Here is the first in a series of questions. First, I will throw up a question for Liberal Democrats. Then I will throw up an approximation of the same question for Conservative Republicans. In that case I will strive to adopt the viewpoint of a Liberal Democrat. The idea is to encourage those who read this blog to examine their assumptions about their own beliefs and the beliefs of others.

The first question is for Liberal Democrats, and there is a good reason for that. If you are a Liberal Democrat, I would like to know how you would phrase this question and future questions for Liberal Democrats so I can pose an approximation of the question for Conservative Republicans. I am not a Liberal Democrat, and I want to make certain that Liberal Democrats think the questions I pose for Conservative Republicans are just as challenging as those I pose for Liberal Democrats.

Question 1

When it is obvious you angrily distrust about half of our political leadership, why do you trust our leadership with the power to run a Socialist state?

Note that anyone is welcome to comment. That includes posing answers, adding a bit of sarcasm, and/or suggesting questions. If you consider yourself neither a Liberal Democrat nor a Conservative Republican, you are still welcome to provide the “moderate” viewpoint. In addition, anyone is welcome to suggest how they would phrase the question for a “moderate.” While we are at it, we may as well gore everyone’s ox.


  1. I just tuned into this when I got question #2 in the mail… so I suppose I’m running a bit late. Let’s presume for the sake of argument I just woke up and this is the first question I saw. I read your explanation of this series you are introducing and I thought it maybe a bit worthy of interest. Seeing as how those that have replied thus far are of your same or similar political ilk, they seem floundering in seeking a reply from a Liberal/Dem/Socialist.. blah, blah, whatever given your first question was aimed at same. But.. while I am not Liberal, Socialist, Commie, Pinko.. blah, blah whatever… given I am an old school GOP ex-pat I’m likely the closest you will get in finding someone in here who doesn’t agree with Trumpian politics, MAGA GOPism, (or Trump himself). So, let’s get on with it.

    My first response in reading your question, Tom, was….. well…. “WTF??”.

    So I read it again…
    “When it is obvious you angrily distrust about half of our political leadership, why do you trust our leadership with the power to run a Socialist state?”

    I’m sorry. Maybe I am not “Moderate” enough to understand what that even means. Your use of “our”.. is that referring to the current administration or or MAGA party leadership? What Socialist state is anyone’s leadership trying to run or impose onto the unwilling, or even the willing?
    I dunno.. the question seems leading and asked based on a number of ambiguous presumptions or biased conclusions.

    Let’s see if I can understand question #2…

    1. Door

      The Senate is evenly split, and the House is almost evenly split. The executive branch periodically wobbles between Democratic and Republican control. So does the Supreme Court. So, I don’t know why you don’t understand “our leadership.”

      What about the assumption Democrats “angrily distrust” about half our leadership. Well, i guess i exaggerated.. Of course, Liberal Democrats love Republicans, especially Donald Trump.

  2. That’s an easy one.
    That’s how a leftist would answer:
    I don’t trust rightwingers to run a socialist goverment. I trust only leftists to do so,

    Here’s a tough question for conservatives:
    How can you say that capitalism works when less than 1 percent have 90% percent of the wealth and when there are so many poor or working poor?

    1. Artaxes

      Answers lead to more questions. How do you propose to keep right-wingers out of the government?

      Questions lead to more questions. Can’t we regulate Capitalism to prevent excessive concentrations of wealth? What is an excessive concentration of wealth? And so forth…

      1. I’ve already have my answer for the questions for conservatives.
        I prefer not to answer yet. I thought it was supposed to be a tough question for my fellow conservatives.

        As for how to keep right-wingers out of the government:
        Putting my leftist hat on.
        Longterm strattegy:
        Demographically, flood the US with immigrants. Immigrants tend to vote Democrat.
        Use education to eliminate racism, fascism, rightwing extremism and to promote ideas of equity and teach about the dangers of climate change and what we need to do about it.

        The goverment needs to do much more to fight rightwing extremism.
        Rightwing extremism is very dangerous and law enforcement needs to actively monitor it and fight it. All goverment agencies need to be involved.

        1. Artaxes

          Well, your question will certainly make people think.

          As you indicate whatever they might say to the contrary Liberal Democrats are trying to exclude their political opposition from participating in politics.

  3. From an outsiders view and correct me if I am wrong but it appears your system of government has antiquated constitutions and basically it sucks. I do not mean to be rude but having Presidents who can pardon condemned criminals is insane, a process called the Electoral College is ridiculous and the highest court in the land making and changing major political legislations and laws is beyond belief just to mention some large sucks.

    Of course our Westminster system is far from perfect and we have our problems but we have less hate and aggravation in our politics than the US. We all have to live in the same country and we have to recognise that fact regardless of our political ideologies. Fortunately the right and left political parties have due to voters preferences taken turns at being the government and we also have some fringe parties and independents that make their mark at each election, and this I believe keeps the country safe from dictatorial ideals and an honest democracy.

    1. Sklyjd

      You don’t have to be an American to discuss the question this blog post is about. Instead, you meandered off into a discussion of what you think is wrong with the USA. I find that quite curious.

      When people avoid answering a straightforward question and say something insulting, that’s usually means they don’t have a good answer for the question. If you don’t want to answer the question, there is a alternative. What equivalent question, addressing the same issue, would you ask a Conservative?

      1. When is it obvious to you that your political leaders repeat conspiracies from social media and often use them as a basis to attack political opponents and gain popularity.

  4. Many Conservatives don’t trust the Government but have no issue with turning the State over to crony-capitalists—I don’t follow that logic either.
    As for the Liberals, though, another interesting paradox is how they’ve circled the wagons around denying the Election Steal; yet most of them believe that Bernie Sanders had the primary nomination stolen by the DNC (twice), so go figure…

    1. Many Conservatives don’t trust the Government but have no issue with turning the State over to crony-capitalists? Well, some label themselves as Conservatives, but they are nothing of the sort.

      Think about what the word Liberal meant in Thomas Jefferson’s time. Think about what it means today.

      The Nazis called themselves Socialists, but they implemented a version of Socialism that looked like Crony Capitalism, which is something of an oxymoron.

      That Bernie Sanders thing? Democrats apparently believe in winning. The don’t much care how. The same is true of too many Republicans. Crony Capitalism? Nothing honorable about that either.

  5. I don’t know how to frame that question to a conservative but I am very interested in what how a liberal would answer your question. I hope someone steps up.

  6. A socialist state is by definition, a tyranny. Therefore, it is irrelevant whether people trust or do not trust the people who operate the tyranny. The COVID-19 pandemic illustrated in technicolor that the so-called socialist democracies of Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, and America’s own federal government are actually totalitarian police states that mercilessly throttle serious decent.

    1. Totalitarian police states? Although our leaders are becoming less and less inhibited when it comes to abusing their power that’s still a bit of an overstatement. Any time anyone calls me a rabid Conservative I will point to you. 😉

      We still have election systems we can use to throw out the would be tyrants. The question is whether we as a people still have the wisdom to see the dangers inherent in Socialism.

      Try thinking like a Liberal Democrat for a bit. How do you think a Liberal Democrat would pose something equivalent to question I asked to a Conservative?

      1. Anthony Fauci has been head of the CDC for 40 years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, he legally created total havoc.

        The Deep State is a set of unaccountable bureaucracies like the CDC, DOJ, IRS and FBI. Elections don’t mean anything to them. And if a rabble rouser like President Trump comes along they just flush him down a DC toilet and install someone more to their liking, like Brandon.

        If it looks like Donald Trump will win in 2024, I doubt whether the Deep State will allow him to live. The Mar-a-Lago raid was Trump’s last warning, I fear.

        1. SOM

          The Mar-a-Lago raid was warning. I think most of the people involved in politics are driven by their beliefs. That creates a problem for anyone who use a flawed ideology to fool people. Their followers behave like a monster. The monster, because the monster has been taught to do so, hates Donald Trump. So, to survive, Trump must lead Republicans to victory.

          Since Ron DeSantis is younger and more politically savvy, I suspect we would all be better off if DeSantis became president, but it would probably out of character for Trump to trust anyone else with the safety of his family and himself.

      2. I can’t think like a leftist because they do not think, they emote and hallucinate. Equivalency is a word you use but leftists have no use for. Consequently, I find it impossible to accept the premises you have laid out for us.

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