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Here Rudy compares and contrasts three different ways of gaining wisdom. As you consider what Rudy has to say, seriously consider a point that Rudy makes. In our public school system, it is ILLEGAL to teach children wisdom. Why does that matter so much? Although the Bible offers us much wisdom, it never explicitly defines it. Why not?

The Bible doesn’t define wisdom because until we have read the Bible the Biblical definition of wisdom does not make much sense. We don’t know enough.

Consider this example. How would you go about defining electricity for someone who had never even seen a light bulb? Where would you start?

To learn Biblical wisdom — to learn how to make the choices God would have us make — we have to study. We have to gain an understanding of what God wants us to do and why. If we never bother to teach our children what the Bible says and encourage them — help them — to read the Bible, our children will not understand what it means to be wise. Even if they can parrot a decent definition of “wisdom”, they won’t actually understand what the words mean.

Rudy u Martinka

Are certain people born with innate wisdom, or is wisdom only be obtained from experience or maturity?

I read a post today titled: Yet among the mature we do impart wisdom which stated

“Among the mature” refers to those whom Paul has previously described as “called” and “selected” by God in distinction from the rest of humanity, describes them here as mature in that by virtue of God’s having called and selected them, they’ve understood the wisdom of God in the proclamation of the Messiah as crucified, and implies that the rest of humanity, including its vaunted rulers, are immature and childish in their considering that proclamation to be foolish.

I also read an article titled: How to Gain Wisdom that stated

“Wisdom is a virtue that isn’t innate, but can only be acquired through experience.”

The Purpose of This Post

Is to relate an ancient proverb to this conundrum of…

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One thought on “Wisdom Source Conundrum? King Solomon Blog

  1. I do not believe that wisdom is innate especially after raising two children to adulthood and they are as different as night and day from each other. I believe it is the job of parents to teach the Bible and its wisdom to children. Though having it in schools did not hurt either and when it was taken away I missed it as a child. My son was a good child as children go though he was jealous of his sister which is pretty normal. It wasn’t that he never did anything wrong, but when he did and was punished he learned and did not do that again that is the beginning of wisdom. My daughter on the other hand would do something wrong, get punished, laugh about it, and do it again. Sometimes not just once, but multiple times and that is the very opposite of wisdom. They are both adults with children of their own. My son is successful in life with a great job and home life and that is because he has almost always taken the wisest direction in life and learning not only from life, but the Bible as well. My daughter for the better part of he life rejected anything to do with wisdom and because of that and seldom learning from her mistakes and for a long time rejected the things the Bible had to say as well.
    There are far to many fools in this world and there are more and more immature and childish people in this world today. They reject the voice of wisdom no matter how loudly she calls to them. They say I know better than you do. It is a lot like touching a hot stove and getting burnt, but you keep touching it despite the pain and damage it does. God can use fools and the immature He can even use murderers like He did with Saul of Tarsus and Jonah. God is called Father for a reason and is because He disciplines us when we need it and knocks sense into even a fool like Jonah who believed because he didn’t want to do as God told him he could run from Him and even after being thrown into the sea swallowed by a fish/whale and spit out at his destination he grudgingly did as he was told. Although when he didn’t see the people he hated so much destroyed he sat on the beach pouting like a petulant child and at first God had mercy on him and caused a vine to grow giving him shade from the sun. The longer he sat there pouting God had to once again teach him how foolish he was being.
    Saul of Tarsus spent much of his adult life hunting and killing Christians, but all it took was an encounter with Jesus on the road to open him up to just how wrong he had been about everything and he spent the rest of his life in the service of his Lord and Savior. It boils down to a matter of the heart and some I believe some are born more open and willing to learn from their mistakes and learn what is wise and what is not while others are more stubborn and believe for no other reason than foolish arrogance that they are wiser than everyone else for no other reason than their own mind tells them so. Maybe it is more along the lines that some are born with an innate ability to learn wisdom, others are, but it takes them longer and harder lessons to get there, and others just never do because they reject wisdom outright. I have known those like the latter that no matter how much you show them the wise coarse they will reject it for no other reason than because they can then when it backfires they blame everyone but themselves.

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