And now, the news….

What Salvageable says in his post is true, but I think it important to add several points.
1. Most of the news media is owned by a small number of crony capitalists. That is the major reason news organizations like CNN and MSNBC are losing viewers. They are so partisan that Donald Trump was able to make it obvious.
2. Consuming the news properly requires wisdom, virtue, and understanding. That is, when we learn how to be good citizens, we should learn how to consume the news. Unfortunately, since we are taught in institutions run by politicians, fewer of us learn how to be good citizens either as well or as soon as we should.
3. Because the internet now has a dominant role in news consumption, the monopolization of the internet by a few large corporations makes it easier for a small number of crony capitalists to control what we see and hear in the news.

2 thoughts on “And now, the news….

  1. Tom – Salvageable

    The news in the USA biggest failing is the uselessness of the news reports we are being fed.

    For example, this weekend news headlines are focusing on more shootings all across the USA and no ever reports the reasons s or motives for the shootings.

    Instead, they focus on guns which of course are being used but what is driving people to use the guns is never reported in the news.

    My guess is most of shootings have some relation to drugs users or sellers based on a local sheriff statement that 80 percent of his inmates are drug users.

    Add that our schools have failed to teach humanity to prevent or aal least in steal some remorse or misgivings to consider why it is wrong to shoot a fellow human being.

    In other words, all we hear is what news paper editors want jus to hear or read to sell political or private industry messages bias to profit off of mans inhumanity to man instead of investigating and what are the factors driving people to shoot and kill without remorse.

    Sad Sad Sad

    Mark Twain 1863
    “News is supposed to make you mad enouht to want to do something about it.
    If your don’t read the news you are not informed, if your read the news you are misinformed.”

    Regards and goodwill blogging.

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