Make America Great Again (MAGA) is a popular idea in the Republican Party. Why wouldn’t it be? Who wants to live in a country that is not great? Well, there some people, apparently. There are people who have been taught to hate America, but why? I suppose that it is easier to divide and conquer a people who hate each other.

Consider what President Joe Biden said this evening (The speech in the video above starts at about 6 and a half minutes.). Biden is trying to use the attack on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, as an excuse to stoke division and hatred. It is a Big Lie, of course, but why bother with the truth when a convenient lie will work just as well?

Liberal Democrats have near monopolies on the mass media and Big Tech. So, with a week to go they are hoping their lies will spread more rapidly and overwhelm the truth. With desperate lies they are trying preserve control over Congress. Why desperate? What do you think is the chance of some of these people will go to jail if they lose their control over the government?

You think that Biden is being truthful? Then look into the background of Paul Pelosi’s assailant, David DePape. The guy is a nut. He is also an illegal immigrant, a drug abuser, and a nudist activist from Canada. DePape’s political leanings are random at best. Only the most audacious liar would portray DePape as a MAGA Republican inspired by President Donald Trump’s complaints of election fraud. If anything, DePape’s assault on Paul Pelosi illustrates the failure of California Democrats to control crime, but that doesn’t fit Liberal Democrats desired narrative. So, they lie.


  1. Biden’s speeches sort of remind me of Jon Lovitz’ SNL character Tommy Flanagan “Pathalogical Liar”…yeah, that’s the ticket! LOL

  2. The speech was ridiculous and disgusting and obviously campaigning. So called Trump
    Voters, also known as people who didn’t vote for Hillary, are not of one hive mind . We come from many backgrounds and socioeconomic levels. The only issue that matters to most voters is the economy. I think we will see that play out as a win for the republicans.

  3. Tom. Dpig

    The simple issue we need to judge this coming election should be based on the record of the legislators managers performance of accomplishments or failures they chose after we voted Congress into power in 2020, in my opinion.

    Frankly, economic charts and graphs can be manipulated sa,e as people.

    Same as Politicians can be truthful or lie to manipulate .voters..

    We will soon know who voters choose to believe to lead our Nation.

    Hopefully we will choose wise rather than foolish legislators and pathways that will soon effect economics as well as the future for our loved ones and Nation.


    Regards and goodwill blogging…


      1. I don’t follow anyone in power. I judge the merits of what they do and compare as necessary. Primarily I judge their intended moral compass and how they relate. I also believe in mankind to the point that generally speaking, few elected officials wake up in the morning intentionally wanting power to do ill-will toward others. Certainly they could be misguided and be gullible and suffer from the usual faults that the flesh is err to. Biden is not great by any stretch. But the Trumpian MAGA bunch is nothing but lies that are created to justify personal grievance and appalling Right Wing disgruntled bias to the Big Lie when there is no proof. Anyone see any actual plan coming from the GOP to “fix” the economy? Nope. Nada. Nothing. Yet the voters will vote for GOP/MAGA simply because they “think” things will be better for kitchen table economics… and to hell with election count tampering to avoid loss.

        1. It really isn’t that difficult to show that Liberal Democrats did things to steal the election, but Trump is not running. So, I am more concerned about this election.

          Biden is both crooked and incompetent, and Liberal Democrats have supported his policies. Now, because of the election they don’t want to be in the same city with him.

          But you support Biden because he has a plan, even if his plan will break the economy? And what is his plan?

          1. Do I really have to answer that? C’mon, Tom.. you’re smarter than that. A sitting president has about as much influence over economics, much less world economics, as you or I His alleged spending didn’t screw the world economy. One might argue that his decree added to the deficit and that contributed to some small inflationary result.. but that hardly affected the entire economy. Trump had double the deficit spending by the time he left office.
            Anything deeper requires literally an act of Congress.. and Congress is certainly not on the side of the president. The Federal Reserve works independently. So lets get real here. He has no “plan” any more than the MAGA/GOP does.. but the average voter just wants the snow plowed. (That’s a reference to big city mayors.. they get voted out of office if they don’t work with the unions to 1. keep the snow plowed, and/or 2. garbage doesn’t get collected). Voters are fickle. All politics is local.
            All the nation will get when the GOP wins in a week is a vengeful Congress led by the likes of Greene and Jordan to impeach the world… and mindless indirection, confusion, and Trumpian nonsense.

          2. Doug

            That is balderdash! Don’t speak out of both sides of your mouth.

            Liberal Democrats want Socialism. They want the government to be the economy, but they don’t think the government can affect the economy? Seriously?

            In actual fact, what free enterprise requires from the government is security and order. We need to know that our persons and property are safe and that we can voluntarily make binding agreements with each other. That is, government has to facilitate commerce. Unfortunately, Liberal Democrats are facilitating government thievery, not commerce.

            Was Trump perfect? No, but compared to Biden he was great.

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