It has been thousands of years since Sparta existed as an independent city-state, but the courage and toughness of its warriors is still admired. I suppose that is why “The Spartan Atheist” blog has the name it has.

Why else would “The Spartan Atheist” demonstrate an affinity for the Spartans? Perhaps that is because there is so little difference between Paganism and Atheism. Most Atheists effectively practice Paganism. Today we effectively call Paganism by a different name, Atheism. Instead of worshipping gods to which they offer sacrifices in order to get what they want, most of today’s Pagans skip idols made of wood, stone and metal. Instead, they directly worship stuff, sex, science, state, and/or self.

What does this sort of Paganism look like? Consider Citizen Tom: No Thinking Allowed.

This is merely a quick heads up to anyone that thinks Citizen Tom has any intellectual integrity at all. He does not.

He recently blogged (click here to check it out- before he deletes it) about one of my recent blogs, and drooled enough bullshit to cover Chicago. One of his claims was that atheists that think we can scientifically test for god are just dumb idiots because god isn’t a physical person, but a philosophical problem.

“But wait!”, literally everyone that uses their brain is jumping up and down saying right now, “doesn’t their god interact with the physical world?”

Yes, literally everyone that uses your brains. Christians DO claim their god interacts with our physical world. It’s almost as if Citizen Tom took his brain out of his head, electrocuted what was left in his skull, poured bleach into his head-hole and rinsed a while, and then decided to try and answer a question about the existence of god. And his answer pretty clearly forgets to think about the very thing they claim their god can do, which is do stuff here, in the real, physical world.

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The Spartan Atheist drones on with insults, but he never actually explains anything. He apparently wants a scientifically testable example of God interacting with the physical world. Can we use a verse from the Bible to state a testable hypothesis?

Romans 8:28 New American Standard Bible

28 And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.

The Bible is clear that God interacts with this world, but how would we go about scientifically proving such a thing using science? How would we state Romans 8:28 as a scientifically testable hypothesis?

Compare what The Spartan Atheist wrote in his post with this excerpt.

The Greeks worshipped many gods and goddesses, each representing either some part of the universe (such as the sea or the underworld) or some aspect of human life (such as love or war). They believed that these gods frequently intervened in human affairs, and they turned to the gods for aid and revelations. Many Greek myths tell of adventures of the gods and their dealings with humans. The names of the Greek gods and many of the legends about them have survived to become part of Western tradition.


Did the Spartans used the scientific method to prove that their gods of stuff, sex, “science” (that is, the “special” knowledge of their day), state, and/or self intervene in the affairs of men? No. Could the Spartans have used the scientific method to determine whether their gods exist? Apparently, The Spartan Atheist would have us believe such a thing. Consider this comment.

Clearly, I understand the scientific method better than you do. For one, the scientific method is not a debate method. That’s why I like it. You don’t get to make wild, unsubstantiated claims in the scientific method, but you can in a debate, especially an unmoderated debate.

So, does your god interact with and affect our physical world? It’s an obvious question, and should be an easy one to answer….

Is disagreeing with The Spartan Atheist the definition of a wild, unsubstantiated claim? Well, he seems to think it is, and the Spartans were not much different.

Imagine trying to use science to prove or disprove the existence of Zeus. How would we use the scientific method? What is the scientific method?

scientific method, mathematical and experimental technique employed in the sciences. More specifically, it is the technique used in the construction and testing of a scientific hypothesis.

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What exactly is a hypothesis? Ideally, a hypothesis is a mathematical formula that can be tested with reproducible experiments. Such is possible with some aspects of those areas of science we call Chemistry and Physics. That is why we call Chemistry and Physics hard sciences. However, formulating hypotheses as mathematical formulas becomes more and more difficult in those areas of science we call the soft sciences such as the Social Sciences. In addition, some theories such as the Theory of Evolution and Global Warming deal with such complex systems that we don’t have the capacity either to form a mathematical model or to test the models that we do have. The best we can do is make mathematical approximations, state the theory in words, and verify whether observational data in the field (not the same as experimental data in controlled laboratory experiments) match predictions, and that leaves lots of room for debate.

Science is just not a suitable tool for some subjects. Consider 15 Amazing Attributes of God: What They Mean and Why They Matter. Then ask yourself this question: how would anyone use the scientific method to study God?

Does our inability to study God using science make it impossible to prove His existence? No. There are philosophical proofs. We can also study the historical record to ascertain the trustworthiness of the Bible. What we cannot do, because science does not provide us appropriate tools, is treat God like a hypothesis and prove that a being who exists outside the confines of our universe does exist.


  1. The ancient Greek and Roman pagans believed in virtue. That is, the pursuit of moral and physical excellence.

    Atheism is an abomination because its only virtue is the self as the measure of all things (Protagoras). As stated in previous comments by others, the atheist thus becomes lost in the extremely limited confines of his own mind (solipsism).

    That is why Spartan and his ilk are imbeciles concerning morality and civics. They simply do not have the capacity to comprehend such things because such things concern other people.

  2. My favorite scientific proof of God interacting with the physical world is actually breath, Tom. “In Him I have my breath and being.” So we have to first find an alternative form of being before we can argue against His existence.

    1. Quoting scripture is not scientific proof of God’s existence. Quoting scripture as proof of God is a logical fallacy known as circular reasoning. Atheists use logical fallacy in ALL of their arguments. The properly trained and educated Christian mind does not use logical fallacy like the atheists do.

      One scientific proof of the existence of God is that for non-living biochemicals to become living, there must be a cause. Since all matter is non-living, the only cause for them to become living is God who, by definition, is being itself.

        1. I rest my case then. God gave the human being a mind that is the image of his own. In a fallen world, that means the human being needs to properly train and educate his or her mind. Otherwise he or she becomes an ignoramus who is only interested in his or her self. Which means he or she becomes part of the problem and not the solution.

      1. That is not a scientific proof. The cause and effect argument is a philosophical one. Logic is tool used by science. The scientific method, which is the common thread that connects and validates scientific knowledge, has its origins in philosophy. That’s why all scientists need some knowledge of philosophy.

        Look at Romans 1:18-23. When scripture makes logical arguments for God’s existence, we had better quote it. In fact, I think the Apostle Paul is alluding to Psalm 19 here.

  3. I have known loaves of bread that are more thoughtful than Spartan Atheist.

    His tactic is to ask the same question over and over again, looking for a specific answer that agrees with his atheism. If you do not render that answer, he writes about your lack of critical thinking skills on his blog.

    Atheist theology is simply projection. Believing himself to be wise, he has become a fool.

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