Why the Atheist Disdain for God?

Silence of Mind analyzes why Atheists have such a high disdain God. His analysis strikes me as quite accurate. Why? Well, read his post and then consider what I have to say next.

How did Silence of Mind end his post?

They hate God because they create God in their own hateful image, literally.

When we create an idol, what do we do? Don’t we make our god in our own likeness. Is that not why some people do such awful things, anything for sex, anything for money, anything to inflate their egos and justify themselves, anything for power, and anything to elevate themselves above others. So, if we disdain God, is it not likely we do so because of the great disdain we have for our self. If we disdain our self, is it not likely we fear God because we believe He will judge us the same way we have judged our self.

Silence of Mind

What is it with atheists and their vociferous loathing of God? Why the mania over what in their minds, does not exist? In fact, atheists refuse to know who God is, such is their hatred for him. As an example, I refer the reader to the last post at The Spartan Atheist blog entitled, “Fred is Real.”

The Spartan Atheist conjures up a ridiculous, insulting, imaginary conversation and then assigns God to the insulting, ridiculous image presented in the imaginary conversation. This is problematic for the following reasons:

  1. It is obviously, objectively stupid. What if I made up an insulting, ridiculous, conversation about an imaginary Spartan Atheist; and then assigned to the real Spartan Atheist the insulting, ridiculous, imaginary conversation? After which, I told everyone, “See, that’s what Spartan Atheist is like! He is a ridiculous person, so ridiculous in fact, that he doesn’t even exist.” Such is obviously, objectively…

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31 thoughts on “Why the Atheist Disdain for God?

  1. Tom and SOM, I’m not an atheist here… but I think I can answer the general question. Atheists seem to “hate” and speak out against a “God they don’t believe to exist” because of what they perceive as the negative real world effects of people believing in God (admittedly a generic idea to them) and actually acting on what He/She/It tells them to do, how they should behave, what they should say, and what “causes” they should be vocal and active about in the public sphere. I realize that their “perceptions” may not fit the Reality of what we believe and do, or what God “actually” says. But they don’t care, because… again, they don’t believe God actually exists. They “fight against God” because they’re fighting against US… those who believe, not really against “a God they don’t believe in” at all.
    I think the answer isn’t making atheists our enemies and demonizing them. But continuing to share the Gospel, pray for them, and try to reverse the False Stereotyping and “perceptions” of what we believe and how we act on those believes. Continuing to treat them as “enemies” and attack them as such is both counterproductive and, if I may say, against the Gospel of Love and Redemption that we say we preach. “We wrestle NOT against Flesh and Blood” applies to Atheists too. Long answer short… We need to do a better job of Preaching and Relating the Gospel… and a much better job of Representing our Saviour, Jesus Christ and our Father God. Just my 2 cents, fwiw.- Barabbas

    1. Barabbas Me

      Check out pkadams comment (https://citizentom.com/2022/11/01/why-the-atheist-disdain-for-god/comment-page-1/#comment-105136) and my reply.

      The Bible has much to say about scoffers, that is Atheists. When we deny God exists, we make ourselves enemies of God. See the passage starting at Romans 1:18.

      Silence of Mind and I did not do anything other than observe what motivates people who already hate us.

      Did we demonize Atheists? Does the Bible demonize Atheists? No and No. Look at history and the way our ancestors have fought each other. Look at a place a place like China. People without the Holy Spirit can be quite awful, and they are, but they harm themselves far more than they harm anyone else.

      1. The Tone and Tenor of comments and posts says volumes. On that I’m sure we can agree. If you honestly look back on the original post and yours, with how you refer to Atheists, and how you treat them, regardless of how they’ve treated you, I think will have a different perspective. If not… sorry i cant help you. Cheers -barabbas

        1. Barabbas

          There are two kinds of people in the world. There are those who have repented and accept Jesus as their Savior, and there are those who still have not done so. Nevertheless, we have no way of knowing who Jesus has saved. Human beings, whether Jesus has saved them or not, don’t appear to be much different. When Jesus saves us, His work in us has just begun.

          Still, when we refuse to repent and accept Jesus as our Savior, we do know that when we die we will go to Hell. Further, logic suggests that if we deny the even the existence of God, then we are going to refuse to repent and accept Jesus as our Savior.

          Atheism is illogical and self-destructive. Since the Bible plainly states that much we should do so as well.

          Are you uncomfortable with stating the truth plainly? Well, here is one of the tasks of apologetics.

          Restrain evil. Calvin argued that one value of apologetics was to “stop the mouths of the obstreperous.” Here apologetics, though not able to convert the infidel, can restrain the unbeliever from unbridled assault against the faith. (from https://www.crosswalk.com/church/pastors-or-leadership/an-apology-for-apologetics-11531708.html)

          Consider how some Christians become martyrs. Those who hear them take offense and kill them. Are we supposed to shut up just because people don’t like what we have to say? The apostles refused. Remember that they pointed out who was responsible for the execution of the Messiah. The members of the Sanhedrin did not like hearing that, not one bit.

  2. I certainly do not hate atheists. I feel sad for them because they are lost and condemned but stubbornly refuse to see the evidence for a creator all around them. Some of my good friends are atheists. People I know I’m real life. They are nice people. They have children. They aren’t hateful but they are going to be judged for rejecting God’s free gift of salvation. They will not be with me in the eternal kingdom. It breaks my heart!

    1. Fantastic PK, someone who recognises atheists are just normal people. We like peace, love people and have morals just as much as any Christians. Thank you.

  3. You are all deluded. You find excuses to hate atheists but you do not know any atheists, you just think you do. Get it in your small theist minds that atheists do not believe in any gods, that’s it, pretty damned simple stuff but that is totally ignored by you we have to be the evil enemy so you make up as much goddamned shite as your QAnon masters.

    1. I never even heard of QAon until someone like you told me about it. So, who is making up stuff?

      The word Atheist means something. If you are an Agnostic, then call yourself that. As it is, you are calling yourself an Atheist, and that means you deny the existence of God.

      Disbelief, BTW, is the opposite of belief. Disbelief is the refusal to believe.

      1. Ok Tom, maybe you do not follow the QAnon BS but many Trump supporters obviously do. Considering we have only assumed we know how each other thinks and behaves how can we possibly be accurate?

        I should always use the word unbelief, thank you for pointing out how “disbelief” or “do not believe” are technically the wrong terms.

        1. Sklyjd

          Liberal Democrats don’t have anything to run on. That is because their focus has been upon rewarding themselves for winning the last election using the taxpayers’ money, and then some. You are familiar with that tax we call inflation?

          The main people focusing upon QAnon are Liberal Democrats. Why? Supposedly QAon involves some crackpot conspiracy theory. I have no idea whether it is crackpot or not. I don’t even remember what QAnon is all about. My Conservative friends and I have never even bothered to discuss it. We don’t care. However, Liberal Democrats have decided the only way that they can win the next election is to “prove” Republicans are extremists, and QAnon believers are supposedly extremists, at least according to the Liberal Democrat news media, and those people can’t be believed. So, give it a break. If you cannot discuss serious issues intelligently, then you are wasting our time.

          If you are an Agnostic, then call yourself that. Don’t like that word? I had a friend on the Internet, a brilliant and thoughtful fellow, who called himself a non-theist. He admired the Bible. He had married a Christian lady he loved deeply, but he could not bring himself to believe in the divinity of Jesus or the existence of God. Because he refused to believe in miracles, Thomas Jefferson had a similar problem. I don’t know what our Lord does with such people. I just know how long it took me to get to the point where I believe.

          Everyone has their own personal battle, and that seems how it must be. Some people, unfortunately, pridefully insist upon forcing others to believe what they believe. That just leads to conflicts and millions of suffering souls. Solves nothing.

          1. “You are familiar with that tax we call inflation?” Yeah Tom, I think the whole world is going through the same inflation process if you would take the time to notice rather than use it as a political football. QAnon does have crackpot conspiracies as you suggest and they are proudly displayed on shirts and flags at Trump rallies, therefore Democrats must find it easy to prove their claims of Republican extremism.

          2. Inflation is a worldwide problem. It is an unfortunate fact of life that politicians spend more money than they should, but Biden administration has spent trillions rewarding its donors.

            I have been to multiple Trump rallies, including several large ones in Washington DC. One of the reasons I don’t trust the Liberal Democrat news media is because of the way they covered those rallies. They lied about us. Instead of being news reporters, they serve as lying propagandists.

            You don’t believe me? So?

          3. So the Democratic news media dressed people in trump colours at his rallies with QAnon shirts etc just to make trump supporters look bad, just like they set them up for the invasion of the Capitol Building, but the Republican news outlets are always honest and unbiased, just like Fox and Mr Hannity 🙂

          4. Are you that naive? Don’t you know that some people just present that part of the news that they want you to see and hear?

            Tens and sometimes hundred of thousands attended Trump’s rallies. Even an individual on the ground could only see a small part of crowd that size at any one time. A photographer, even an honest one, would have to be selective about what he chose to broadcast to present a true picture of the crowd. A dishonest photographer would just have to take a bit more time to misrepresent what he saw.

            You still don’t understand? Consider an old poem, “The Blind Men and the Elephant” by John Godfrey Saxe (1816-1887). I used it in this post, https://citizentom.com/2014/02/11/the-difficulty-of-considering-anothers-point-of-view/.

            In any large crowd there will be some fools. When I attended the demonstration in Washington DC after the 2020 election on Jan 6, there were some fools in the crowd. When Trump gave his speech, he specifically called for a peaceful demonstration, but there were some fools there with their own agenda. Well before Trump finished his speech (The fools apparently did not care what Trump had to say.), the fools started attacking the Capitol. Thanks to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the mayor of DC, the Capitol was poorly defended, and the fools got in.

            It is a matter of record that Trump offered thousands of National Guard troops to defend the Capitol and Pelosi and the mayor refused.

          5. Overseas media are not of your American political bias and they show the size of the crowd not just a small portion of the crowd, such as our Australian networks and the BBC, one of the most trusted media in the US and all these media do their best to protect their reputable status.

            It is all well and good to get on the blame the media meme, but in the case of the Capitol building with the amount of cell phone and media coverage there is overwhelming footage of a massive crowd of fools. How can any sane person deny any of this occured, especially when a Trump supporter was shot and a policeman died from injuries and at least two other policemen with psychological problems died from suicide a few days later?

            Trump never offered Pelosi National Guard, there is no evidence he did and Pelosi has no powers to reject or accept assistance from the armed services. Why would Trump ask Pelosi, he should have sent them anyway as he knew what was about to take place?

          6. Yeah! Sure! Makes perfect sense! When government funded media tells us to trust the government, we should trust the government. Not!

            To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical. — Thomas Jefferson

            There is nothing new about these debates.

            Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle… Perhaps an editor might begin a reformation in some such way as this. Divide his paper into four chapters, heading the 1st, Truths. 2d, Probabilities. 3d, Possibilities. 4th, Lies. The first chapter would be very short. — Thomas Jefferson

            When we learn about history in government-run schools, we won’t learn enough. Therefore, we are too likely to repeat the mistakes of the past.

          7. You don’t trust government, but you trust Hannity, what sort of logic is that Tom? I do not know about your schooling in the US but I went to government schools like most of the population in NZ does and it gave me a good understanding of world history among other things.

          8. I trust Hannity? You did not read the second quote, did you?

            Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. ― George Santayana

            Some say that is not quite correct.

            History Does Not Repeat Itself, But It Rhymes — from https://quoteinvestigator.com/2014/01/12/history-rhymes/

            There is nothing new about the things that you I believe in. Therefore, we can look into the past get some idea how well our ideas have worked. You have not done that.

          9. The “The Blind Men and the Elephant” you used in your post is interesting and I expect for the times in 1816 John Godfrey Saxe had it spot on. I suggest that today one of the blind men or all of them could do some serious investigation if disagreement arises. The media outlets are all tared by the same brush through Trump and his followers that is why they turn to QAnon and entertainment media, therefore they have been manipulated or brainwashed into baseless conspiracies.

  4. Thank you for the reblog!

    Along with projection, atheists are obsessive with the need to rig their failed arguments in their favor. If you go to their blogs and present effective counter arguments, you will be banned, deleted and/or edited. Atheists will even edit Christian comments to make Christians look bad and atheists look good.

    Rigging arguments is cheating. It is immoral. Yet atheists lie and cheat routinely without remorse.

    If we look at our government, media, social media, public education system, we see atheists at work.

    1. I think there are some who don’t believe in Jesus who still pay attention to the moral law that God has placed in our heart, but once we deny the existence of God we have crossed a dangerous threshold. We lose the capacity to reason properly.

      When we deny God’s existence, that is clearly illogical. We believe as fact something we cannot prove. Such people tend to believe what they wish. So, even though they act insulted and can’t explain how it would work, they still claim they can uphold a decent moral code and deny God’s existence.

  5. Yep, I’m pretty much in agreement. Atheists tend to create God in their own image and then promptly reject him as being unworthy. It makes me crazy.

    We people tend to project ourselves onto others, even God. You have to be careful because often what you dislike and judge in others is going to be something you dislike in yourself. The cure for that is to repent of whatever is giving you grief, but atheists don’t yet have that tool.

    1. Projection is what it is.

      Democrats are famous for accusing their opponents of doing exactly what they are doing themselves. That is supposedly clever, but it isn’t. It is just the assumption that the other guy could not possibly be a better person that “I” am. I think that is one reason the Bible admonishes us to think of others as better than our self. The possibility that the other guy is committing the same sins that “I” am guilty of isn’t going to excuse anyway. We have to repent. There is no getting around it.

    2. Atheists only hear theist claims of what image and form your God exists, atheists do not create any gods only theists can do that, and that maybe is what makes you crazy:)

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