Raid Makes Him Stronger

After years of persecution by the FBI and other Federal security agencies, instead assuming Donald Trump did anything wong, most people now just conclude that Democrats are at it again. Democrats diehards (including those in the news media) and Trump haters won’t give up.

Check out the comments too. The comments induce both jawdropping and eye rolling.

In Saner Thought

Over 300 classified documents found at Mar-a-Lago…..

The latest New York Times story about the FBI’s Mar-a-Lago raid revolves around a key number: 300. As in, that’s how many classified documents the government has retrieved in total from former President Trump since he left office. The first was a batch of 150 recovered by the National Archives from Trump’s Florida estate early in the year, followed by a second set turned over by Trump aides in June. The number of sensitive documents in play after these first two retrievals “ignited intense concern at the Justice Department” and prompted the FBI’s search of Mar-a-Lago this month, during which another 11 boxes of classified material was retrieved.

The Times account is the most specific to date on the volume of classified documents Trump took with him from the White House, some of which had the highest level of classification. Trump’s defenders have…

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12 thoughts on “Raid Makes Him Stronger

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  1. Thanks for sharing. These nutcases are really entertaining. After 5 years of bogus Russia collusion stories and leaks by “anonymous sources” which turned out to be pure phantasy, all published by the NYT and WAPO, these crazies have learned nothing. They so desperately want it to be true that Trump is a criminal, that they believe any garbage the NYT and WAPO publishes. Russia Hoax 2.0.

    1. We human beings definitely have our problems. Without God to guide and restrain us, in our arrogance we sin. That is, we do stupid and hurtful things both to ourselves and others.

      So, are these guys nutcases and crazies? I doubt it. Consider that old Ronald Reagan quote.

      It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.

      Where do Liberals acquire all their disinformation and misinformation? It begins with the public education run by scheming politicians and continues with a mass media run by crony capitalists.

      The bureaucrats, professors, artists, and advertisers who run public education and the mass media have had decades to craft a comprehensive and compelling imessage. At this point they have a well developed political/religious ideology which many call Secular Humanism, and many Liberal Democrats have invested a lot of energy and faith in their beliefs and their political priesthood. So, it is extremely difficult to dissuade them of their beliefs.

      Contemplate what Socrates said about the unexamined life. It isn’t worth living, but Socrates people killed him because they couldn’t stand to hear his questions.

      When we look carefully at the things we have always assumed to be true, it hurts.

      1. In this context I used “nutjobs” and “crazies” to describe persons who are so obsessed with something, who are so fanatical and who are so consumed by raw emotions that they act irrartional and stupidly and that hey believe the craziest things.
        What you say about propaganda, indoctrination all true.
        That doesn’t explain the different behaviour of people who are subjected to the same propaganda, to the same culture, to the same political system.
        In any system (dictatorship, democracy, republic, fascism, marxiism, stalinism etc.) you will have the people who are trying to live a normal, decent life as much as the system allowes it and you will have the fanatics, the obsessed who, consumed by their emotions and sometimes evil, perverse desires, are going to extremes, are thinking and acting completely irrational and often inhumanly.

        You have the friendly shop owner who asks you politely to wear a mask and you have the nutjob screaming in your face that you are a murderer who’s gonna kill everybody.

        You have the Russian worker who’s trying to get by and live in peace and you have his evil neighbour who’s spying on everybody, delighting in the fact that he helped liquidating another enemy of the revolution.

        You have the German who’s not buying into the Jew hatred and doesn’t see any Jew and you have the fanatical Jewhater who is looking to find Jews to send them to Auschwitz.

        Propaganda yes but there are differences in personality.

        1. That doesn’t explain the different behaviour of people who are subjected to the same propaganda, to the same culture, to the same political system.

          Are you certain you are making a true assumption. We are not subject to the same propaganda and the same culture. Here is a straightforward example. Are Liberal Art students subject to the same propaganda and pressures as science and engineering students?

          We live in a diverse society, and I don’t mean that the way Liberal Democrats do.

          Two factors drive the vast majority of behavioral differences, genetics and environment. It is often quite difficult to distinguish those two influences, and I have no idea how to measure the role of the Holy Spirit.

          1. I am pretty certain. I can break this down even to the family level. Several kids from the same family, exposed to pretty much the same environment, going to the same school, watching the same TV programs (there were only 3 TV programs at the time) and yet very different. behaviour. Research done on twins suggests that biology (aka. genes) are a much greater factor than previously thought.
            However, I don’t believe in determinism. I believe that man has free will. The Holy Spirit plays also a role.

            I don’t deny the effects of the media, education, propaganda, indoctrination.
            but I cannot deny other effects either.

  2. That article is the clearest indication that confirmation bias exists and is powerful.
    Yuri Besmanov’s assertion that facts are irrelevant to the one who’s mind is made up

      1. I agree, however I think there are those among our faithful fellows , that are aware and wise to seek the truth regardless of what we wish to be true

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