Logos, Mythos, and Venison

What is the difference between myth and science. Consider insanitybyte’s post.

Different people express similar concepts with different words, and that is a good thing. When we try to understand each other, we deepen our understanding both of new concepts and of things we have already learned. Thus, I offer a contrast. Consider how I expressed the idea that insanitybytes addresses in her post to Silence of Mind (here => https://citizentom.com/2022/05/08/list-of-young-global-shapers-alumni/comment-page-1/#comment-102604)

“What kind of sick demented lunatic would even conceive of demolishing millennia of progress?” A natural man unreformed by the love of God.

By nature we are full of pride. A prideful man, because his viewpoint is the only one that matters to him, can see everything only from his own point of view.

How is the new man that the Apostle Paul spoke of different? He has been reformed by the love of God. Because he knows God loves him and he is grateful, he loves God, and he loves his neighbor because he sees the image of God in his neighbor. Therefore, because he wants to please God, he strives to see everything from God’s point of view.

So it is that only a new man, because it benefits his neighbors and not himself, can see the value of preserving millennia of progress.

As insanitybytes observed, when we speak of God as a myth, that doesn’t necessarily mean we think that God is unreal. Instead, when some believers speak of God as mythical, they are observing the fact that God is an infinite spirit, intangible and beyond our understanding. Moreover, a myth is a type of story, and we learn of God’s character through stories.

What passes for science in the modern world. Because we are prideful, because we want to believe what we want to believe, we often cross the line between science and myth. That is, we assert as factual and scientific things that we cannot prove — don’t have the capacity to prove — using the scientific method. Thus, insanitybytes makes this observation.

Abortion is simply a symptom of a materialistic world, a world dominated by logos, a scientific world completely devoid of mythos, and as such, devoid of ethics, too.

Calling an unborn child a fetus does not abrogate our responsibility to protect the unborn. At the same time, calling a fetus an unborn child does not prove we have the responsibility to protect the unborn. That is why we must turn to our Creator to decide whether an unborn child has the right to life.

Because we are finite creatures, there is only so much we can know. To know and understand as much as we can, we must try to understand each other’s point of view. That includes understanding what the other calls myth and science.

Yet even when we speak of man collectively — even in all our billions — we remain finite, small and miniscule. Only God is infinite. Therefore, to truly understand what is true and logical, we must strive to see what He sees. For true logos and for wisdom, we must seek God.

See, there's this thing called biology...

For those who don’t know, logos is reason, order, logic. Our Lord is sometimes called Logos, as is His word, on account of the fact that He brings order to our chaos. We’ll call this “logos” objective reality or material truth.

Mythos is myth, legend, the stuff of fairytales and romance. We’ll call it subjective truth, how we interpret reality, what we make of things we have been given, how we process the information we receive.

I, like many others, tend to believe our society is having a major crisis of meaning, and that what is missing from the societal recipe is actually mythos. We’ve become very materialistic, very science minded, very anti-religion. We have falsely equated mythos with fiction or lies and as such rejected it as not valid.

This is a tricky point to make because many people look at our crazy world full of confused people where…

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2 thoughts on “Logos, Mythos, and Venison

  1. Advances in modern science have proven conclusively that the moment of conception is when a creature takes on its full nature. Therefore, a just conceived human being is as fully human as a new born, a 5 year old or an 80 year old.

    Ancient people used myths to make sense of the world and to convey values and cultural identity within one generation and then on to future generations.

    Leftist myths are the mad hatting fever nightmares of insane asylum lunatics. They are helter skelter. They are nihilistic. The only cure is the straight jacket and rubber room.

    1. @SOM

      I agree the moment of conception is the one that matters. We can call a fetus a clump of cells, potential life, or whatever. The name we apply changes nothing. What matters is from that point on — at the point of conception — we risk the wrath of our Creator if we choose to abort an unborn child. Hence the real issue in the debate on abortion is whether we believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Most people know that in their hearts, but few politicians are willing to say it.

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