Since I don’t live in Georgia, I suppose those of you who are familiar with this blog wonder why I posted the video above. Well, I am something of a political junky. So, I am somewhat familiar with this contest, and the reports I heard about the debate were quite interesting.

Are you familiar with the term “weasel.” Politicians are famous for weaseling around questions. What does that mean? Here is the definition of the word “weasel” when it is used as a verb.

weasel verb

weaseled; weaseling\ ˈwēz-​liŋ

, ˈwē-​zə-​ \

Definition of weasel (Entry 2 of 2)

intransitive verb

1 : to use weasel words : equivocate

2 : to escape from or evade a situation or obligation —often used with out

transitive verb

: to manipulate shiftily

The reports I heard said Warnock did a lot of weaseling whereas Walker provided straightforward answers and did well in the debate. That I had to see, and it was well worth watching.

  • Both candidates appeared to be alert, self-controlled, and prepared. So, they were able to give good performances.
  • Topics covered a wide variety of issues including: abortion, the economy, national defense, and criminal justice. Nonetheless, in spite of the short time frame, the candidates clearly distinguished their differences.

So, Georgians, in particular, would find this debate well worth watching.

Note that the debate recorded above is the only one in which Walker agreed to participate (see Warnock-Walker debate: How to watch Georgia Senate candidates). Of course, after Walker performed unexpectedly well, and Warnock and his news media allies had to do something. So, they staged a debate in which Walker would have little interest participating, Raphael Warnock debates Libertarian Chase Oliver as Herschel Walker declines invitation (

Why would Walker want nothing to do with this second debate?

  • The organization sponsoring the debate was Atlanta Press Club. The news media is largely a bunch of Liberal Democrats. Republicans have been complaining for years that their candidates behave foolishly when they participate in such biased forums.
  • Libertarians usually only get a small percentage of the vote, and those votes usually come from Republicans. So, Walker has nothing to gain by giving Oliver, the Libertarian, free publicity. His opponent, however, has much to gain.


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  1. Tom,

    Weasel is only one description of politicians to avoid truthful answers.

    Another is fear mongers by Democrats advertising to women concerned with the issue of abortion by the Democrats in Illinois to vote for them tor be jailed for having and abortion even though, at the same time, Illinois is advertising to other States that Illinois direction is to become the Capital of all States to perform abortions.


    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. Demagogues move the discussion to fears, jealousies, and animosities. The is what identity politics is all about. That is what Socialism is all about. Instead of focusing our attention on what is good for the country, demagogues puff up our egos. Then, with a bait and a switch we suddenly find ourselves asking what is in it for me.

      Half of the Federal Budget is Social Security and Medicare because old people vote. What are we old people voting for? Is it what is good for our children?

  2. Great post. Great coverage of current events. It makes philosophical types like me feel like we need a new calling.

    Only the dead and the brain dead will vote Democrat this November. That’s my take away from your masterful exposition.

    1. Thanks. That’s more praise than I deserve, but I am happy to receive it.

      Looking forward to your next post. Our biggest problem is fundamental. People have their philosophical beliefs all fouled up.

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