To be a Democrat, we have to uphold some ridiculous beliefs. Here are some examples.

  • Economic competition does not work, especially in education. Only a teacher who belongs to one of the teachers’ unions that prodigiously donate money to Democrats is competent to teach children.
  • We can trust government officials with the power — and rest assured that they won’t abuse that power — to redistribute the trillions of trillions of dollars that make up our nation’s wealth.
  • Our rights consist of the things that government can take from the “rich” and give to “us.”
  • Whereas the Republican Party is the party of the rich and big business, the Democratic Party is the party of the poor, the old, the colored, the disabled, the LGBTQ+, the worker, the woman, and all those other abused minorities. So, it is the Republicans’ fault that the rich keep getting richer, and the poor keep getting poorer.
  • Except when they support Democrats; the Big Tech, Hollywood, and Wallstreet elites are all greedy fat cats.
  • Big Tech and Big Government can be trusted with all our personal information.
  • When Establishment politicians and bureaucrats become fabulously wealthy while they are in public office, that should not make us suspicious. There is no reason whatsoever to wonder why the wealthiest counties in the country surround Washington DC.
  • Government taxation and spending is good for the economy. The more the better.

Please feel free either to object or to add your own examples in the comments.

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  1. Is it not the Republicans who support the use of guns without any restrictions on who can buy and own firearms? Would this not be the obvious first step in reducing a lot of serious crime?

    1. Yes. Of course, it is completely obvious. What conscientious and caring slave master wants his slaves to arm themselves? Don’t slaves know it should be against the law for slaves to arm themselves? Don’t you know that armed and revolting slaves must be captured and crucified? Didn’t the ancient Romans show us how such things should be done?

      Gun ownership has been common in the United States since firearms became affordable. We protect the right to bear arms — the right of self-defense — because we know human beings are tempted by power. At least, the people who founded United States understood that. Since then we have put politicians in charge of the education of our children.

      More people have been murdered by tyrannical regimes than rogue individuals armed with guns. Here is why you don’t understand that.

      A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic. ― Joseph Stalin

      1. You are predictable Tom. For a start in 1791 single-shot rifles, swords, and cannons were the weapons the founding fathers were familiar with and it was relevant for the possibility of invasion from foreign countries and unlawfulness at the time, and you know all of this, but this is your excuse for nutters owning automatic weapons today that fire over a thousand rounds per minute into any school, shopping centre or church when they get angry about someone.

        The fact you believe the US population are slaves is a mystery to me, did the founding fathers call the US citizens slaves and has any politician suggested you are slaves? This actually degrades the fact that real slaves did exist through history and throughout the world wars where they were also called POW’s but most were treated like abused animals. This kind of abuse obviously accounts to why slaves in ancient Rome or anywhere else would have revolted and it is hardly relevant to the US today unless everyone there is getting whipped and abused by government employees.

        Believing the government will try to suppress your democracy and freedoms by implementing a communist system and a dictatorship or anything else is totally irrational thinking considering the world has just witnessed a US insurrection fail recently.

        A single death is one to many in any situation. Stalin killed so many he did not care hence his immoral quote, it appears you hold the US to his standards?

        1. It takes a special permit to own an automatic weapon, even in the USA.

          I am sorry about the reference to Americans as slaves. I forgot that modern Liberals don’t have a sense of humor. I should have expected the sarcasm to go over your head.

          Are there gizmos that allow semiautomatics to be converted into automatic weapons? Yes. The problem with technology it adds complexity. Many politicians are lawyers who have no idea what they are doing. Many other politicians don’t care to do the right thing because the people who elected them have idea what they are doing. In either case, we don’t need ignorant people making up more laws nobody can understand or properly implement.

          The 2nd Amendment of the Constitution was clearly designed to protect the individual’s right to bear arms. In 1776, militias consisted of individuals who showed up for the fight with their own guns and ammo. The founders expected the People — average citizens — to take responsibility for defending their liberty from tyrannical rulers.

          The world really hasn’t changed that much since 1776. You can claim intellectual superiority to America’s founders, and you can use your fright of modern weapons to justify banning gun rights, but we still have more to fear from tyrants with thuggish soldiers than armed neighbors willing to fight at our side.

          Even in today’s world, men and women like Joseph Stalin are not rare. Most of the world still suffers under the rule of totalitarian and authoritarian governments. History has demonstrated repeatedly that tyranny can arise anywhere. Our only protection from tyranny is our willingness to protect each other. Hence, I have no desire to deprive my neighbors of the right to defend themselves. If my neighbors cannot defend themselves, how can they defend myself, my family and my friends?

          If the citizens of relatively free countries expect to keep their liberty, then they must contend for it against those who would take it from them. If you cannot figure that out, then all I can do is pity you for your gullibility.

          Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.– https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Benjamin_Franklin

          1. “Modern Liberals do not have a sense of humour” Well Tom I am not one of your politically categorised slaves. After reading much of your articles and comments for a couple of years I would be extremely surprised you wrote the slaves part of your comment tongue in cheek as you claim. You are so serious and staunch about your political idealism and because there are so many radical gun owners I can see why you fear an uprising and having to shoot at your own countrymen. Fortunately we do not have that problem, this makes us a truly free country.

            Democratic constitutions need to be maintained, this has not happened in the US. We come down very hard on people who abuse the system, we have just done this in regards of our previous Prime Minister. The people vote in the people they want just like any normal democracy, however when they start spouting extremist views or become corrupt they are often removed either by their own party or at the next elections.

            If the Republican party had not become such an extremist party represented by some really ridiculous people saying equally ridiculous things it would have some chance of being your next government, but the party appears to have been split due to extremists views with many of these people angry and armed to the teeth, I must admit I would be hiding under my bed.

            “If the citizens of relatively free countries expect to keep their liberty, then they must contend for it against those who would take it from them. If you cannot figure that out, then all I can do is pity you for your gullibility.”

            I would say all democratic English speaking countries do not have a problem and depend on military action to protect their freedom from invasion and they have no threat from within their own country. The Irish Republican Army were the largest internal threat to Northern Irish people’s democratic freedoms and their lives. The British Army did an effective job in removing that fear.

            I am not gullible, I understand my governments system works, I understand neither I or my children will be gunned down in a shopping centre or I will be shot by my neighbour who owns many guns because he had a mental breakdown. No Tom it is I who has pity for you.

  2. Getting rid of fossil fuels is good for our health, even though it causes energy prices to sky rocket and increases population poverty and death.

    Releasing large amounts of prisoners from jails and getting rid of pesky rules like cash bail and minimum sentencing is good for us, even as violent crimes, drug use and overall societal chaos explodes.

    Big Pharma is bad, bad, bad, except when pushing a novel vaccine with 0 long term studies and side effects piling up like stinky garbage.

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