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Since I have moved to Ohio, I have started reading the local papers. That includes guest opinion articles. Of course, the local papers — as is the news everywhere, unfortunately — are usually ridiculously Liberal. Here is an example, Your kid’s genitalia will be next battle field if Ohio lawmakers are successful| Opinion.

The author, a guy who calls himself Jasmine, believes that he is a victim. Yet it is the author who is trying to force the rest of us to support his fantasy life. He insists that everyone affirm as factual that he is a woman. He would have us to believe that refusing to affirm that him is now a her is the same thing as being violently hateful to him.

What is weird about all this? Is it this guy who calls himself Jasmine? Not particularly. To some degree, almost all of us have been excessively obsessed with the opposite sex at some point in our lives. “Jasmine,” regrettably, just took his obsession to a completely absurd extreme. What is weird? “Jasmine” and others of his ilk now want us to believe that the sexual determination that doctors, parents, family, friends and neighbors make when we are born is not particularly accurate, and many people who should know better are supporting this blithering nonsense.

Why would anyone support the nonsense spouted by “Jasmine” and others of his ilk? “Jasmine” and the rest of the LGBTQ activist crowd don’t even try to make an appeal to logic. Their argument is almost entirely emotional, but they are not trying to be logical. They would shame us into silence, then into acquiescence, and eventually into an adoption of their sexual idolatry.

Does shame have a place in our lives? Yes. When we know we are doing something wrong — that we are sinning — our consciences should bother us. We should be ashamed, and we should seek forgiveness and repentance. However, before we become ashamed — before we load ourselves up with false guilt — we need to think. We need to make a reasoned determination.

In his opinion piece, “Jasmine” effectively argues that anyone who calls himself a woman should be able to compete in women’s sports, that it is invasive to force competitors to submit to a genital exam. If we overreact, “Jasmine” might have a point. Yet, we still must maintain standards required for women’s sports to be women’s sports. Unfortunately, thanks to LGBTQ activists it is becoming more and more difficult to make use of what we use to have on our identification cards, our biological sex at birth. Nevertheless, “Jasmine” is spreading fear porn. We don’t have to see someone’s genitals (which may have been removed and/or altered) to know their biological sex. A blood test will suffice. We can use a DNA analysis based on the X and Y chromosomes.

Would such a blood test be perfect? No, but the object is to establish the sex of a person (not their gender preference) beyond a reasonable doubt. The term “woman” can be defined based upon clear biological criteria. A person’s gender preference is just whatever someone wants it to be.


  1. I am amazed by otherwise sober and reliable sources referring to individuals having had a gender “assigned” to them at birth and having since taken steps to claim for themselves the gender of their choice. I suppose that, once one subtracts a Creator God from the world, one can blame doctors and nurses for “assigning” a gender, sometimes wrongly, based on physical shape and the chromosomes that directed that shape. J.

    1. Idolatry is putting something before God. When we think we can so casually overrule God’s sexual assignment for us, we put our self before God.

      As you suggest, the universe has rules, and God created those rules. Therefore, we are subject to those na

  2. Tom,
    Perhaps the two words you used, ‘’fantasy life’ instead of ‘reality’ should be discerned as what Jasmine is focused on in his life.
    What is driving Jasmine is beyond my conception. Although I believe some people will do anything for attention, sexual pleasures, loneliness, etc. to escape realities of life.
    LGBT have successfully banded together to obtain the power of their votes to obtain attention from politicians. Many people may find gays entertaining for a while when they are in a season in life of fantasy instead of reality.
    However, the reality in life seasons is short and fleeting, and most fantasy seekers will someday experience the pleasures in youth fade away over time in mind and body.
    As for whether gay in reality is fantasy or reality of nature or nature, I don’t believe anyone knows for certain. However, we do know from history, that some cultures believed gay was considered as normal.
    However, this brings up a conundrum, if gay is a normal, why are so many sexual diseases acquired by gays but not from couples disciplined with religious faith who choose to remain as virgins until they marry???????
    Regards and goodwill blogging.
    PS Appears to me, you made a wise choice to move to Ohio so your wife can be near your daughters and family in you and your wife’s present season in life. Women know best the needs of women, in my opinion.

    1. @scatterwisdom

      Consider the concept of same-sex “marriage.”

      The traditional concept of marriage is that two people of the opposite sex bond for life. The Bible makes it clear that such a bond is not easily formed, but this is how the Bible defines marriage.

      Supposedly, two people of the same-sex can marry each other. However, in practice lifelong same-sex unions don’t happen.

  3. I didn’t know you moved to Ohio Tom, best of luck on this new journey.

    I’m glad you’re still blogging and pointing out such absurdities as this. Our entire culture is upside down at the moment. This is merely part of a very wrong whole.

  4. Narcissists victimize others while pretending to be victims. It puts the spotlight clearly on them, while the true victims often don’t realize they’re being gaslit.

  5. Didn’t know you moved to Ohio. Where? Also.. why the move at all? You were pretty centered and politically active back in VA. Must have been tough.

      1. Alzheimer’s… so sorry, Tom. I’ve had extended family go through that but I’ve been spared (so far) the up-front-and-personal that you are going through. You’re traveling a tough road. but you being a man of faith I am sure you are not traveling it alone.

  6. It is natural to become “excessively obsessed with the opposite sex at some point in our lives.”

    The thing with Jasmine is he is obsessed with himself every second of every moment of his life.

    Unless channeled properly through reason, obsession usually has terrible consequences.

    This is particularly true regarding LGBTQ sexual disorders.

  7. More from the case:
    In Chandler, WoLF introduced testimony from Michelle Norsworthy, a self-described transwoman who was gang-raped in a male prison and once successfully sued for the right to have sex assignment surgery while incarcerated. After being picked up on a parole violation in 2018, California housed Norsworthy in a women’s facility because she had completed a surgical transition, “having female genitalia,” as her declaration read. Now one of two transgender declarants in the case, Norsworthy described being effectively been put back behind bars with men, writing:

    When the first group of ten male inmates were transferred into women’s prison under SB 132, I observed all ten of those “transgender women” behaving in a male-typical manner; most stopped taking hormone therapy (so they could resume physical erections), and right away began to have sex with women.

    Chandler also included a declaration from Ayanna Green, a “44-year-old woman, female at birth, a lesbian, and a mother.” From her declaration:

    Most of the cross-dressing men claiming a “transgender identity” and granted transfer… are sex offenders, most are heterosexual men who want to be housed with women to get penis-in-vagina sex, most stop taking any feminizing hormone medications right after getting into women’s prison, they all refer to themselves as men when speaking to the women inmates, many have threatened to “fight you like a man” to women inmates, many have threatened to rape us, and they all have working penises that they are using to have sex with female inmates.

    1. @liz

      It is not like any of this should be a surprise. Our forebears would have laughed at idea and then gotten angry that anyone would be evil enough to do it.

  8. It goes much further than sports.

    On November 17, 2021, the Women’s Liberation Front, or WoLF, filed a civil rights lawsuit in California: Janine Chandler et al vs. California Department of Corrections targeted a new California state law, the “The Transgender Respect, Agency, and Dignity Act,” a.k.a. S.B. 132. The statute allows any prisoner who self-identifies as a woman — including prisoners with penises who may have stopped taking hormones — into women’s prisons.
    The complaint:

    Plaintiff Krystal Gonzalez (“Krystal”) is a female offender currently incarcerated in Central California Women’s Facility. Krystal was sexually assaulted by a man transferred to her unit under S.B. 132. Krystal filed a grievance and requested single-sex housing away from men; the prison’s response to Krystal’s grievance referred to her assault by a “transgender woman with a penis.”

    The group bringing the suit, WoLF, has been targeted from every conceivable angle by pressure and censorship campaigns. I cannot believe the level of influence in legislative policy this fringe of society has been able to garner.

    1. @liz

      I too am amazed by how far this LGBTQ!@#$%^* nonsense has gone. One strange thing is that is the transgender ideology is completely unscientific. The people supporting the transgender ideology would have us believe they glory in being scientific, but all they are doing is defending serious behavioral problems by engaging in pseudoscientific speculation.

      I suspect the LGBTQ!@#$%^* agenda has more to with people rationalizing their sins than anything else. Unfortunately, when we start rationalizing our sins, we usually have to suffer a lot of pain before we come to our senses and repent.

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