heads of people who vote for Liberal Democrats that censoring the views of the people they disagree with is both wrong and ultimately self-destructive.


    1. Censorship involves suppressing the speech of people we don’t agree with. Fox News is not a social media platform. It just publishes whatever it thinks is the news, and it is not obligated to publicize the views of people its managers don’t agree with.

      Generally, Fox is fairly good about publishing all the facts related to a story. Perfect? I doubt it, but by comparison with CNN it is great. Of course, since CNN is so awful, that is not saying much.

  1. censoring the views of the people they disagree with is both wrong and ultimately self-destructive. (That is exactly what Fox News and the rest of the right wing talking heads try to do so what is the problem?

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