NJ Teachers Union: Parents Are Extremists — Reblog

We live in a divided nation. Why? We let politicians take over the education of our children. Nobody trusts politicians, but we did it anyway. Think about that. Nobody trusts politicians, but we put them in charge of our children.

So, what is happening now? The teachers unions — those people who are determined to buy the politicians who run our schools — are at war with the parents who actually care enough about their children to attend school board meetings. Victory Girls (victorygirlsblog.com) has written a post about the latest battleground in the conflict, NJ Teachers Union: Parents Are Extremists (victorygirlsblog.com). Here is how it starts.

Parents are extremists. That’s the entire premise of an ad that started running on Monday. An ad developed and paid for by the New Jersey Teachers Union.

Well, the NJ teachers union certainly took Merrick Garland’s memo to heart. Any parent who pushes back against school board decisions regarding their child’s education or other issues such as allowing transgender kids full rein in the bathrooms or locker rooms of their choice are…indeed extremists. That’s according to the NJ teachers union.

“New Jersey’s parents deserve better than this NJEA (New Jersey Education Association) slander — standing up for your children is not a political point, it is a parent’s responsibility. The NJEA should be ashamed for pretending they care more about children than their parents,” she added.

continued => NJ Teachers Union: Parents Are Extremists (victorygirlsblog.com)

Foxnews has a similar report, NJ teachers union ad attacking parents as ‘extremists’ a ‘pull from the playbook’: School board candidates (foxnews.com).

Are you a parent? Then focus on what this means. The people our government pays to educate your children are using the money the government pays them to intimidate and frighten you so you won’t speak up for your children.

16 thoughts on “NJ Teachers Union: Parents Are Extremists — Reblog

  1. Hear me loud and clear schools, teachers, administrators, school boards and “unions”… THEY AREN’T YOUR KIDS!!! THEY’RE OUR KIDS!!! We pay your salary and you work for US!!!

    1. Barabbas Me

      I like the sentiment, but you misconstrue the fact. They are our kids, but we don’t pay the salaries of teachers, administrators, school boards and “unions” Politicians take our money, and they pay them. That’s why we don’t have any control over teachers, administrators, school boards and “union,” even though they are our kids.

      1. Our taxes state local and property taxes, at least in Arizona, do indeed. You are right however, the unions collect forced dues from teachers who won’t be employed except they join the union. But those dues come from teachers who are paid by our taxes. So yes, we pay their salaries.

        1. Barabbas Me

          Taxes are a weird thing. They are morally justifiable theft. Whether we would pay voluntarily or not, our government takes money from us

          How are taxes morally justified? As the Declaration of Independence observes, we need a government to protect our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Even a bad government is better than none at all.

          Unfortunately, government is not easily controlled. If we give government too little power, it cannot do its job. If we give government too much power, we become the slaves of those who govern us.

          We have given our government too much power, and we now risk becoming the slaves of those who govern us. So, although we provide the funds used to pay the civil servants responsible for the education of our children, we have almost no control over who teaches our children, and we have almost no control over what our children are taught.

          It is sad is that it is taking so long for we the people to realize the value of what the founders of this nation left us. Hopefully, we still have time to figure out how to protect and keep our republic before we completely lose it.

          1. Unfortunately tom, and don’t think I’m too crazy when I say this, we haven’t been truly free for decades and decades. We lost our constitutional republic when the federal government, which was the servant of the states, usurped the power over the states as their master as a result of the war they told us, wrongly, was over slavery. To “free the slaves” they made slaves of us all. We were “national socialist” long before Germany was.

          2. Barabbas Me

            Read or listen to a reenactment of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates of 1852. The Civil War was about slavery. Slavery is the only thing Lincoln and Douglas talked about.

            If we want to learn and understand history, we need to do our best to read what was written at the time and considered important. That, we need to read primary source documents. We don’t want politicians paying textbook writers to tell us what to think was important, but that is what is happening in our schools.

            When did the people of the United States begin to lose their freedom? Was the Civil War important? I don’t have definitive answers.

            From the perspective of today, I think the most dangerous threat to our republic is public education. Therefore, I credit Horace Mann with creating our big problem in the 1830’s. Of course, Mr. Mann and his admirers probably thought he was helping to preserve our republic. Hindsight is 20-20.

            I see the Civil War as having both good and bad effects. Slavery was a great threat to republic, and the Civil War resolved that threat. Unfortunately, the Civil War also elevated the importance of the Federal Government and undermined our Federal system. We have almost forgotten that it is the states who created the Federal Government, not the other way around. Hence, it is now rare that the states make any serious attempt to stop the Federal Government from usurping powers the Tenth Amendment was written to prevent the Federal Government from taking from the states and the People.

            When we speak of constitutional checks and balances, we think of the checks and balances provided by the separation of powers into the legislative, executive, and judicial. However, the states were supposed to provide the primary check on Federal power, and that check is now almost non-existent.

          3. Barabbas M

            No. I briefly looked at what I found on the Internet. Thomas DiLorenzo seems to be connected with Loyola University and the Mises Institute, which are both respectable.

            Since I spent more time growing up on the Mississippi Gulf Coast than anywhere else, I sort of understand how some might have a low opinion of Lincoln and the Civil War.

            I think we ought to consider the Civil War in the light of today’s divisions. The Democratic Party seems even worse than it was before the Civil War. The Democratic Party is still promoting racism and sexism; and it has added Marxism and the promotion of various sexual perversions to it corrupt platform. Still, before the Civil War the Democratic Party actively defended slavery and the treatment of nonwhites as subhuman, and it is difficult to sink lower than that. In fact, Democrats were trying to spread the institution of slavery across the country. Even though people in the North back then did not regard blacks as the equals of whites, they still abhorred slavery. So, Democrats failed.

            What did Abraham Lincoln do? Because the Whig Party would not actively oppose slavery, Lincoln helped to start the Republican Party. Eventually Lincoln served as our first Republican president?

            How great a president was Lincoln? I doubt Lincoln did everything right, but he did succeed in holding the country together. and that was in spite of all the hatred some politicians sought to engender in order to serve their own political purposes.

            Look at today’s politicians. Look at today’s news media. Look at what President Donald Trump has had to contend against. Then you might get some idea of the problems Lincoln had when he entered office right at the beginning of a bloody civil war.

          4. It’s a good admonition for anyone. Myself included. “Read widely and with as little preconception as possible. We can learn from anyone.”

          5. Here is a thought for you. Do I have an axe to grind? Am I biased? The answer, of course, is yes.

            So, what do I do? As much as possible, I refer people to primary sources. What is another example of a good primary source? “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.”

            Do enough people read the Lincoln Douglas Debates or “Uncle Tom’s Cabin.” No. We still have people preaching absurdities.

            When it was obviously about slavery, people still say it was not. At one time even I believed that the Civil War was not about slavery because that is what I was taught. I had not yet read the Lincoln Douglas Debates.

            We still have blacks running around calling other blacks Uncle Tom’s, and almost no one rolls their eyes at the ignorance such as insult reveals. At one time I would not have rolled my eyes heavenward and sighed in frustration. Yet by anyone standards, Uncle Tom, not entirely a fictional character, was a brave man. See https://citizentom.com/2014/05/04/an-example-of-bigotry-part-8/.

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