As usual, Republicans have trouble with messaging, but they try. The less dictatorial the leadership, the more difficult it is to get people to agree on anything. Want a silly example? takes us to Apparently, Speaker To Be Kevin McCarthy did not want the document here, I don’t know exactly why, but politics are often inscrutable. Politicians are hard to lead, and they often don’t tell us everything we want to know.

Yet Democrats don’t seem to have that problem. Their leaders put together huge bills, and Democrat politicians vote for those bills, and they don’t even have to read what they are voting for. Isn’t that great?

Of course, that is not great. So, let’s put the sarcasm aside. The Republican Commitment To America is worth reading. Please share it with your friends. That is that only way to get it pass Google, Facebook, Twitter, and the like. The so-called mainstream news media won’t publicize it, and 70% of Republican campaign emails go to spam on Google Mail, compared to just 10% of Democrat campaign emails (statistics from the The Republican Commitment To America).

Here is some the talk out there.

Is The Republican Commitment To America doable? That depends upon us. We must strive to elect leaders who will let us work to build a strong economy, let us make America a safe place for our families, let us prepare our children for a bright future, and let us provide ourselves with leaders who serve us instead of using us.

Why should we support The Republican Commitment To America? In addition to defining the problem, Republicans propose solutions, and the solutions look much like what Donald Trump did and was trying to do when he was president.

Note something critical. If we want to see The Republican Commitment To America implemented, then we must vote for Republicans, and we must fight to nominate the best Republicans we can. It is not enough to vote in the general election. We must participate in nomination Republican candidates. That is the only way to get rid of the RINOs who say one thing when they are running for office and do something else after we vote for them.

Can we affect the nomination process this year? No. We have run out of time, but we can get ready for the future. We can visit our local Republican Party office, and we can join up. Now is as good a time as any to figure out how our political system works and to learn how we can participate in the process of electing our public officials.

We learn by doing something. We learn on the job. As good citizens, it is our job to elect good and competent people to lead us. Hopefully, The Republican Commitment To America helps to motivates the citizens of America to be good citizens.


  1. I hesitate to view the many links on this subject, choosing to view The Republican Commitment to America. Now, having just heard the many promises proposed, these persons assume that the upcoming elections won’t be the victim of more fraudulent results.
    We still have not made any effort to discard vulnerable digital voting and return to paper ballots.
    Much of the discussion also seemed very similar to Trump’s ‘Contract with America’.
    Of note was Dr. James Nelson, who made the very profound statement – “My heart tells me that this country will never be great again until we make it God’s again” Time point in the video 1:10:36.

    1. Forget who said this. “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”

      It isn’t the job of our politicians to “make it God’s again.” That is something American citizens must do.

  2. Tom,

    Well thought out post. However, in my opinion most voters won’t make an effort to read the source links and make discerning choices. Instead, they will vote for whoever they feel will provide better opportunities for them, their race, or pocket books.

    What might change this sad fact is if there was made available a list of issues and questions similar to the group you were with in Virginia, because it takes a lot of time and effort for one voter to do on his or her own.

    Sad. Instead, voters will continue to make their selections by their perceptions of a political party or tv or radio advertisement or a sign with an ethnic name they were born with in the last week before an election who they perceive to be a better provider for them to benefit personally, or racially, or pocketbooks

    And professional politicians know well how to divide and conquer voters at election time how to win elections or be re-elected. Politicians also know many voters have short memories, so they time all their promises to take effect just before election date..

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. One thing to keep in mind. If Republicans can affect 5 percent of the vote with the Commitment to America, then the idea worked. 5 percent is most likely a win.

  3. Excellent presentation. Allow me to sum it all up — The Republican Commitment To America is what it always has been … Tax cuts for the rich, Government benefits cuts for everybody else.

    1. Well, I cannot stop you from trying to sum it all up, but I can point out that you didn’t actually do any such thing.

      It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so. — Ronald Reagan

      Donald Trump’s tax cuts helped low wage earners more than they helped anyone else.

      What happens when we tax corporations? Those corporations pass the cost of their taxes onto their customers.

      What happens when we put high taxes on corporations? Those corporations move out of our country. If a corporation wants to compete, they have to keep the cost of doing business down. Taxes are one of the costs of doing business, and the companies with the lowest costs are the most competitive.

      1. Nothing Reagan said ever made any sense and it is because of his actions that we are now paying higher utility bills so the rich Republicans get richer and everybody else pays the price.

        1. Given what you just said, you are in no position to say that nothing Reagan ever said made sense. Of course, that won’t stop you.

          We are paying higher utility bills because it is more expensive generate electricity with windmills and solar panels. Even elected Democrats admit that. They are trying to drive up prices. What is weird is they think it okay to buy fossil fuels so long as those fuel don’t come from American wells and mines. That is the insane nonsense you apparently voted for.

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