Everyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi

This satire has been around for several weeks, but I think it is important to remember that Democrats stand for tyranny, not the protection of our rights.

Contemplate what Democrats are doing with respect to the debate on abortion. Instead of allowing voters to decide the issue, Democrats want nine unelected judges in black robes to decide the issue, and they are doing everything they can to pressure those judges to decide in favor of abortion. Meanwhile, they lie about what the draft decision Judge Samuel Alito wrote would do. Supposedly, Alito’s decision would precipitate an avalanche of court decisions that deprive people of their rights, but there is nothing in what Alito wrote that provides a basis for any such thing.

In My Father's House

Everyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi. Allowing truly free speech is a threat to democracy. In fact, all speech is violence and, therefore, all speech that challenges my ideology is violent hate speech.

Furthermore, any political person who disagrees with my views is a fascist.  Everything that’s wrong with the world is all Trump’s Putin’s fault.

With that out of the way, here’s a funny clip from the Babylon Bee on the recent Elon Musk offer to buy out Twitter to illustrate my point. Enjoy. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Everyone who disagrees with me is a Nazi

  1. I can’t believe I am seeing all this on your blog. I thought for sure, as intelligent, knowledgeable, logical, thoughtful, and compassionate as I have always known you to be, you would never support some of the things I see here on your blog. And I certainly never thought you’d be a Trumper – supporting this crude, ignorant man who seems to think public service, patriotism, unity, and The Constitution are only things to be twisted for his personal and political benefit.

    Tom, as a woman, as a veteran, born into a world that didn’t see me as equal or valuable, I am horrified and heart-broken at what is happening to my county.

    When I was a child, the military finally allowed women to fully participate in the military as an “almost” equal. I joined when I graduated high school, because I could and because I wanted to show I could do whatever my brothers could. When I was a child, Roe v. Wade, allowed me to decide for myself what to do with my own body, respecting MY values, as if my life mattered more than someone else’s random religious views.

    Now The Court, and the GOP in states all over this county are telling me that my body is NOT my own, and I should be subject to their version of religion. They claim to care about children, but with guns now being the number one cause of death to children, they obviously value the right to own weapons of war, more than children. How do you square this infringement on the right to life of people who HAVE been born? Is there someone policing men’s bodies in such a profound way? Of course not. How do they put so much import on the short-term future of some goo inside of a woman, yet care so very little about it’s long-term future,- whether it will be fed, loved, educated, valued, safe? How is it suddenly that the values and religion of a few, outweigh the values of the majority? Where’s the equality in this? Where’s the separation of church and state?

    With all this hatred, violence, and disregard for each other, how is a grand idea like The Constitution supposed to survive? When will we the people remember to focus on the things that we have in common, and not just the things that will rip us apart? If we can no longer do anything “together,” representative democracy is doomed to fail, and what will take it’s place? I’m kind of glad I’m old now, but I am frightened for the future of those who will outlive us. It seems there is not moderation, no middle, on the the fringes on both sides trampling everything between them.

    This Country, for the first time in my life, makes me so sad and hopeless. We are no longer a shining city on a hill, we are looking more and more like the savages who sacked the city. 😦

    1. Hello Teri

      Think about the way you are arguing your case. Instead of discussing what Judge Samuel Alito actually says in his draft decision you are:
      1. Calling my opinions — of which you know almost nothing — extreme.
      2. Claiming victim status, totally disregarding the rights of unborn children. Frankly, almost every human being who has ever lived, including you, has had no greater enemy than him or herself. Why? We think too much of ourselves. At what point does a human life begin? Do you know? Why don’t you care? What makes it more appropriate for you to be a victim than an unborn child who is killed in the womb?
      3. Distorting the consequences of Alito’s draft decision, assuming the majority of the court approves. All Alito’s decision will do, because the Constitution does not give the Court jurisdiction over the matter, is return the abortion issue back to the States and their elected officials, where it belongs.

      Since more women vote than men, why are you worried? Who do you think is depriving of your right to kill a baby?

      Frankly, you don’t know what you are talking about. Because you have some experience with how the law works, you should be able to read and understand Alito’s draft decision. Instead of believing the lies promulgated by the so-called main stream news media, why don’t you read what Alito wrote?

  2. Of course they are spewing lies and calling all the rest of us nazi, racist, and any other insult to try and make us flee it works on some that is why they keep doing it. Look at Drew Barrymore making an apology video over some jokes she made about what is going on with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. People whined and cried she was being insensitive and so she buckled to their demands to repent. I believe she is smart enough to know it is all BS, but doesn’t want to be cancelled.

  3. It’s interesting yet disturbing to hear the crap spewed out by democrates in recent times. Do the people in America know they are being fed crap by a government that is destroying the nation?

    1. @mickmar21

      Some do. We have to patiently explain to the rest how the news media is lying to them. Some examples we can point to include the draft Alito opinion on abortion and Hunter Biden’s laptop.

    2. I honestly believe most know and do not care. No one no matter how delusional can look at Joe Biden or Kamala Harris and say they are great leaders one is missing physically and the other is missing mentally. Joe Biden is an ill man he should be in a rest home or cared for at home not paraded around the way he is. Never had no respect for him in the past, but having said that I can have compassion for someone so obviously ill and his wide should be charged with elder abuse. Kamala Harris is in way over her head so they have to hide her incompetence. It is those behind the scenes that are running this show and I am not confident we will survive ir only God knows.

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