I wrote ONLY DEMOCRATS CAN SAVE THE REPUBLIC shortly after the January 6, 2021 storming of the Capitol. Frankly, based upon the way Democrats have used and investigated the incident, it looks to me like they may have actually set the whole thing up. Conspiracy theory? Didn’t Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s people refuse President Donald Trump’s offer of thousands of troops to protect our nation’s Capitol.


Anyway, what I wrote is below. If you enjoy reminiscing, here is the sequel = > ONLY DEMOCRATS CAN SAVE THE REPUBLIC: THE SEQUEL.

Firefighters struggle to extinguish the fire. (from Reichstag fire – Wikipedia)

When we have a problem, we can complain about it, or we can do our best to find a solution and implement that solution (see ARE YOU FOCUSING ON THE PROBLEM OR THE SOLUTION? – Citizen Tom).

Here of late we have had a big problem, and we have focused on the problem, not the solution. We have been engaged in a great struggle we call an election, a highly contested, angry election. On Wednesday that anger apparently boiled over. People — who is still being debated — stormed the Capitol Building. Supposedly, Trump incited his supporters to violence (not true, see PERFECTLY DIVIDED AND THEREFORE CONQUERED? – Citizen Tom). The accusation, unsupported by the content of Trump’s speech, is that Trump stirred up his supporters to invade the Capitol Building.

Here is a personal testimony. As a Trump supporter who was at the rally, I was astonished to hear about storming of the Capitol Building. The funny thing is I first heard the news of the invasion of the Capitol from Democrats, not Republicans, and I was angry about it. That was the last thing I wanted, and I think the most disappointed soul was President Donald Trump.

Who stormed the Capitol Building. Well, as Congressman Mo Brooks (Congressman Mo Brooks | Representing the 5th District of Alabama ( is pointing out we need to wait for the facts to come out.

It is a simple fact that the vast majority of the so-called mainstream news media is highly partisan. That is why supposedly logical, sane people rail against Trump, call him awful names, but cannot explain what he has done wrong, and here is just another example.

What is the complaint from Liberal Democrats? Supposedly, President Trump whipped his supporters into a frenzy, and they attacked the Capitol Building. Yet most of the people at the rally were among the last to know that the Capitol Building had been assaulted, and they were shocked that anyone would do such a thing in their name.

Therefore, consider the irony. The demagoguery started as soon as the news came out, but before anyone knew who did what. Using the assault on the Capitol Building as an excuse, the so-called mainstream news media and demagogic Democrat politicians began whipping up hatred of all things Trump: Trump, Trump’s family, Trump’s administration officials, Trump’s supporters, anything Trump did, anything Trump stood for,…. Without doubt this is the pot calling the kettle black (see The phrase ‘The pot calling the kettle black’ – meaning and origin. (

Unfortunately, even though the hypocrisy should be obvious, rabble rousing can be very effective. Something very dark in us finds blaming others for our own sins very appealing. The Bible puts it this way.

Proverbs 21:4 New American Standard Bible

4 Haughty eyes and a proud heart,

The lamp of the wicked, is sin.

When we start signaling our virtue by castigating others, we need to stop and think. It is not as if Democrats have never encouraged riots (see the list related to the death of George Floyd here, PERFECTLY DIVIDED AND THEREFORE CONQUERED? – Citizen Tom). They have even seized a state Capitol, but our memories can be remarkably short and selective.

Thousands of protesters rushed to the state Capitol Wednesday night, forcing their way through doors, crawling through windows and jamming corridors, as word spread of hastily called votes on Gov. Scott Walker’s controversial bill limiting collective bargaining rights for public workers.

The Capitol overnight crowd had gone mostly silent by 2:15 a.m. Thursday after a nearly continuous stream of protest songs, drumming and the occasional bagpiping since about 7:30 p.m. Wednesday. Protesters on the ground floor of the state Capitol rotunda led others in Woody Guthrie’s “This Land Is Our Land” just after 2 a.m. then joined about 200 others snoozing in sleeping bags along the Capitol walls.

Thousands storm Capitol as GOP takes action | Local Government |

Was the seizure of the Wisconsin state capitol building and the attempt to intimidate state legislators domestic terrorism? Maybe, but who among us would waste their time looking for a Liberal Democrat news media publication that suggested such a thing?

Meanwhile, Liberal Democrat politicians, their news media allies, Big Tech censors, and corporate giants have begun to cancel all things Trump. So, those fearful of losing their high status are fleeing the Trump administration and denouncing the man they once supported. People are losing their jobs, book deals are being canceled, Big Tech is censoring Internet, CEOs are signaling their support for the cancel culture, and so forth.

Effectively, Liberal Democrat elites will use every tool they have to exclude Conservatives and differences from whatever is deemed politically incorrect from the public square. That includes stamping out every religious belief that runs counter to their desire for complete domination. Carried to its logical conclusion, the cancel culture will end of our First Amendment Rights (see The Bill of Rights: A Transcription | National Archives).

Think! If Big Tech, Big Media, and Big Corporations do it for the government, does the government have to directly deprive you of your First Amendment Rights? You still don’t have them.

Anything new about any of this? No. Those with a totalitarian bent have always use anything that even looks like a crisis as an excuse to seize more power. Adolf Hitler used Reichstag fire.

The Reichstag fire (GermanReichstagsbrandlisten(help·info)) was an arson attack on the Reichstag building, home of the German parliament in Berlin, on Monday 27 February 1933, precisely four weeks after Adolf Hitler was sworn in as Chancellor of GermanyHitler’s government stated that Marinus van der Lubbe, a Dutch council communist, was the culprit, and it attributed the fire to communist agitators. A German court decided later that year that Van der Lubbe had acted alone, as he had claimed. The day after the fire, the Reichstag Fire Decree was passed. The Nazi Party used the fire as a pretext to claim that communists were plotting against the German government, which made the fire pivotal in the establishment of Nazi Germany. (continued)

Reichstag fire – Wikipedia

To make our republic work — to remain a free people — we must accept the rule of law and protect each others God-given rights. That means we must accept the right of others to live in accordance with their own beliefs. These are the precepts our nation’s Founding Fathers carefully stated in our Declaration of Independence. These are the precepts that our country was founded upon. However, if we are offended by the mere existence of someone who dares to disagree with us, we cannot make our republic work. It is over. Then, all that is left is tyranny.

You a Democrat? They are your leaders, and they now hold power. Your leaders have the tools to implement tyranny, and Republicans can only hope to slow them down. Make no mistake, if tyranny becomes our new normal, everyone will be subject to it. In a tyrannical state, even those who enforce the will of the leader must submit. In a tyrannical state, those closest to the seat of power can only keep their privileged positions by submitting to tyranny with the greatest enthusiasm.

There is only one leader worthy of our complete submission. That is God, and He is merciful and gracious.

Psalm 66:16-20 New American Standard Bible

16 Come and hear, all who [a]fear God,

And I will tell of what He has done for my soul.

17 I cried to Him with my mouth,

And [b]He was exalted with my tongue.

18 If I [c]regard wickedness in my heart,

The Lord will not hear;

19 But God has heard;

He has given attention to the sound of my prayer.

20 Blessed be God,

Who has not turned away my prayer

Nor His favor from me.

So long as we are willing to enslave our neighbors to our own beliefs, we are not worthy of freedom. To be free, we must love our neighbors. We must allow each of our neighbors, even those we most disagree with, the right to worship the One he calls God as he thinks appropriate.

Be they Democrat or Republican, demagogic politicians with haughty eyes and a proud hearts will not allow us to express a free thought. Therefore, as citizens we each have the responsibility to hold the people we elect accountable to the Law. That requires us to know the truth. Hate President Trump all you want, but he is not guilty anything just because you may want him to be, and neither are the people who supported him.


  1. Tom,

    If the Republicans win the House and Senate, they will have the option to do to Biden what Pelosi did to Trump in his last two years in office.

    Impeach him for being involved in his son’s dealings with China to start.

    Perhaps even go after Pelosi too?

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

      1. Doug,
        “Hell, hath no fury as a woman scorned”’ appears to apply to Pelosi and Trump relationship.
        When Pelosi went to meet with Trump to present the House Nation restructure proposal, Pelosi first met with News media and derided Trump.
        When Trump her what she said, he refused to meet with her.
        Apparently, her vanity clashed with Trumps vanity. However, s the saing goes and was apparenly provern by her vengeful actions after he refused or scorned her, she appears to me to have stereotyped the saying that is directly related to the same observation made by King Solomon 3000 years ago about human failings.
        Vanity, all is vanity.
        Regards and goodwill blogging.

        1. Honestly… Trump is a universal social abomination with severe behavioral issues. I hardly think Pelosi’s animosity toward Trump is not singularly brought about by having been shunned over some meeting. There is a bevy of other more obvious reasons to dislike Trump, the person.

          1. Doug,

            For some reason in my experience, women’s memories of women are like elephants who never forget what occurred to slight their vanities 50 years ago.l

            Pelosi is a classic stereotype of a donkey though, instead of an elephant, who needs to retire, in my opinion.

            Regards and goodwill blogging..

          2. I will admit, there are a fair number of political heavy-weights in American politics right now that, like it or not, have been blessed with the longevity gene and have far outlived their usefulness… and just will not drop dead.

          3. ‘Doug,
            There are some exceptions, namely Putin who I believe will never fade away, same as Hitler, yet the world would be a better place if he was dead..
            Regards and goodwill blogging.

    1. @scatterwisdom

      There is enough evidence to impeach Biden, and there is probably enough to impeach Pelosi. So, I hope Republicans do their job.

      1. Where’s all this “evidence”? Breitbart? Fox & Friends? Tucker? All this “evidence” was available to Trump during his administration. Crickets… because there’s nothing there.
        Also… impeachment (if GOP dominates both houses) means Harris takes over. So what. Trump was impeached twice and the Senate both times failed to try him to determine actual guilt or not.. just a political vote. Impeachment doesn’t mean much these days… in fact, Trump has made it a badge of honor.

        1. I have posted plenty of evidence on this blog. You ought to look into Hunter Biden’s laptop.

          Has Trump made impeachment a badge of honor? No. Democrats initiated the process, and their lies did not work. Democrats have made standing up to their repeated lies a badge of honor.

          The impeachment trials were public. If Democrats had convinced enough the public, Republican senators would have voted to impeach. That is why Nixon resigned. Note that Bill Clinton did not resign, but that was not because Republicans did not make their case.

  2. The Democrat controlled Jan. 6 Committee — the only Republicans on the committee hate Trump’s guts — was set up to crucify Trump, which they’ve been trying to do since he announced he was a candidate for President way back when. And now they’re dead scared he’s going to run again. Democrats are gutless cowards.

    1. I don’t know whether to call Democrats cowards or not. I just know that they don’t have the faith required to do what in their hearts they know is right. Instead of God, they believe in sex, stuff, science, state and self. So, they abort babies, steal stuff, corrupt science, seize power, and enslave others. Moreover, they are afraid to do otherwise.

  3. Look, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas could end illegal immigration into his state in a heartbeat. He could also direct the Texas petroleum industry back into action on Monday morning and see them back in action by lunch time. Abbott could end his power grid crisis by directing that all environment destroying, Medieval windmills be hauled off to a deep dark land fill and then replacing them with natural gas and nuclear powerplants-authentic sustainable power generation. Abbott could also make deals with other states to get the Keystone pipeline finishedAbbott doesn’t do that because he is a gutless grifting career politician afraid of his own shadow.Remember, the federal government is subservient to the states not the other way around. Right now, the federal government has seceded from the Union and is at war with the nation. It is up to the states to fight back by simply going their own way.

    1. Did it ever cross your mind that “your civil war” won’t have a lick to be against the federal government.. but literally between the states themselves? 50 tribes.. well, 48… and it will likely be spawned by individual states blocking interstate travel… hence distribution across the country will grind to a halt… yippee.. victory! But for whom? It doesn’t matter cause everyone has a gun to fix the problem.

      1. Doug, No, all that has not occurred to me because it just isn’t real. America is divided between blue states and cities (the Clinton Archipelago) and the rest of the country (Trumplandia). It is against the law for states to impede interstate commerce. Is California going to send troops into North & South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas to stop a petroleum pipe line? Not going to happen. Brandon’s federal government has already seceded from the Union of States. The states merely need to carry on without it. No shooting. No violence. Just business as better than usual because the federal government has been cut loose by the states.

        1. Where have you been living? Abortion is a typical example. State A doesn’t like their people going to State B for necessary abortion so State A wants total control of their citizens beyond state lines. It starts there.
          If the federal government is ignored then “against the law” only works within states. Political governors have control of their own National Guard and the Trumpian governors will use it.

          1. Don’t kid yourself. There are state legislatures meandering through the process to do just that… and the smart phone tracking of menstrual cycles. There are already laws on the books extending state crimes beyond state lines in some areas. One example, age of consent. If your state calls it 18 and you decide to meet a person living in a state that has consent being 17 for the purpose of sex.. you are in violation of your own state law.

        2. I don’t think Doug understands what you are proposing, but I also don’t think you understand that Brandon is not going to let Abbott do anything without a foght.

          1. Speaking only for myself, as does anyone, my loyalty is to the Constitution and the government it has established. I have no loyalty at all to any single state. I suspect many Americans feel the same… and that’s primarily because we are a mobile society; we move around a lot to live and work and we tend to prefer uniform laws so as not to get too confused, and adapt easier into local life. Far different than 19th century America.

          2. @Doug

            The states created the Constitution and authorized the FEDERAL Government. We have a federation. When we don’t support the Tenth Amendment and the limits of Federal power, we undermine the Constitution and the mechanisms it provides to protect our rights.

            Given what you just said, it is obvious you don’t understand the Constitution. We cannot be loyal to the Constitution if we don’t understand how it works.

          3. If I am loyal to the Constitution then by default I am loyal to the Tenth and the rest of them.
            But more important to your reply, re-read the Preamble… nothing about individual states but rather a centralized government to provide for the common defense and promote the general welfare. Now.. you can certainly debate how the “general welfare” has evolved over the years that has actually made us more dependent on the federal government than individual states. The paradigm has shifted over time.. but the Constitution still lives in its original state…. at least until this recent divide. Things are not looking good and will get far worse with the next two elections.

          4. @Doug

            Carefully read “Animal Farm” by George Orwell. Then you just might begin to understand how our Constitution has evolved.

            In the sense that our nation has had to figure out how to implement the Constitution, our understanding of it has improved. It is one thing to write a set of rules and procedures. It another to put that set of rules and procedures into practice. That is the primary reason we have an amendment process. Sometimes we don’t understand what will work until we try it.

            It is a mistake let our leaders in ways the writers never intended. That sort of evolution renders the Constitution, which was designed to put a check the powers of our leaders, useless. Yet that is the sort of evolution you are defending.

          5. The Brandon regime will not fight, especially in Texas where about 15,000,000 armed citizens will have Abbott’s back. Unfortunately, Abbott is a coward and has no fight in him.

          6. Tom, You do not understand what cowards comprise the lunatic asylum referred to as the Brandon regime. Brandon sends SWAT teams after old ladies and old men, moms and dads. All that is needed is to stand up to them. When Kari Lake takes office as governor of Arizona she will kick the feds back to DC and close the border to illegal aliens.

    2. I suspect you underestimate what Congress has done with the interstate commerce clause.

      Part of the problem is that most citizens now feel more loyalty to the national government than they do their state governments. In addition, the Federal Government has much more military power than all the states put together. Therefore, if Abbott takes an action the courts don’t back it won’t work.

      1. The states just have to tell the Congress to go pound sand. The federal government has no power over the states. The states obey the feds because they choose to for social order. But Brandon has destroyed our social order. There is no reason to commit suicide blindly following federal law that the feds themselves ignore whenever convenient.

        1. I think the Civil War established that the Federal Government does in fact have power over the states. What Brandon has revealed is that we are rapidly becoming post Constitutional society. We won’t fix that problem by pretending that the states can get away with ignoring the Federal Government. Instead, we must use the Constitution to restrain Brandon. For example, we must win big in the election this year.

          1. Sorry, but that is incorrect. The northern states united under unifying federal leadership and destroyed the South. The federal government back then was weak. President Lincoln had to use persuasion to get his way. You have accepted the Progressive lie that the federal government is supreme. The Declaration of Independence states clearly that people are governed by their consent and when the governing power is corrupt it is the duty of the people to dissolve the political bands that unite them with the corrupt governing power. The Brandon regime has set about destroying the country. It is our God given right to free ourselves from the grip of such evil.

          2. Further, who is going to restrain the Brandon regime? The executive branch hold all the power. The Congress can is pass laws which Brandon and the blue states will ignore. Our situation is dire. We do not have time to wait for Congress. Brandon and the Democrat Party have engineered global economic collapse which will probably occur shorting after the GOP routes the Democrats in November.

          3. Have not thought much about it, but my guess is that Democrats would love to leave Republicans holding the bag. Problem is that it is difficult to time such a thing to go off when you want. Nevertheless, Republicans would be wise if they started making the case that Democrats have engineered an economic collapse and that even if they win big in November they will have difficulty turning things around immediately. The economy will most likely get worse before it gets better.

            Can states nullify the laws passed by Congress? No. Only the Supreme Court can do that. We would need an Article V Convention to change that.

          4. ..and we can’t go having willy-nilly changes to the Constitution because what the Founders have penned 240 years ago is still relevant and gospel, right?

          5. Given what Brandon and the Democrats have done and are doing to our country, I don’t think an Article V convention would be about making willy-nilly changes to the Constitution. I think Article V convention would fall more appropriately into the realm of desperation. As SOM said, our situation is dire. Unfortunately, if we did an Article V convention quickly, we probably would not do it right. An Article V convention is too slow a mechanism to deal with an impending economic collapse.

            Do you ever bother listening to yourself? You claim to be loyal to the Constitution, but in the next breath you derisively question its relevance.

            Our civilization is built upon the works of those who came before us, and we tend to think of those we deem the greats. Is the work of Isaac Newton relevant today? Is the work of Aristotle? Yet compared with Jesus, of whom the Gospel speaks, even Newton and Aristotle had little effect upon the course of our civilization.

            What about the Founders? With respect to the affect they have had on human history, I doubt any of them would have wanted to be compared with Jesus. Yet the work they did remains profoundly important. Why were they so successful? They chose to build upon the teachings of Jesus.

          6. Tom, An economic collapse can be staged the same way the COVID-19 pandemic was staged. The COVID-19 was timed perfectly for the 2020 presidential election and pitched perfectly to flush President Trump down a DC toilet.

            Since the federal government is not following the law, the states are not required to either. Why let a renegade regime use the law, or lack thereof, as a garrote to strangle the American Republic to death?

          7. An economic collapse can be staged, but the timing is usually uncertain.

            A large part of an economic collapse is psychological. Since an economic collapse would implemented in stages, to time the critical moment when the collapse would occur, we have to be able predict the critical stage. Easier said than done.

            Note that if and when Republicans take over Congress they will PROBABLY try to undo what the Democrats have done, but some Republicans have Socialist leanings. Moreover, Biden will still be president, and he has done a huge amount of damage with executive orders.

            Anyway, so long as a Democrat is in the White House, Democrats will most likely get the blame.

            There is a law against murder. Some people murder other people. To maintain law and order, we prosecute murderers with due process. Some people organize to conduct warfare. When enough people organize to conduct warfare, we set aside due process, and we conduct warfare in return. I don’t think we are at the point we want to set aside due process and conduct warfare against other Americans.

            Frankly, we need to do our best to win as many seats in Congress as possible in November. With God’s help we can throw Biden and Harris out of office.

  4. Every single one of those testifying before the committee have been former Trump Republicans…. inner circle Republicans, and obviously loyal enough to him at the time to have stayed with him to the end. If you are thinking there was no “counter testimony” think about the fact that those people were all defying subpoenas and wouldn’t testify.

    Additionally… from Politifact…

    “There is no record of former President Donald Trump officially authorizing 20,000 National Guard troops for the U.S. Capitol ahead of the Jan. 6, 2021, attack.

    There is no evidence that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi denied such an authorization, and experts said she doesn’t have the authority to do so in the first place.

    A Vanity Fair report said Trump made a passing remark to his acting defense secretary about potentially needing 10,000 National Guard troops, not 20,000. But there’s no evidence the comment was treated as a formal authorization.”

    1. @Doug

      Trump asked for the troops. The DC mayor did not want them. Why not? The troops would have helped protect the Capitol, but they would also have protected Trump’s supporters from the residents of DC. After dark, it is not safe to be a Trump supporter in DC.

      Was there an official rejection from Pelosi? Probably not. Trump never did get people who fully supported his cause in charge of the Pentagon. Like it or not Swamp creatures exist, and they are quite treacherous.

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