Liberal Democrat politicians supposedly hate defense spending. War is wasteful. War kills people. War is immoral. Do Liberal Democrat politicians actually hate defense spending?  Well, we do know that Liberal Democrat politicians like buy votes. That’s why we hear arguments like this.

  • I don’t believe in war. If “you” can tax me to kill people, “I” can tax you to help the needy and elderly.
  • We waste more money on foolish wars than we spend on education.
  • Global Warming is a bigger threat to humanity than Communist China or Putin’s Russia.
  • Healthcare is a human right.

It is interesting to check out from time to time. What was government (federal+state+local) spending like in FY 2021? Here are just a few numbers.

  • Health care $1.98 trillion
  • Welfare $1.67 trillion
  • Pensions inc. SoSec $1.55 trillion
  • Education $1.42 trillion
  • Defense $1.04 trillion
  • Interest $0.47 trillion
  • Transportation $0.41 trillion
  • Protection $0.34 trillion
  • Gen. Government $0.22 trillion
  • Other Spending $0.95 trillion
  • TOTAL Spending $10.04 trillion

At $1.04 trillion, defense spending was not even a quarter of the Federal Budget, which was $6.8. trillion. With respect to total government spending, Pensions, Health care, Education, and Welfare rate as higher priorities. With respect to Federal spending, Education still remains a lower priority, but that is just because Liberal Democrats have not yet nationalized our education system.

What about this year’s budget? Check out You are viewing FY 2022 spending by Budget Function (, a Federal Government website. Our government is on track to spend $7.2 trillion. Only 14.6 percent of that spending will be defense spending. is actually fairly easy to use. So, please check it out before everything on it is hidden.

What about spending on environmental causes? Well, the thoroughly misnamed Inflation Reduction Act (Infrastructure Reduction Act would be more appropriate.) does not reduce inflation, but it does involve lots of spending and new taxes (see Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 ( That includes $369 billion in new “energy security” and “climate change” investment.

Investment? Who in their right mind would trust a politician to “invest” their own money? How does Congress get away with “investing” taxpayer funds. Is the problem that we foolishly think of that money as other people’s money? Have you stopped to think how much you pay in taxes? Is the return on “investment” worth it?

Keep in mind two things.

  • The average member of Congress is a lawyer. Lawyers may be smart people, but even scientists can only guess whether the technology they “invest in” will end up being a good investment. Moreover, the main concern of too many of our elected officials is getting the donations they need to run for office, not properly investing our money.
  • Too many of our elected officials become quite rich in public office. That strongly suggests we should not be trusting these people to “invest” our money. Think! When our leaders are not all that wise, smart, or trustworthy, why would we want them picking winners and losers in the marketplace with our money?

Can we use either solar power or windmills to replace fossil fuels? Are electric cars really a good idea? What designs should we use? Which companies have the best designs? Are the people who represent us in Congress actually competent to make such decisions? Why do we trust them with such power? Why is it necessary? Why should the American marketplace on government money to fund innovation?

Supposedly, it is better to waste money on environmental spending than it is to spend our money on national defense. Do Democrat politicians ever reduce defense spending? Over the long term? No. What they do is threaten to reduce defense spending if we don’t grow the Federal Budget to cover more of their give-away programs.

When they want more money to spend, Democrat politicians signal their supposedly pure virtue by attacking defense spending. Then, to buy votes they waste money on Socialist programs that would be less costly and more effective if left in the private sector or at least managed entirely by local governments.

Would Democrat politicians, if they could, ever reduce defense spending? Perhaps, but most people in the United States do not want to see our country overrun by foreign military forces. Unfortunately, whenever a Democrat takes over the White House, that Democrat president almost inevitably get us involved in some war we could have avoided, and he does not seem to know how to end it.

Consider what is happening in Ukraine, for example. With criminal ineptitude President Biden abandoned Afghanistan. Putin saw Biden’s weakness, and he attacked Ukraine. Fortunately, Putin underestimated Ukraine. So, because the Ukrainians are fighting well, we have had the opportunity to arm Ukraine, and we have spent tens of billions.

In fact, the only reason the situation remains hopeful is that the Russian military is not fighting well, and the Ukrainians are. Consider.

In the video above, Ret. Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg criticizes the Biden administration. Why? Biden has not yet made up his mind about whether he wants to win. Deciding to win is the fundamental first step to winning, but Democrats don’t care about what is happening in Ukraine. What they care about is spending our money and enlarging their own personal wealth and power. Nothing else explains all the lies, deceit, and fumbling coverups.

Consider again the hypocrisy of using defense spending as an excuse to tax people and spend their money on social programs. If “you” don’t believe war can be justified — if you believe government should only help people — why would “you” threaten to punish your fellow citizens? Why would seize the property of your neighbors and throw them in jail if they refuse to pay their taxes?

That is the kind of wacko nonsense that makes Liberal Democrats popular with some people. Instead of telling us the truth, that ordinary taxpayers will pay, Democrat politicians promise they will make those selfish “rich” people pay, but do the “rich” ever pay? Don’t income taxes actually target those who earn a decent wage? Doesn’t everyone who earns any kind of salary, including the poor, pay payroll taxes?  Don’t the rich hire accountants, tax attorneys, and lobbyists so that they can avoid high taxes? Isn’t the tax code a mess because Congress provides so many loopholes?

Is defense spending justifiable? Do We the People have the right to tax people to pay for policemen judges, and military forces? Of course, we do. Without policemen judges, and military forces, we have no way to protect each other’s God-given rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Anarchy will not work. We know enough about human nature to fear the chaos that would result if we did not have a government to protect us from each other. But there is a problem. How do we control our government?

Is spending on social programs justifiable? Instead of just calling Conservatives selfish, is it not time we actually had that debate? What necessitates the need to force people to pay taxes so that government officials can show how much they care by transferring other people’s wealth to their voters? Politicians need to buy votes? If that is not the best reason Liberal Democrats have to offer, what is it?


  1. You ask good questions. You also make some very good points. What remains to be seen is how many voting citizens in the United States are listening. J.

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