Mushroom cloud from the atomic explosion over Nagasaki rising 18,000 m (59,000 ft) into the air on the morning of August 9, 1945. (from

What is going on in Washington DC? From the get-go, President Joe Biden’s foreign policy has been just plain weird. He tried to walk away from Afghanistan without even getting our people out. Now, instead of trying to work out a peaceful solution for the Ukrainian conflict with the leader of Russia, Vladimir Putin, Biden seems to be determined to run Putin out of office. Why such a crazy quest?

There is an old movie, Wag the Dog (1997) (plot), that the Liberal Democrat news media loves to bring up when we have a Republican president. Supposedly, Republican leaders are willing to risk starting a war to distract us from their incompetence.

Are Liberal Democrats and their news media allies willing to risk a nuclear war to distract us from Biden’s vast incompetence?

What do you think?


  1. Tom,

    We need to vote for Conservatives n the upcoming election to tie down or Biden from wagging the tale and risk a nuclear war..

    Frankly it will be hard to find many voters support for USA entering another foreign conflict after the last three failures in recent times, in my opinion..

    We cannot even find enough persons to enlist into the services this past year. There is a 25 percent shortfal in the USA Army enlistment quota this year.
    Even the Russian youth are fleeing rather than serve same as in Vietnam conflict. Hopefully,

    Lets pray that Putin is only wagging his tale on using nuclear in Ukraine.. .

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. With Liberal Democrats in charge, Conservatives don’t want to be in the military. Most Liberal Democrats make lousy soldiers. They don’t have a clear notion of what it is they are fight for.

  2. Of course they are willing to do that Tom, no question. Whether it’s incompetence or something more sinister, the Biden Administration is shattering all the things that made us wealthy, civilized and strong as a country.

  3. The answer is ‘yes’—human life (excepting their own) means nothing to these people. They had no issue setting off the Scamdemic False Flag in 2020—that year alone should prove that they’ll burn the country (or the world) down to keep their power.

    As for using wars on fake grounds to win elections, they’ve been doing that since Bush 41. Panama (Noriega supposedly threatened the Canal Zone); Serbia (mass-graves that didn’t exist and ethnic cleansing that wasn’t happening); Iraq (non-existent WMDs); Libya (they didn’t even bother making up a reason), etc.

    My biggest fear is that they’ll set off the bomb and blame Russia (like they used poison gas in Syria to blame Assad). A nuclear explosion would give them a pretext to impose a Scamdemic-like ‘State of Emergency’

    1. When a thug demands your money or your life, and he has a gun pointed at you things do get interesting. Just how much is your pride worth?

      Have I proposed a reward? A fig leaf is not much of a reward.

      If the Ukrainians had not fought so well and so hard, the Biden administration would not have done anything. What would I suggest? Let Putin keep no more than those territories he had before Biden took office. Since he was going to keep those territories anyway, and he already had them, recognizing Russia’s sovereignty over something they had already conquered is not much of a reward. Insisting that Russia withdraw its troops from the other areas is a slap in the face.

      Note that Ukraine has demonstrated that Russia’s military is third rate. That is in fact an enormous loss of face.

      Note also that Putin has a huge incentive to bargain. They are losing ground. If there is no ceasefire until a deal is signed, Russia will most sign anything that gives them cover.

      The main thing to do during the negotiations is to make it clear (without saying so) that Putin is negotiating from a position of weakness. That display of weakness will eventually destroy him. The Russians may not be much good at protecting individual rights, but they do insist upon their tyrants being strong.

  4. I remember that movie, “Wag the Dog.” and you are so right. This president is nothing more than a puppet intent on getting everyone vaccinated. I wonder if the vaccine might just be Kool Aid, laced with something else.

  5. Geopolitical power struggles and energy realignment is not pretty. I think the US will do whatever it takes to stay on top. This is probably necessary to prevent even worse evils .

    1. I don’t pretend understand everything that is going on, but I think the simple explanation for most of what the Biden administration has done is incompetence and corruption. We are definitely not doing whatever it takes to stay on top, and brinksmanship is awful way to conduct foreign policy.

      While we are giving up on fossil fuels, China, India and many other countries are not. In fact, the Biden administration cuts production here. Then they run to our enemies and beg to buy fuel. That makes no sense.

      Meanwhile, to keep prices up, OPEC is cutting production because demand is going down due to stagnating economies in the West. We are destroying our own economies. Why?

      In all likelihood, Russia would agree to peace settlement in return for Ukraine staying out of NATO and for keeping some of the Ukrainian regions where the inhabitants are primarily ethnically Russian anyway. If Russians want to be part of Russia, what is the problem?

      The Ukrainians have beaten Putin. To cover his losses, he needs a fig leaf. If Ukraine gives up something he already has, what is the problem?

    2. FYI: Keep a close eye on China right now. The CPC is holding a special session this month and there are a lot of rumors swirling around in China that Xi Jinping may fall and be replaced by hardliners.

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