Religious Freedom: A Two-Way Street

When I read this CONSTITUTIONAL INSURGENT’s post, I began to garner some idea why our country is so divided. We don’t listen to each other, and we don’t try to understand each other.

I don’t think CONSTITUTIONAL INSURGENT understands what the phrase “freedom from religion” means. I don’t think the people who commented on his post understand what the phrase means. Maybe they will get it if I put the shoe on the other foot. What if a Secularist complained about Christians demanding “freedom from Secularism”? Think I ought to advocate this freedom?

Of course, very few Christians have any desire to force Christianity upon anyone. Neither do we have the desire to shut up anyone. Christian Conservatives did not invent that nonsense phrase, “hate speech.” “Hate speech” is an idea invented by Liberal Democrats. Christian Conservatives don’t try to shut people up just because we disagree with what they are saying, which is the point of calling the speech of people we disagree with “hate speech”.

The vast majority of Christians realize that trying to force people to be Christians does not accomplish anything good. The notion that Christians want to force their faith upon others is a Secularist bogeyman. That is why you can write post like the one written by CONSTITUTIONAL INSURGENT.

Libertas and Latte

Yesterday, former V.P. and potential 2024 POTUS candidate employed a typical slogan from his camp, in an interview with Larry Kudlow: “Well, the radical left believes that the freedom of religion is the freedom from religion. But it’s nothing the American founders ever thought of or generations of Americans fought to defend.”

With Kudlow offering his own tired and empty slogan: “These lefties want to scrap religion, Mike Pence, and I think it’s a terrible mistake.”

I would offer that ‘freedom OF religion’ absolutely includes ‘freedom FROM religion’. Tommy J had something to say regarding this as well:

“No man shall be compelled to frequent or support any religious worship, place, or ministry whatsoever, nor shall be enforced, restrained, molested, or burthened in his body or goods, nor shall otherwise suffer, on account of his religious opinions or belief; but that all men shall be free to profess, and by…

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6 thoughts on “Religious Freedom: A Two-Way Street

  1. Ahhh, divisions. So, there are quite a few of us who are not excited about Mike Pence at all. In fact, I had to hold my nose when he was VP. He also failed to stand up when it was important and we needed him.

    You blogger claims Pence, “employed a typical slogan from his camp,” and that pretty much sums up the problem. He is not someone I trust in part because he is not authentic, not real, he is a collection of slogans.

    There are quite a few people within the Republican party who do exactly that, cause me to fear religion might be forced on us. It’s not the religion, it’s the “force” part that worries me. Take for example the “pro-choice Catholic” we currently have as President and how cancel culture, injustice, and retaliation rules the day. That’s a form of religion, too. Absolutely, America is a Christian nation, but how people define what being a Christian means can be as diverse and corrupt as people are.

    1. I have my doubts about Pence, but he struck me as loyal to Trump. What Trump wanted him to do when Congress presided over the 2020 presidential vote count was constitutionally dubious. On the other hand, I have not seen him show much spine on his own.

      People seem to have trouble understanding is that our rights overlap. Whn someone gets up at a public meeting and says something they are exercising their right to free speech. That includes saying a prayer, but some insist they have no such right because belief in God is an offense to them.

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